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Costumes that the characters wore in Halloween Hide & Seek, Halloween 2021. To tie with the special being a retro point-and-click adventure game, all the costumes are based on classic adventure games.

Image Character Costume Explanation External Links
File:Homestar Runner as The Hero.png Homestar Runner The Hero from Hero's Quest (EGA) The look of the player's avatar from the original version of the Sierra role-playing game Hero's Quest: So You Want To Be a Hero. The series was retitled Quest for Glory after a copyright dispute with Milton Bradley over the name to their HeroQuest board game.
The original release of the game featured the limited palette of EGA graphics, hence the bright colors of Homestar's costume. A rerelease used VGA graphics that allowed for more realistic colors.
Wikipedia article
Strong Bad Sludge Vohaul from Space Quest II Mad scientist Sludge Vohaul was a recurring villain from Sierra's Space Quest game series. The arch-enemy of Roger Wilco and an evil clone of Slash Vohaul, Sludge Vohaul is bent on galactic domination. Strong Bad's costume is specifically inspired by Sludge Vohaul's appearance in Space Quest II, where he sits within a mecha costume atop a chair. The costume also draws further inspiration from a fan remake of the game, specifically Sludge Vohaul's blue skin. Wikipedia article
Strong Mad Glottis from Grim Fandango Glottis is an enormous orange demon from 1998 LucasArts adventure game Grim Fandango, voiced by Alan Blumenfeld. Employed by the Department of Death as a mechanic, Glottis has a love of hot rods and an insatiable desire for speed. Glottis becomes a replacement driver for the game's protagonist, Manny Calavera, and later teams up with Manny to search the Land of the Dead for the virtuous soul Mercedes Colomar. Wikipedia article
Strong Sad Mike Dawson from Darkseed Mike Dawson is the central character of Cyberdreams' Dark Seed (who is a namesake and look-alike of the game's lead designer). Having moved to a large estate in a small town, Mike implanted with an alien embryo that will hatch from inside his head. Mike thus has three days to solve this problem before his head explodes, traveling between the idyllic small town and its Dark World counterpart, which features artwork by H.R. Giger. The game also spawned a sequel, though without designer Mike Dawson's involvement. Wikipedia article
Coach Z Malcolm from Kyrandia 3 Malcolm the jester was the villain of the first game in the Legend of Kyrandia series, but in the third and final game in the series the player controlled Malcolm in an effort to clear his name. Wikipedia article
Pom Pom The Manhole from The Manhole The Manhole was a game where the player opens a manhole to reveal a giant beanstalk they can climb to visit fantastic worlds. Created by the same team that later created Myst, The Manhole was noted both for having no goal except to explore and have fun, and for being the first computer game ever released on CD-ROM. Wikipedia article
The King of Town The Antwerp from Hero's Quest (EGA) The Antwerp is a bouncy creature who guards the secret door to the villain's hideout in the first game of the Quest for Glory series (the same game Homestar's costume's from). Wikipedia article
Bubs Hoagie from Day of the Tentacle Hoagie is one of three playable characters who appear in Day of the Tentacle, the sequel to LucasArts' first game Maniac Mansion. An overweight roadie trying to stop a mutated purple tentacle from taking over the world, Hoagie accidentally ends up in colonial times and meeting the founding fathers. Wikipedia article
Marzipan Trixie from Sam & Max Trixie the Giraffe-Neck Girl is a central character of the 1993 LucasArts DOS game Sam & Max Hit the Road, adapted from Steve Purcell's comic book characters Sam & Max. Voiced by Marsha Clark, solving Trixie's disappearance from the circus serves as a crucial part of the Freelance Police's "idiotic and baffling assignment". Wikipedia article
The Cheat Willy Beamish from Adventures of Willy Beamish The Adventures of Willy Beamish is a 1991 graphic adventure game developed by Dynamix, one of the first examples to use full cartoon-style animation. Willy Beamish was a kid whose game involved him spending his summer break trying to win a frog-jumping contest to win enough money to enter a video game tournament, and saving his town from being flooded with sewage. Wikipedia article
The Poopsmith Cobb from LOOM In Loom, Cobb is the slow-witted henchman of the villainous Bishop Mandible. The Poopsmith's costume specifically references Cobb's guest appearance in The Secret of Monkey Island, where he can be found as a pirate in the SCUMM Bar, breaking the fourth wall to promote Loom to the player while sporting a button that reads "Ask Me About Loom." Wikipedia article
File:Homsar as Gnome.png Homsar Gnome from Samorost In Samorost, the Gnome is a humanoid creature in a white outfit and cap and brown boots. Separated from his homeland, the Gnome has to avert another planetoid from colliding with his home planet. Wikipedia article
The Goblin Creeper from Black Cauldron Specifically referencing Sierra's 1986 adventure game adaption, Creeper is a character from the 1985 Disney animated film The Black Cauldron. Wikipedia article
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