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Put your mind at ease.

In the Skills of an Artist episode Cartoon Characters, Strong Bad draws himself and Homestar Runner with crude, simple, stick-figure-like designs, and names them Character 1 and Character 2, respectively. He refers to himself as "Far-Out Strong Bad" and speaks in a calm, soothing tone similar to that of Bob Ross, frequently using phrases such as "far out" and "that's right". This eventually inspired the toon Characters from Yonder Website, the debut of Yonder Website.

Yonder Website features Characters 1 through 10 (and possibly Character 12, who has only been mentioned on Strong Bad's Twitter account), simple versions of the main characters with black wiggly outlines, white colors, and no shading. They speak in unintelligible sounds in their voice, which are understood by Strong Bad as the narrator. The setting is blue, with lighter blue bushes resembling those of The Field, drawn in a blurry watercolor-like style. Gumption and "spice of life" are considered very important in Yonder Website, and a chime regularly informs everyone to bend at the knees. A "spice of life" appears to be a picture within a thought bubble, and each person's is different.

The Yonder Website TV show itself is described as "unbelievably soothing children's programming". It is implied to be a hallucination by the main characters as a result of drinking ten-year expired Smarty Juice. Smarty Juice is also one of the show's sponsors, along with GreenCheat and Faceless Megacorp. The show is very similar to Trauncles, a series from one of The Brothers Chaps' side projects, Two More Eggs. Like Characters from Yonder Website, Trauncles features crude stick-figure characters who speak unintelligibly, but are understood by a calm narrator.

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