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[edit] The Turtle

The Turtle, pre-oatmealing

While reptiles are frequently mentioned in the Homestar Runner universe, one turtle in particular (apparently named Slowbie or Mr. Shoe) has been spotted several times, usually associated with Strong Bad.

It first appears when Buckethand Strong Bad, explaining a hypothetical situation in which he could use his bucket hand, dumps oatmeal on it. Later, a boy named Geoff found the turtle in his shoe and returned it to the terrarium on his desk. The boy claimed its name was Slowbie and renamed it Mr. Shoe. This was notable enough to be reported in the news on October 4th, as shown in a newspaper clipping from the Strong Bad Email time capsule. The turtle's mother, despite not returning her calls, is said to be proud of the turtle.

It appears in 3D in the Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People episode Homestar Ruiner, when it is one of the obstacles that contestants need to jump over in the Tri-Annual Race to the End of the Race. It is used as the symbol for "slow" in 8-Bit is Enough when Strong Bad talks to the enemies of Stinkoman 20X6. Strong Bad flips it upside down (along with Strong Mad) in sbemail206, as an April Fools' Day prank.

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[edit] Fresh

Aptly named.

The characters of the Homestar Runner universe often use the word fresh in unusual ways.

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[[Category:Word running gags]]

[edit] The Rest

"And the rest!"

"The Rest" are a group of three unnamed Old-Timey characters. They are only seen in the title sequence of Sickly Sam's Big Outing, when an announcer introduces each character, and never mentioned again. The audience also seem unfamiliar with these characters, as they react in confusion when they are shown.

The Rest consists of what appears to be an alien, a robot, and a worm-like creature. The alien is light-colored and resembles a stereotypical alien, with a large head, large black eyes, and nostrils. The robot is metallic and mostly square-shaped, with upside down triangle-shaped eyes, a zig-zag mouth, and dark hair. Dotted lines are faintly visible on his body, and he has diagonal lines on his arms, with a shiny ball for what appears to be each elbow (although his arms are not seen any further due to the circle border). The worm has a bowler hat and wrinkles, with circles around his closed eyes, one light and one dark. The area around his mouth is darker, resembling lips.

[edit] Complete Filmography

[[Category:Old-Timey Characters]][[Category:Robots]]

[edit] Weekdays at X:30

"Tuesdays at 8:30."

In the Brothers Chaps' projects (both Homestar Runner and Two More Eggs), the same specific gruff, raspy voice will announce the time of certain TV shows during their commercials or theme songs (with the day of the week followed by the time), and occasionally comment on the quality of the show. The time is usually "weekdays", and the time always ends with :30.

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Two More Eggs

  • CGI Palz: Theme Song — After the CGI Palz theme song, he says "Weekday mornings at, like, 5:30. That's really early. Don't... let your kids watch it."
  • Hot Diggity: Theme Song — After the Hot Diggity theme song, he says "Weekday afternoons at 3:30. This— this one you should watch. It's a real train wreck."
  • Parental Notice: Two More Eggs — When the Two More Eggs logo pops up, he says "Two More Eggs. Weekdays at 0:30." (pronounced "never-thirty").

[[Category:Entertainment running gags]]

[edit] Montage Interruptions

"And then I put it on my face..."

Occasionally, when a montage begins, it will be interrupted in the middle by something boring or out-of-the-ordinary, usually accompanied by the music abruptly stopping, and restarting when the montage continues.

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[edit] Side Projects

  • Two More Eggs — In the episode "Dooble: Peas & Corn", during the peas-and-corn training montage, the fun music abruptly stops as the camera cuts to Dooble slowly eating the peas and corn, then resumes as the montage continues.

[[Category:Activity running gags]]

[edit] Intelligent Homestar Runner

Homestar Runner often does stupid things, so many that it's nearly impossible to list them all. However, Homestar's stupidity occasionally becomes so deep that it flips back to smart, and Homestar can demonstrate an unusual amount of intelligence or self-awareness.

[edit] Appearances

  • The King of Town DVD — The King of Town's sheep are missing and he calls upon Homestar Runner to investigate. Homestar does discover the correct reason why the King's sheep are missing.
  • Email the bet — Homestar makes a bet with Strong Bad that he is cool, and demonstrates by wearing a pair of sunglasses and saying "'sup?". This is sufficient to impress Strong Bad and win the bet, so Homestar continues the behavior, much to the irritation of Marzipan.
  • Email stupid stuff — Homestar outsmarts Strong Bad by pretending to be dumb, using reverse psychology to make Strong Bad say something stupid, winning Grumblecakes from Kevin Grumbles.
  • Email business trip — Although Homestar confuses his business trip for a camping trip, he manages to successfully "seal the deal" with The King of Town by trading the pork and beans he had packed.
  • Happy Fireworks — Homestar (as Cardboard Marzipan) corrects himself about the name of the holiday.
  • No Hands On Deck! — As Cardboard Marzipan, Homestar "admits" that his constant talking about using galvanized nails is meant to cover up the fact that he doesn't know how to build a deck.
  • Email strong badathlon — Homestar is the reigning champion in the Homestar-Runner-Crud-Out-Of-Beating event, because he has intimate knowledge of his own weak points.
  • Email 4 branches — When Strong Sad asks Homestar for the solution for a simple math equation, Homestar recites Coulomb's Law. Strong Sad still complains that Homestar is incorrect.
  • Ever And More! — Homestar is the leader of the Broternal Order of Different Helmets. He deliberately allows Strong Bad to make a play for leadership every week, even though Strong Bad doesn't succeed.
  • Strong Badia The Free — Homestar insists on staying at Marzipan's house because he knows there is a squirrel in his attic that he sometimes thinks is a spooky ghost.
  • Kick-A-Ball — Homestar's team wins the game because Homestar had used a deceptive tactic that he is aware Strong Bad had made legal earlier.
  • Dethemberween Thnikkaman — Homestar is the first to identify that the Thnikkaman is actually Bubs; in his previous appearances, his true identity was considered by the other characters as unclear.
  • Pumpkin Stencils — Homestar invents "Paper Crumble Man" to prove that he can makes things up on the spot like Sterrance. While pretending to be Paper Crumple Man, he stupidly catches himself in a paradox and responds "This is an existential experience."
  • Haunted Photo Booth — Homestar at first incorrectly identifies his costume as Mark Lemke. He then angrily corrects himself by correctly identifying his costume as Dale Murphy.
  • 2022 Costume Pack Now Available — Homestar gets the Poopsmith's costume right to his own shock.
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