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Cartoon Characters Classic Stand-up Arcade Game
"I heard that guy feeds... fireworks to his python! Or maybe the other way around!"

Strong Bad draws a majestic eagle. Or more accurately, a magestic eagle's cool older brother, spinning a pizza.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad

Date: Thursday, September 21, 2017 (Twitter); Wednesday, October 4, 2017 (YouTube)

Running Time: 1:23

Page Title: Double shift at the auto detail shop!


[edit] Transcript

{Cut to a red boxing glove holding a marker in front of a whiteboard designed to look like lined paper; the music from dragon plays}

STRONG BAD: On this week's Skills of an Artist, {the title appears} we're gonna draw a majestic eagle! I make-a-da-drawing fun!

Now, using Nature's Wave{draws several connected curved lines to make an open beak shape as he speaks} Whoosh. Look at that. Whoosh, nature. Whoosh, nature— we made a beak! Check that out!

{starts drawing a large hump to the left of the beak} Now we vaunt a hump right here, and paper-bag the bottom. {closes off the bottom of the hump with jagged lines} Look at that. Papriarius bagged.

{starts drawing an eye on the head, with a slanted eyelid to make it look angry} And now a little angry eye... {draws a pupil}

Mm. This looks pretty angry. I don't think we're drawing a majestic eagle, {adds equally-angry eyebrows} we're drawing a majestic eagle's cool older brother!

{draws lines on the head to represent a backwards baseball cap; starts speaking in a "teenager" voice} Oh man... {adds a hole in the back of the cap} Smelldarton's older brother has stringy, long, greasy hair... {draws many curved hair lines coming out of the back of the cap} and a backward ball cap... I heard that guy feeds... fireworks to his python! Or maybe the other way around!

{adds five short lines below the eye, near the beak; speaks normally} That's a mustache. Not, like... his tired, ragged... {starts drawing curved lines starting from the base of the head, resembling a wing and a body} though he does work a double shift at the... auto-detail shop. {adds a few v-shapes near the bottom of the head and the wing}

We'll just Nature's Wave our way to some wings... some tiny, semi-consummate v's... {draws a circle held up by the tip of the eagle's wing}

Let's see, what's he doing up here, maybe he's like, spinning a basketball... {adds three small circles inside the first} or, maybe like a bowling ball... {adds a "crust" outline just inside the circle} or, maybe like a pizza... {draws the triangular outline of a missing piece, then adds curved motion lines around the "pizza" so it looks like it's spinning} Yeah, like a pizza with a bite taken out of it. That's like impossible to spin, man! You can't get no friction! On that traction! Forked tongue... {draws one inside the beak} and I'm out.

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Trivia

  • The Tweet text reads, "Master the subtleties and bubbleteas of Nature's Wave with a new Skills of an Artist!"
  • The YouTube description reads, "Learn to apply 'nature's wave' in all its glory as Strong Bad draws an eagle's sketchy brother."

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