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A template to be used with {{didyouknow}}. Includes 103 facts, 31 of which have images.

[edit] Pictured

Half-open mouth
Pom Pom's parents (not pictured: a filing cabinet)
Questionable voluntary surgery
The Z on Coach Z's Z
  • On Coach Z's emblem (pictured), the darker blue shine streak under the gold Z makes a backwards Z formation.
100% all original Bubs! Now with wavy arms!
  • Mike Chapman once noted that it is difficult to animate Bubs's elbows, leading to his lack of elbows in later toons (pictured).
It is real in Israel.
"Uncle Homestar, are you scared?"
Folly's first appearance
Naked Ned in his natural habitat
Homestar Runner on Atari
"This game woulda ruled!"
"Looks like I'm gonna have to jump... inthistrashcan!"
"Foreign arcade smash!"
  • Pigs on Head was originally going to get a sequel entitled Butcher Bros. (pictured), in which the player delivers sausages to cooks and delis.
  • There was originally going to be a sequel (pictured) to Peasant's Quest, either in the form of an adventure featuring the baby as an adult, or a fake online experience parodying MMORPGs.
"Is that Stimpy?"
  • Pom Pom was originally going to have a dog named Trivia Time (pictured). Its design would later be used as an influence for his cookie jar.
Blue Laser was gonna be an Ungurait?!
"Keep on Zeenin'!"
"I am cold and frightened and dunno what to think about this."
  • Homestar Runner was originally going to have a more humanoid shape, with arms and an overbite, while Strong Bad resembled a reptillian creature in a mask (both pictured).
"I like marshmallows!"
"I kinda miss the stripes."
  • Strong Sad was originally going to have stripes (pictured).
"Hey, is this where the hundredth email is?"
"Here's a Twinkie."
  • A secret cartoon (pictured) can be found in the program Macromedia Central by going into "Help → About Central" and Ctrl-doubleclicking on the "C" logo, then typing "sbemail" into the password field.
Mel O. Mushroom
"You cannot be serious!"
So many Trogdors, so few good Trogdors
  • Early Trogdor sketches (pictured) suggest he was originally going to be based around a D for dragon, rather than an S for snake.
"Max out your cloits and dloits with the ease of a thousandaire."
"Smells like hotcakes!"
"Without the Wiki, we wouldn't be able to remember which cartoon The Cheat was holding a spoon in!"
"I hope this puts us on the same page of this dusty, many volumed set of ever-changing encyclopedias we call Life."
"Do these look like V's?!!"

[edit] Other

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