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"I will fight a brick wall!"


[edit] Detailed Information

Album: Homestar Runner Original Soundtrack Volume 2
Track: 16
Time: 51 seconds
Artist(s): Paul & Storm
Origin: Under Construction (instrumental)

[edit] Lyrics

Stinkoman (Stinkoman)
Stinkoman (Stinkoman)
Fight! {echoes}

Challenging the fighter, super fighting of the challenge
Twenty. Exty six. {shing}

All among the universe, the victory is flavor
Number one. Of double deuce.

There is no time for candy
Only the challenge of fight
STINKOMAN: {speaking} I will fight a brick wall!
Referred to being the guy
STINKOMAN: {speaking} I will collect many things!
Hero making showdown tonight (Challenging the fighting and the fighting of the challenge and the—)
Toniiiight ({faster} —challenge of fighting, the fighting of challenge)

Stinkoman (Stinkoman)
Stinkoman (Stinkoman)

STINKOMAN: 20X6! {shing}
{The credits music from Under Construction plays, followed by a gong sound.}

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