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"Every good boss needs eyeballs all over the place!"

Learn to draw the best/worst end boss ever using dog-doo, cotton candy, and chicken beaks!

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Stinkoman

Date: Monday, September 4, 2017

Running Time: 2:14

Page Title: Synaptic part sold separately!


[edit] Transcript

Actions Dialogue
Strong Bad's boxing glove holds a marker in front of a whiteboard that has been lined so as to look like graph paper (as opposed to the usual notebook paper), and the music from the Trogdor-drawing scene in dragon plays throughout the video. As he says the title, it appears on the screen, with "Skills" in yellow, "Artist" in horizontal rainbow, and "of an" slowly fading in. {speaking in a robotic monotone, rotating his glove in a robotic manner with each word} Skills of a Pixel Artist. I make drawing square.
Strong Bad draws his first pixel shape, which is 5*4 and resembles a symmetrical upward-facing spike. {speaking normally} People all-the-time ask me, "Hey Strong Bad, how do you draw an end boss?" And I tell 'em, end bosses need two things: spikes and exposed brains.
The music turns downbeat and comes to a stop as Strong Bad trails off. Now this is a— spike... Urgh. Looks more like a... pixel doggie doody. Um... let's move on to the brain.
The normal music resumes. Video cut. The video speeds up as Strong Bad draws a 7*4 asymmetrical mass above and to the right of the spike. Okay. Check out all this brain mass up here. {makes zooming noises as he closes off the shape}
He draws some extensions to the right of the shape, making the shape 9*6, and shades the extensions in with a zigzag pattern. Don't forget the... pedula... onglomata...
He draws some lines inside the main brain shape. And the... synaptic... part...
The video returns to normal speed. Oh, yeah. That is a serious—
The music turns downbeat and ends again. Urgh. Who'm I kiddin', this looks like cotton candy. Um... {gestures to his drawing so far} Well, hey.
The music resumes. The logo for the game appears as Strong Bad says the title. This is just the sprite sheet for "Strong Bad's Dog-Doo and Cotton Candy Challenge"! Who wants to play?!
Music fizzles out once more; the title sinks off the screen with a wavy effect. Urh. No— nobody. Alright. Forget the pixel stuff. We're just gonna draw this thing into an awesome end boss.
Video cut. He draws a non-pixelated upside down trapezoid below and slightly to the left of the brain, omitting the top. He draws five circles inside the trapezoid, then puts dots in the center of each. He adds small spikes around the tank treads, closes off the top, and draws a short line on the right side connecting it to the brain. First we need tank treads. That's right. How else are you gonna roll over... some sort of metallic floor... in a large, black-backgrounded warehouse?
He draws two long lines connecting it to the spike. Right?
He draws a line on the left side of the tank treads, connecting them to the brain. Or a fortress, perhaps?
He draws a circle connected to the line, and draws a small circle inside of it. And we'll connect it up here...
He adds a long, slightly triangular extension from the center of the small circle. Up here we need a turret...
He adds small messy particles that appear to be shooting out of the turret. It shoots spread-shot!
He pauses, then draws a few more. Oh man, spread-shot is so hard to avoid. And then... oops! We forgot! The most important part! Eyeballs!
He draws a large eyeball in the middle of the tank. Every good boss needs eyeballs all over the place!
He draws an eyeball to the right of the tank treads. Here's one coming out of the tank treads...
He adds an eyeball to the right side of the spike, looking up at the turret. Uh, let's put one over here on the dog-doo...
He adds an eyeball in the brain. Um... and, oops, don't forget one in the brain. Of course. Eyeball-brain.
Video cut. He adds five spikes on the left side of the brain, five on the right side of the right-most eye, and five pointing left inside the dog-doo. Oh yeah. Get the real spikes back on here... kinda look like a chicken beak, that's okay... on the dog-doo... Oh man. This is the best end boss ever!

{Cut to a Stinkoman 20X6-style stage with a metallic floor and a black background. Stinkoman's sprite faces a fully pixel-rendered version of Strong Bad's end boss: a tank-like machine with a red turret, connected to a pile of dog-doo and pink cotton candy, embellished with many eyeballs looking around, and gray spikes moving up and down. Occasionally, the turret blinks yellow and fires five yellow pellets. It slowly moves back and forth.}

STINKOMAN: {his sprite yawns} This is the worst end boss ever! Habila— {jumps and sends a shot into the cotton candy eyeball, which flashes red to show damage} Hey there, dog pudding. {sprite laughs} Are you feeding energy {stops laughing, sends two shots at the dog-doo, to no effect} into that {laughing again} carnival clown? Ah— {he jumps and shoots the cotton candy eyeball again, which flashes red; the entire boss flashes white and the cotton candy turns into an actual brain; the boss charges him as a large amount of pellets shoot out of the turret} Oh no, wah! {his sprite blinks white as it's knocked off the stage; the end boss moves backward} It turns out he was asking for a—

{The screen turns black, with white pixelated text reading "GAME OVERED!"}

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Explanations

  • "Pedula onglomata" is a mangling of "medulla oblongata", the structure that connects the spinal cord to the brain stem.

[edit] Trivia

  • The Tweet text reads, "This week's Skills of an Artist Game Pak comes equipped with End Boss Feature!"
  • The YouTube description reads, "Strong Bad busts out the graph paper to design the best end boss ever!"

[edit] Inside References

[edit] Fast Forward

  • This design actually is used as "The Worst End Boss Ever" at the beginning (not end) of level 10 in Stinkoman 20X6.

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