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Welcome to the Homestar Runner Wiki, the Homestar Runner knowledge base that anyone can edit.

We're currently working on 2,980 articles about our favorite Internet cartoon.

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Here I am beating up some kind of... mashed potato man. watch
Aww, Homestar babies! watch
Hey, The Cheat, I bet you're not scared of that bear holding a shark. watch
You know, it's the little things that make these costumes so terrible... watch
These people got the whole freakin' neighborhood involved! watch
Homestar plus Marzipan does not equal Strong Bad! watch
This guy wins the contest for most obscure costume and swankiest living room! watch
Oh... my idea for a Halloween costume anyone would recognize died. So I dressed up like this. watch
I found that SHMUPs taste best! You know, like Xeliogravius... IV? watch
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