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Helscome my wedsite! My name Gfdgsgxgzgdrc, but you can call me Gfd. I've made over 10,000 edits since April 20, 2010, primarily consisting of Gnome work. My friend Lira and I are sysops on the Homestar Runner Fanstuff Wiki 2, where ganders can be taken at my mediocre fanworks. You can also find me on Scratch, where I've made a few Homestar Runner games, and I have a comic strip that has nothing to do with Homestar Runner, but I think it's pretty cool. Feel free to continue reading if you'd like to know some more pointless facts about me. And if not, what are you still doing here? Go read a book or something!

Homestar Runner has been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember, ever since my parents first seen it out when I was a baby. I discovered this wiki at a young age, though I don't remember how. The first time I created an account, I forgot the password, so I created another account, and the process repeated a few times. Eventually I got tired of thinking of new usernames, so I just mashed the keys on my keyboard. The rest is history! (And so is the stuff I just said. That's also history.) I don't look back on my early edits fondly, but I'm proud to have grown significantly as a wiki user in the 13 years since.

Outside of Homestar Runner, I also enjoy drawing, animating, writing comics, developing games, and making music. I guess I like some TV shows and movies and I listen to probably some bands. I have a favorite color and some favorite foods. My cell phone number is some numbers. Punch Tompkins in the gut. Good luck.

Senor Cardgage Mortgage helped consolidate my whole life into this tiny userbox.
Major Contributions

This is a chronological list of pages, categories, templates, disambiguations, and subtitles I've created. Redirects are not listed, even if they were eventually expanded into pages by other users.













Disambiguation Pages

English Subtitles



I'm working on a few big wiki projects. Here is thems.


This is a list of ongoing wiki discussions I am actively involved in, listed in kinda chronological order. Most of these are proposals requiring discussion and consensus, so any participation would be greatly appreciated!

Page creations and other additions

Changes in presentation

Moving pages and information

Removal/keeping of pages and information

April Fools'

April Fools' Jokes and Other Baleeted Nonsense ended, so I gotta document my pranks somewhere.

Year User Page Signature Talk Page
2012 Changed my user page so that the text was backwards, all image descriptions read "The Homsar", and every quote was a Homsar, Senor Cardgage, or Drive-Thru Whale quote. Changed my signature to "some guy" written upside down, and other weird stuff.
2015 Changed my user page to celebrate various holidays, except April Fools' Day.
2016 Changed my user page to look like I was a new user. Changed my signature to the entirety of the Mr. Shmallow toon page. Upon being reverted, changed it to a randomly chosen Homestar Runner quote, linking to a random page. Added fake messages to my talk pages, leading up to a fake ban and deletion of my user page.
2017 Changed my user page to look glitchy, with a random username in the page title. Changed my signature to be super huge and glitchy, linking to a random user page. Changed my talk page to a mildly edited version of last year's prank.
2018 Changed my user page to look like Strong Bad hacked it. Extended my signature. Compressed all the messages on my talk page so that each message was only a few words.
2019 Changed my user page to look like an early website, borrowing elements of Strong Bad's and Homestar's websites. Changed my signature to randomly choose from other users' signatures (with my username, linking to the original user) or my own signature (with other usernames, linking to my own page). Couldn't think of anything for my talk page.
2020 Turned my user page into an entire functioning text adventure based around the Homestar Runner Wiki.
2021 Turned my user page into a sequel to the previous year's text adventure.
2022 Pretended to turn my user page into a third installment of the text adventure series, but instead instantly directing the player to an "APRIL FOOLS!" end screen.
2023 Acknowledged the lack of a userpage prank, secretly linking to a series of cryptic clues across various URLs that might lead to it, ending with the prank being the lack of a prank. More details here. Changed to "There is no prank here.", referencing the edit to my userpage.
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