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"It's the pool that we've always had..."

Homestar Runner characters can occasionally be found lounging and swimming at the swimming pool. It is an inground, Olympic-sized (or similar) pool with a white and red checkerboard-patterned liner. It appears to be located somewhere in The Field, within walking distance of the Contest Area. It also must be near an electrical outlet, as a radio with a power cord has been seen here. It first appeared in A Jumping Jack Contest, when Strong Bad was seen reclining in a pool chair while waiting for Homestar Runner to fail at the jumping jack contest. Later, it appeared in the Theme Song Video, revealing a diving board from which Homestar jumps. For many years, the pool was not seen, though in the Strong Bad Email other days we learn that Strong Sad and Strong Bad had swim practice on Saturday mornings. This pool reappeared in the email keep cool, where it was revealed that Strong Bad (who claims he "use[s] it all the time") is the resident lifeguard. According to him, the pool rules are to keep crap out of the pool (banning The Poopsmith), no rough-horsing, house-rousing, butt-patting, running, diving, or swimming (though the last one is not widely enforced).

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