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The doll and the logo
This article is about the discontinued talking doll. For the game, see Kick The Cheat (game). For the running gag, see Kicking The Cheat.

Kick The Cheat (also known as Kick The Cheat The Cheat) is a plush doll of The Cheat that first appeared in Everybody Knows It (as a unique, handcrafted doll with a few differences) before being sold in the Store for a brief time. It is equipped with a voice box, so it alternates between four different The Cheat noises when struck or kicked. It is 10 inches high, 13 inches wide, and 30 inches around.

It was first made available for purchase on the Flash Store on February 16, 2004. It cost $32 at first, but the price was eventually raised to $39. A promotional game was made around the same time. It sold out sometime after January 2005, but was brought back due to popular demand on September 12, 2005. The doll was finally sold out in December 2007. Despite being discontinued, the dolls continue to make appearances in the Homestar Runner body of work.

Kick The Cheat dolls are prominently featured in Puppet Stuff. In some early toons, a regular doll was used in place of The Cheat, instead of the unique handcrafted version of the doll. In Dangeresque Puppet Squad: The Hot Jones Hijack, Kick The Cheat dolls are used as puppet versions of Gunhaver, Reynold, Fightgar, and Crackotage, with the unique handcrafted doll in the role of Firebert. In September 2020, a Kick The Cheat voicebox replacement surgery tutorial was posted on YouTube, with instructions to replace the doll's batteries.

In November 2017, one of the last remaining Kick The Cheat dolls was offered as one of the potential prizes for donating to Worldbuilders.

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