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"Oh, oh, you will respect and condooone Sharpdene!"

Sharpdene is an alter ego used by Strong Bad. She was originally a prank call alias, "the new girl character in town", who threatened to fight Marzipan. She speaks in a strong Southern accent. Strong Bad's Sharpdene "costume" consists of him being taped to a coat rack wearing a wig and sunglasses, consistent with what Strong Bad describes in his answering machine message. She claims to have a dead grandmother named "Grandmummer Skinny Tall". Her "daddy" supposedly owns a moving company, and once met Steven Seagal at China Buffet, which gives her the credential to be a ghost hunter. She is staying at Strong Bad's kitchen table, and has a habit of pointing out that her name is Sharpdene. Her name is a malapropism of Charlene.

[edit] Appearances

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