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A template to be used with {{didyouknow}}. Includes 107 facts, 40 of which have images.

[edit] Pictured

Half-open mouth
Pom Pom's parents (not pictured: a filing cabinet)
Questionable voluntary surgery
The Z on Coach Z's Z
  • On Coach Z's emblem (pictured), the darker blue shine streak under the gold Z makes an additional Z formation.
100% all original Bubs! Now with wavy arms!
  • Mike Chapman once noted that it is difficult to animate Bubs's elbows, leading to his lack of elbows in later toons (pictured).
It is real in Israel.
"Uncle Homestar, are you scared?"
Folly's first appearance
Naked Ned in his natural habitat
Homestar Runner on Atari
"This game woulda ruled!"
"Looks like I'm gonna have to jump... inthistrashcan!"
"Foreign arcade smash!"
  • Pigs on Head was originally going to get a sequel entitled Butcher Bros. (pictured), in which the player delivers sausages to cooks and delis.
  • There was originally going to be a sequel (pictured) to Peasant's Quest, either in the form of an adventure featuring the baby as an adult, or a fake online experience parodying MMORPGs.
"Is that Stimpy?"
  • Pom Pom was originally going to have a dog named Trivia Time (pictured). Its design would later be used as an influence for his cookie jar.
Blue Laser was gonna be an Ungurait?!
"Keep on Zeenin'!"
"I am cold and frightened and dunno what to think about this."
  • Homestar Runner was originally going to have a more humanoid shape, with arms and an overbite, while Strong Bad resembled a reptillian creature in a mask (both pictured).
"I like marshmallows!"
"I kinda miss the stripes."
  • Strong Sad was originally going to have stripes (pictured).
"Hey, is this where the hundredth email is?"
"Here's a Twinkie."
  • A secret cartoon (pictured) can be found in the program Macromedia Central by going into "Help → About Central" and Ctrl-doubleclicking on the "C" logo, then typing "sbemail" into the password field.
Mel O. Mushroom
"You cannot be serious!"
So many Trogdors, so few good Trogdors
  • Early Trogdor sketches (pictured) suggest he was originally going to be based around a D for dragon, rather than an S for snake.
"Max out your cloits and dloits with the ease of a thousandaire."
"Smells like hotcakes!"
"Without the Wiki, we wouldn't be able to remember which cartoon The Cheat was holding a spoon in!"
"I hope this puts us on the same page of this dusty, many volumed set of ever-changing encyclopedias we call Life."
"Do these look like V's?!!"
"Ach du lieber!"
"I'd like to clean his clock."
"Oh, excardon me!"
"Welcome to tonight's improv-able adventure."
Rejected for the holidays
"How come I didn't get no bursty muscles?"
"Go away, Homestuck."
"Hey, check it out! I'm The Aquabats!"
"Mommydaddy's so proud of youuuuuuu"
  • One of the Trogdor!! The Board Game Kickstarter stretch goals was to make a new Strong Bad Email from a question submitted by one of the Kickstarter backers. It was eventually released four years later, titled parenting.

