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"Apparently, there was a time when they thought the world wantneeded a Fluffy Puff Mayonnaise match-3 game!"

An untitled, unfinished Fluffy Puff Mayonnaise match-3 game was abandoned by Videlectrix. Strong Bad posted a video of it on his Twitter account on July 9, 2018. Nothing is known about it, aside from the contents of the video and the fact that it was from around 2004, according to a later reply.


[edit] Gameplay

There is a grid filled with different colors of Fluffy Puff Marshmallows (red, yellow, blue, green, and orange). The background is solid gray, although this may be due to the game being unfinished. Machines holding marshmallows float above the grid, and the player can decide when the machines drop the marshmallows into the grid. There is a jar of Fluffy Puff Mayonnaise next to the grid, and the player can click a blue "switch jars" button to change the color of the jar.

If there are three or more marshmallows of the same color in a row, vertically or horizontally, and if they're the same color as the jar, the player can click one of the marshmallows to make them disappear. Whenever marshmallows disappear, the marshmallows above fall down into the empty spaces, and the jar fills up slightly. This must happen four times for an empty jar to fill completely. Each jar must be filled individually; the amount of mayonnaise in one jar does not affect the amount in the others. There is text on the side reading "Get a combo of: 3" and, below it, "4 more to go!" (with the number decreasing each time mayonnaise is added to the jar). When the jar is filled, the text instead reads "Jar is full!". When every jar is filled, text reading "DUDE, YOU FRIGGIN WON THE LEVEL." appears.

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