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"Every good boss needs eyeballs all over the place!"

Learn to draw the best/worst end boss ever using dog-doo, cotton candy, and chicken beaks!

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Stinkoman

Date: Monday, September 4, 2017

Running Time: 2:14

Page Title: Synaptic part sold separately!


[edit] Transcript

{Video opens with Strong Bad's glove holding an uncapped marker in front of a graph paper board. The Skills of an Artist logo appears.}

STRONG BAD: {talking like a robot} Skills of a Pixel Artist. I make drawing square.

{Logo fades out.}

STRONG BAD: People all the time ask me, {begins drawing a shape by tracing square lines on the grid} "Hey, Strong Bad! How do you draw an end boss?" And I tell 'em, end bosses need two things: spikes and exposed brains.

{Strong Bad closes the shape he has drawn. It is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, with the edge lines on the graph paper squares.}

STRONG BAD: Now this is a... {hesitantly} spike... {music slows down} Ugh. Looks more like a pixel doggy-doody. Uhm, let's move on to the brain.

{Music resumes.}

STRONG BAD: Okay, check out all this brain mass up here.

{Strong Bad begins to draw a new shape in the upper right by tracing gridlines.}

STRONG BAD: Vrrm, vrrm. {draws in additional square shapes attached to the "brain"} Don't forget the... pedulla onglongmata {shades in the rear stem shapes of the "brain"} and uh, {draws square lines within the "brain" to make creases} synaptic part. Oh, yeah. That is a serious...

{Strong Bad sighs as the music dies down again.}

STRONG BAD: Who am I kidding? This looks like cotton candy. Um... well hey, this is just a sprite sheet for {music resumes} Strong Bad's Dog-Doo & Cotton Candy Challenge!

{A logo appears for Strong Bad's Dog-Doo & Cotton Candy Challenge, featuring a pile of dog doo and a swirly cotton candy on a yellow backgroud.}

STRONG BAD: Who wants to play?

{The music dies down again as the logo melts off the screen.}

STRONG BAD: {tired} Enh... no-nobody. {normal voice} All right, forget the pixel stuff. We're just gonna draw this thing into an awesome end boss.

{Strong Bad draws an open trapezoid between the dog doo and the cotton candy, no longer conforming to the gridlines. He fills the trapezoid with circles.}

STRONG BAD: First we need tank treads. {dots the center of each wheel} That's right. How are you gonna {adds a jagged line outside the trapezoid to make the treads look rugged} roll over some sort of metallic floor {closes the shape} in a large, black-backgrounded warehouse? {connects the tank treads to the dog doo with horizontal lines} Right? {connects the tank treads to the brain} Or fortress, perhaps?

{Strong Bad draws a round shape in the upper left part of the tank.}

STRONG BAD: And we'll connect it up here. {adds a triangle sticking out of the circle} Up here we need a turret. {adds little circles coming out of the turret} It shoots spreadshot! Oh man, spreadshot is so hard to avoid! And then... oops, we forgot the most important part! Eyeballs!

{Strong Bad draws an eyeball on the tank below the brain and the turret.}

STRONG BAD: Every good boss needs eyeballs all over the place!

{He draws an eyeball sticking out from the rear of the tank treads and shades the iris.}

STRONG BAD: Here's one coming out of the tank treads. Uh, let's put one over here on the dog doo.

{Strong Bad draws an eyeball sticking out from the dog doo.}

STRONG BAD: Um... and oops! {draws an eyeball on the brain} Don't forget one in the brain. Of course, eyeball brain.

{Strong Bad draws three spikes on the brain.}

STRONG BAD: Oh yeah. Get the real spikes back on here.

{He adds more spikes to the eyeball on the rear of the tank treads.}

STRONG BAD: Kinda looks like a chicken beak, {adds spikes inside the dog doo} that's okay. On the dog doo. Oh man. This is the best end boss ever!

{Cut to a Stinkoman 20X6-style stage with a metallic floor and a black background. Stinkoman's sprite faces a fully pixel-rendered version of Strong Bad's end boss: a tank-like machine with a red turret, connected to a pile of dog-doo and pink cotton candy, embellished with many eyeballs looking around, and gray spikes moving up and down. Occasionally, the turret blinks yellow and fires five yellow pellets. It slowly moves back and forth.}

STINKOMAN: {yawning animation} This is the worst end boss ever!

{The boss fires some spreadshot. Stinkoman jumps up and fires a punch, hitting the boss in the eye within the spiked cotton candy.}

STINKOMAN: {laughing animation} Hey there, dog pudding. {throws another punch} Are you feeding energy into that carnival cloud?

{Stinkoman jumps up and hits the eyeball again. He charges the end boss, which flashes white. The boss charges at Stinkoman, hitting him.}

STINKOMAN: Oh no, waah! It turns out he was asking for a—

{Stinkoman is cut off. The screen turns black, with white pixelated text reading "GAME OVERED!"}

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Explanations

  • "Pedula onglomata" is a mangling of "medulla oblongata", the structure that connects the spinal cord to the brain stem.

[edit] Trivia

  • The Tweet text reads, "This week's Skills of an Artist Game Pak comes equipped with End Boss Feature!"
  • The YouTube description reads, "Strong Bad busts out the graph paper to design the best end boss ever!"

[edit] Inside References

[edit] Fast Forward

  • This design actually is used as "The Worst End Boss Ever" at the beginning (not end) of level 10 in Stinkoman 20X6.

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