The Pow-uh Surge

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The Pow-uh Surge
"Gonna have a good time tonight, gonna have a good time tonight!"
Origins Unknown
Genre(s) Funk
Members Unknown
Discography "Gonna Have A Good Time Tonight" (2005)
"Jammin' Tunes" (2006)
"Trogdor Was A Man" (2018?)
Label Terrible Songs Records

The Pow-uh Surge is a funk band with high-pitched singers. They are the artists behind Trogdor Was A Man, and are implied to have written The Dancing Brothers' song and the road trip song as well. They were first mentioned by The Brothers Chaps in the DVD commentary for the Strong Bad Email road trip. Matt Chapman thought the Jammin' Tunes song was made by the Dancing Brothers' recording artist, and Mike Chapman suggested it had "power" in the name, like "The Power Surge". Matt said he wanted to do more songs by them.

Mike's name suggestion was first officially used in Trogdor Was A Man, spelled as "The Pow-uh Surge". According to The Cheat, their record label is "Terrible Songs Records", and they made a song about Trogdor in the 1970s, although Strong Sad denies this. The Dancing Brothers appear in the video, adding further credence to the theory that they are the same band. A "Pow-uh" guitar amp is also seen in the video.

The Cheat's rendition of their logo is a silhouetted plug against an electrified green background. The band name is written on the plug — "The" in teal, "Pow-uh" drawn with yellow electric bolts, and "Surge" in green multiline text.

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