[edit] Other

  1. Strong Bad and Strong Mad, and their original role as tag team wrestlers, came from the 1986 Nintendo video game Tag Team Wrestling, in which one of the teams is called "The Strong Bads".
  2. Strong Bad has more appearances than Senor Cardgage, Homsar, The Poopsmith, Pom Pom, and The King of Town combined.
  3. At his fastest, Strong Bad types, on average, approximately 240 words per minute (in a segment in death metal).
  4. Matt Chapman has said that Strong Sad is the most difficult main character to voice due to how delicate he sounds, leading to Mike substituting for Strong Sad's one word in cheat talk.
  5. Strong Sad was originally going to sound like Michael Stipe, but this idea was quickly rejected.
  6. Strong Sad claims to have "minored in holding on wide shots for too long" in film school.
  7. Strong Sad only has three ribs.
  8. Pom Pom's "voice" is a re-used sample of Mike Chapman blowing bubbles into a glass of milk, making his the only voice that is never recorded fresh for every toon.
  9. Pom Pom is the only main character never to have said anything understandable as an English word.
  10. The Old Characters Page said that the King of Town was Marzipan's father. However, this idea has since been abandoned.
  11. Marzipan is named after marzipan, a confectionery consisting primarily of ground almonds and sugar.
  12. Marzipan is apparently allergic to pecans.
  13. Marzipan has a cousin named Debra whom Strong Bad said he considered hot.
  14. Marzipan has a sister, according to Homestar Runner.
  15. Marzipan's latest stepfather as of A Death Defying Decemberween is named Seth, and works in a philosophy department.
  16. Coach Z's accent came from a depressing Midwestern voice that Matt Chapman and some friends would do in college.
  17. Coach Z is named after Craig Zobel (as revealed in the Wonkavision interview).
  18. According to the Old Characters Page, Coach Z wasn't much of a coach at the time, and he just added the title because it sounded "cooler than just Z".
  19. Bubs is based on a person the Brothers Chaps knew growing up who worked at a concession stand locally and spoke with the same gravelly voice.
  20. Matt Chapman has admitted that Bubs's voice was heavily borrowed from the voice of Redd Foxx (of Sanford and Son fame).
  21. The King of Town is shown to possess either powers of teleportation or skills as a ninja, as he can appear and disappear in a puff of smoke.
  22. The Poopsmith, in his voiced appearances, is voiced by John Linnell of They Might Be Giants.
  23. Homsar is the only main character with no Old-Timey or Dangeresque counterpart.
  24. Strong Bad's username on Tabletop Simulator, which he has used to virtually play Trogdor!! The Board Game, is cardgagefan73.
  25. Strong Sad's comment about vinegar toast was based on Matt Chapman feeding it to his brother when they were kids.
  26. One of the two Homestar Runners who appear in Senorial Day is wearing a mustache.
  27. Typing anything with the word "cheat" in it in Peasant's Quest will result in the response "Meh."
  28. Strong Bad makes an unintentional haiku in the intro to japanese cartoon.
  29. Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 17.2 is the longest cartoon on homestarrunner.com, at 31:09.
  30. The Trogdor song was added to the Strong Bad Email dragon at the last minute by the Brothers Chaps, after Matt started spontaneously singing it while making breakfast.
  31. The Brothers Chaps didn't come up with the reveal in Pumpkin Carve-nival that Homestar Runner was Strong Bad in disguise until the toon was almost finished.
  32. Homsar never actually said his iconic line, "I was raised by a cup of coffee," until an Easter egg in Haunted Photo Booth.
  33. Abdi LaRue was an early fan of Homestar Runner to whom the Brothers Chaps reached out to send the first Strong Bad Email.
  34. Strong Mad's height varies from 6 ft to 8 ft 3 depending on the source.
  35. The Visor Robot was given its name by this wiki. The name was adopted by the Brothers Chaps and used officially in Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 17.2.
  36. Behind the characters' silhouettes in each Halloween teaser is a different hidden message mocking those who try to reveal the costumes with a Flash decompiler.
  37. Typing the Konami Code on the hint screen of TROGDOR! starts the player off with 30 lives.
  38. The 136th Strong Bad Email, geddup noise, was originally going to be about kitchen appliances.
  39. The Brothers Chaps wrote a script for a toon called Soap Box Doiby. This toon was never finished, and the script was emailed to the Homestar Runner Wiki administrators.
  40. Trogdor!! The Board Game originally included items such as "Ball of Fire", "Pauldrons of Greg", and "Bones of Luckman".
  41. Original Bubs was based on an old Bubs design from the Museum Sketchbook.
  42. Coach Z's afro and mustache in his younger years is a reference to an old design from the Museum Sketchbook.
  43. The @StrongBadActual Twitter account was registered in 2011, three years before its first activity.
  44. The site's first Easter egg can be found at the end of The King of Town DVD Old Version. If the sheep is clicked, it flies off behind the mountains.
  45. Everybody to the Limit was played at the Field Day concert at Giants Stadium on June 7, 2003. A special introduction was shown for the occasion.
  46. There is a secret page on the site that only shows the text "this is strongbad".
  47. Missy Palmer, the voice actress of Marzipan, is credited for helping write The Luau, her only writing credit in the series.
  48. In Weclome Back, Homestar says to "get this www.show back on the road.com". This URL redirects to the homestarrunner.com home page.
  49. Strongest Man in the World's page title claims to be the longest. However, the record actually goes to Shopping For Danger. Notably, both page titles are nineteen syllables long.
  50. Kick-A-Ball's background music is a remix of the theme from Weclome Back.
  51. Before The Umpire's animated debut in 2009, he was supposed to appear in an unknown 2006 Strong Bad Email until the Brothers Chaps forgot.
  52. The Brothers Chaps had originally named the Dangeresque series Danger Man. However, they changed the name after learning that the name had already been used as the title of the 1960s precursor to classic British television series The Prisoner.
  53. Sketches for the Strong Bad Email vacation show places such as "Egg or Rice", "Fake Palms Resort", "Giant Book", "Cruckscrew Bend's Fairly Oversized Elbow Macaroni", "No Dumping and No Dumping Street", and "Not A Very Big Ball O' Belts".
  54. The Trog-Meter from Trogdor!! The Board Game was originally called "The Bowels of Trogdor".
  55. Four quotes from the Cheat Commandos toon have been used for Quote of the Week, more than any other toon.
  56. The Cheat is always referred to with the "The", with very few exceptions.
  57. The Brothers Chaps have used our articles on Headbands, Googly Eyes, and Pie as examples of the Homestar Runner Wiki's exhaustiveness.
  58. The phone number at the end of Strong Bad Sings was originally 1-800-BAD-SONG, rather than 1-800-555-SBSINGS. However, it turned out that was a real number for a Limousine service.
  59. The DVD version of Theme Song Video includes extra scenes to help sync the music and the visuals. Some of these scenes feature Homsar and Strong Bad Email, which had not been introduced at the time of the original toon.
  60. Exclusive new Strong Bad Email intros and Scroll Button Songs can be found in the Homestar Runner Original Soundtrack albums.
  61. The longest Strong Bad Email is parenting, at 7:53 (or 10:00 on YouTube).
  62. Combined, there is over 24 hours' worth of Homestar Runner content, as of the Trogdor Live Playtest @ GenCon livestream. Strong Bad Emails make up ten hours of the total.
  63. The live SBCG4AP Playthrough is the longest official Homestar Runner content, at an hour and 48 minutes.
  64. Strong Bad Email #22, sb_email 22, was actually made after #40. It was accidentally skipped, and later made and released with the page title "The Lost Email!".
  65. Thy Dungeonman's real name is Collagen Salvemonger III.
  66. The sound file for the Shadowy Figure's speech in Stinkoman 20X6 is called "textType_zsabre.wav".
  67. The YouTube version of the Strong Bad Email independent has a completely different ending from the original Flash version.
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