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The doll and its logo
This article is about the discontinued talking doll. For the game, see Kick The Cheat (game). For the running gag, see Kicking The Cheat.

Kick The Cheat (also known as Kick The Cheat The Cheat) is a plush doll of The Cheat that was sold in the Flash and Yahoo Stores from 2004 to 2007. It is equipped with a voice box, alternating between four different The Cheat noises when kicked, in reference to the running gag of kicking The Cheat.


[edit] As Merchandise

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Save The Cheat!

Original Yahoo storefront description:

Frustrated? Tired of being picked on by The Man but can't do anything about it? Take out your frustrations and KICK THE CHEAT!!!
This soft, huggable plush image of The Cheat is 11" high, 13" wide and 30" around. He's equipped with a voice box, so whenever he's kicked or struck, he screams four different exclamations in his native language of The Cheat.
(Note: We are not responsible if you Kick The Cheat and Strong Mad comes around and busts your kneecaps)

The Cheat plushies were first mentioned as being "in the works" by Matt Chapman in a May 2003 interview; the Email FAQ stated The Cheat plush dolls would be available "early 2004". As predicted, the plush toy was first made available for purchase on the Flash Store on February 16, 2004. After selling out sometime after March 2005, it was brought to the Yahoo Store on September 12, 2005 due to popular demand. Its initial price was $39 (though sales would regularly reduce the price to as low as $24). The toy's tag bears a Harmless Junk, Inc. copyright dated 2003.

A promotional game was made around the time of its initial release to market. Accessible from the Flash Store rather than any games menu, the simple game featured Strong Bad using a large mechanical foot to kick one of the plush toys into a brick wall.

When less than 200 remained, Main Page Messages referred to Kick The Cheat as "endangered"; they were dubbed "extinct" when the doll sold out in December 2007, with the store page stating that all had "found warm, loving homes".

Although the toy remains discontinued, they have been offered as prizes on rare occasions. A 2009 store promotion offered "the last remaining Kick the Cheat" as a prize; anyone making a purchase from the store during the month of June was entered into the contest. In 2017, a chance to win "one of the last remaining Kick the Cheats" was offered as an incentive for donating to Worldbuilders. Another doll was discovered in 2018, still sealed in its bag; in the SBCG4AP Playthrough Matt joked that fans would have to "battle to the death" for the plushie.

The toy's voicebox has potential to fail, especially after years of use. The store offered a 30-day warranty for defective voiceboxes. In September 2020, a Kick The Cheat voicebox replacement surgery tutorial was posted on YouTube, with instructions to replace the doll's batteries. Strong Bad has also posted several times about having spare voiceboxes (occasionally referred to as "larynxes"), most prominently showing a bin's worth on Instagram.

[edit] In Toons

Matt and Ryan (leftmost) using Kick The Cheat dolls as puppets in Everybody Knows It

The antecedent of the Kick The Cheat doll was a handmade plush of The Cheat, first visible in the 2003 Pulse feature and officially shown in Everybody Knows It. As discussed in a 2003 interview, this was the prototype for the mass-produced dolls. This unique plush is typically used as Puppet The Cheat, with some exceptions: a Kick The Cheat doll was used as a puppet version of The Cheat in Puppet Time, and Mike Chapman shows one to Puppet Homestar Runner in Some Puppet Stuff.

In Dangeresque Puppet Squad: The Hot Jones Hijack, Kick The Cheat dolls are used for the puppet versions of Cheat Commandos Gunhaver, Reynold, Fightgar, and Crackotage, while the unique doll portrays The Cheat's alter-ego Firebert.

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