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watch Posh Toilet Paper End Boss
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Posh Toilet Paper End Boss
"Oh, this new-patient paperwork is so hard to fill out!"

Draw one of Strong Bad's oft-resquested specialites: the muscleman!

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad

Date: Thursday, August 24, 2017

Running Time: 1:38

Page Title: No Neck at All!


[edit] Transcript

Actions Dialogue
Strong Bad's boxing glove holds a marker in front of a whiteboard that has been lined so as to look like notebook paper, and the music from the Trogdor-drawing scene in dragon plays throughout the video. As he says the title, it appears on the screen, with "Skills" in yellow, "Artist" in horizontal rainbow, and "of an" slowly fading in. On today's Skills of an Artist, we're gonna draw one of my {gestures across the page as the title appears} oft-requested specialties: the {pronouncing the "c"} muscleman. Here we go!
Strong Bad draws two wide humps in a basic seagull shape. We start with a little seagull... {imitating a seagull} Caw, caw!
He draws a mirrored seagull shape underneath. And a reflection of that seagull.
He draws a vertical line from the center point of the first seagull, extending past the second one. And he's spitting on his reflection...
He draws an upside-down bump connected to the bottom of the second seagull, passing through the vertical line. And now an underjohn.
He adds a smaller bump underneath the first one, still passing through the line. And a second-tier underjohn.
He adds a third, even smaller bump, underneath the second one and near the end of the vertical line. And a third-tier underjohn!
He starts drawing bumpy lines to both sides of the "underjohns". And now for to fill out these abs... some cheese curds. And some more cheese curds there.
He has now drawn two "cheese curds" on either side, and the drawing now resembles a heavily muscular chest. He then starts drawing the outside outlines of large, muscular arms on both sides of the chest, with small bumps in between the muscles in his shoulder and elbow. Aw, that's lookin' pretty good. Now let's do his arms... you got these little... points wherever his joints come together when the muscles just pinch up 'cause they'res under such strain.
He draws in the inside outlines of the arms and adds small hands at the end. He extends the second "seagull" line up a bit more on both sides. Don't forget to give him super-tiny hands to make the muscles look even bigger by comparison.
He draws small "bulge" curves on each forearm and upper arm. And now let's add some shiny bulge...uals.
He draws veins in the shape of an unclosed "Y" on the upper right arm. But nothing accents muscles more than bulging veins! Here's the slanterior canal veinal...
He draws the same vein shape upside down on the upper left arm. ...and the ulterior canal veinal. And then the neck hump.
He starts drawing a large hump on top of the body in place of his head, closing the shape. Musclemans don't have necks, they got neck humps!
He draws a small circle in the middle of the hump, and adds a simple, bland face inside of it, consisting of two lines for the eyes, and one for the mouth. It's not a hunchback, it's a neck hump. Now if there's one thing I know about drawing musclemans, it's that you don't want to draw anything below the belt.
He draws a horizontal line at the muscleman's waist level. So let's put him in front of a desk!
He adds more straight lines in front of the muscleman, resembling a table or desk. He accidentally erases a bit of the stomach. Couple sheets of paper there; maybe he's hosting a talk show...
He draws two overlapping sheets of paper on the desk. Or struggling his way through a two-page exam.
He draws a pencil on the left side of the paper. He accidentally erases even more of the stomach. "Oh, this new-patient paperwork is so hard to fill out!"
He adds curvy motion lines near the muscleman's upper arms, then on each side of his neck hump. The motion lines consist of three lines each time. And last, let's give him some convulsing bundles. As his skin strains to hold back the tidal wave of musculature. And I accidentally erased that part. I mean— I di— {frantically} that was on purpose!

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Trivia

  • The Tweet text reads, "Cheese curds? Seagulls? Underjohns? It must be a new Skills of an Artist!"
  • The YouTube description reads, "Bulging bundles and number 2 pencils! Strong Bad shares his best ab drawing tips."

[edit] Remarks

[edit] Inside References

  • Strong Bad draws "cheese curds" on the sides of the muscleman.

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