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Down the hatch!
"Great for the break room or maybe a desk drawer!"

Smarty Juice is a type of beverage that comes in a greenish-brown glass bottle with an orange label, available in "Swirly Font" flavor. Its side effects include "drowsiness, euphoria, and unbelievably soothing children's programming", implying possible alcohol or drugs. It is first mentioned in the Skills of an Artist episode Cartoon Characters, when Strong Bad compares Homestar Runner's eyes as he draws them to "Smarty Juice drops".

In the Cartoon Characters-inspired toon Characters from Yonder Website, Strong Bad, Homestar, The Cheat, Strong Mad, Coach Z, Bubs and presumably Marzipan drink ten-year expired Smarty Juice, which causes them to somehow hallucinate and act in the titular children's show. Strong Sad, deciding that the side effects sound okay, drinks a bottle himself and joins them in the show. The drink is stated to be a sponsor for the show, and may have some relation to Faceless Megacorp, another sponsor.

According to The Next April Fools Thing, the Smarty Juice company also manufactures File Folder Shaped Vitamins, made up by Strong Bad and Bubs. File Folder Shaped Vitamin Thumb Drives also exist, but any connection to Smarty Juice is unknown.

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