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Draccus Diskette
"Man, this thing looks ready to squeal!"
This article is about the Skills of an Artist episode. For the Strong Bad Email, see guitar. For other uses of the word "guitar", see Guitar (disambiguation).

Strong Bad draws a squeedly guitar, using no rounded corners.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad

Date: Wednesday, February 7, 2018 (Twitter) Thursday, February 8, 2018 (YouTube)

Running Time: 2:19

Page Title: Skull Witch! Devil Dog! Evil Wizard!


[edit] Transcript

STRONG BAD: It's Strong Bad, back once again with more {opening titles enter, music begins} Skills of an Artist! And today we're going to draw a squeedly guitar! And you know what that means! Absolutely NO rounded corners, so...

{Strong Bad's dialogue is punctuated with metal-on-metal scraping sounds as he draws four points forming a jagged guitar shape}

STRONG BAD: Sharp! Sharp! Sharp! SHAAARP! Look at that dangerous instrument!

{Strong Bad begins on the neck, drawing a horizontal line away from the guitar.}

STRONG BAD: Okay, now let's go and do the neck of the guitar.

{Strong Bad adds a jagged edge on the end of the neck}

STRONG BAD: And then the head stock should be something else jagged like a...

{Strong Bad adds a jagged edge below and draws another horizontal line to close up the neck}

STRONG BAD: Oh, look at that, it's like a lightning bolt! All the best guitarists play guitars with like, SO many frets.

{Strong Bad draws vertical lines inside the neck from right to left to form frets.}

STRONG BAD: So let's put on as many frets as we can on this here neck. So many notes to squeal! {he finishes} All the frets in the world!

{Strong Bad draws a pocket shape in the center of the body near the left edge}

STRONG BAD: And then, over here, we got the little thing where you put the strings in, you know.

{He adds a small shape to the right of it}

STRONG BAD: Here's a, um... humbucker...

{He adds another}

STRONG BAD: And a nunchucker, {adds another} and a... cloud... stucker.

{Cut to Strong Bad adding a series of circles along the bottom of the body from left to right}

STRONG BAD: Sure, I'll put some knobs down here.

{He adds shading to the knobs, going right to left}

STRONG BAD: And let's make them a little bit 3D, just give 'em a little Zshoop on the back there. Zshoop. Zshoop 3D. Zshoop 3D! Look at that. Zshoop 3D, the Strong Bad way! And now, my favorite part of the squeedly guitar, the whammy bar!

{Strong Bad draws a line from the pocket in the center down outside the body.}

STRONG BAD: But this thing is like a four-pronged whammy bar!

{As he speaks, Strong Bad draws four lines ending in rectangles, starting with the bottom and ending at the top}

STRONG BAD: Look at this thing. {Strong Bad makes a series of motorized speed noises}

{Strong Bad points to the whammy bar key on the bottom}

STRONG BAD: This one goes, waoh-waoh-waoh-waoh-waoh.

{Strong Bad points to the second from the bottom}

STRONG BAD: This one when you shake it it goes RRREEEOOOOOOOWWW!

{Strong Bad points to the second from the top}

STRONG BAD: This one goes BREAH-druluhm-WAOOOH.

{Strong Bad points to the top key}

STRONG BAD: And this one goes "whemp". You know what I'm talking about? In squeedly guitar songs when they just go... "whemp".

{Strong Bad adds a perspective line to the body of the guitar on the top left.}

STRONG BAD: All right, let's add a little 3D-ness over here.

{Strong Bad adds a perspective line to the bottom edge overlapping the whammy bar}

STRONG BAD: Some depth to our guitar. Okay. Thing's coming out.

{Strong Bad adds a perspective line to the right edge, not overlapping the neck}

STRONG BAD: Right into the real world, looking so good. And, now we need some—

{Strong Bad adds four circles on the outer perspective edge on the guitar's base}

STRONG BAD: —inputs and outputs back here. Kay, four of them.

{He draws the first plug on the top with a cord leading to the left off-page}

STRONG BAD: This one goes to the amp.

{He draws the second plug}

STRONG BAD:This one goes to... {he adds the cord, curving downwards} the stage.

{He draws the third plug}

STRONG BAD: This one goes straight to {he adds the cord, also curving downwards} the Grammys.

{He adds the fourth}

STRONG BAD: And this one goes to, uh... {he draws the cord in tightly, curving down and around the guitar edge} the gold records. Straight to the gold records. Oh man, this thing looks ready to squeal!

{The drawing rotates back and fourth on the page while the lines remain stationary as Strong Bad scats.}

STRONG BAD: {singing} Squeedly-squaw squeedly-squaw squeedly-squaw squeedly-squaw {guitar pulsing on the last note} squeedly-squaaaaaaw!

{Designs appear on the guitar body as Strong Bad rapidly calls them out.}

STRONG BAD: Skull witch! Devil dog! Evil wizard! {The drawing rotates and pulses again} SQUEEDLY-SQUAW! {pulse} Whemp.

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Trivia

  • The Twitter caption for this post is "Learn to Zshoop 3D the Strong Bad Way with a new Skills of an Artist!"
  • The YouTube description for this video is "Learn the power of the Zshoop 3D as Strong Bad draws a 4x sharp squealy guitar."
  • According to @StrongBadActual, the guitar is a custom 13-string Les Gibsonez Exploding Consummate V with all high E's for "maximum squealage".

[edit] Remarks

  • Strong Bad has drawn a guitar similar to this one in haircut.
  • Strong Bad doesn't draw any strings on this guitar. According to this @StrongBadActual tweet, it's because "the human eye can't perceive all 13 strings at this scale".

[edit] Real-World References

  • The design of the guitar resembles a Star.
  • The Grammys are an awards ceremony for music.

[edit] External Links

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