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The title screen

A micro platforming adventure through Peasantry for Trogday 2022. It can be played on the page or downloaded and played on a Game Boy emulator.

Cast (in order of appearance): Trogdor, Peasants, Knights, Kerrek, Cranjegg

Places: Peasantry

Date: Thursday, January 20, 2022


[edit] Announcement

Page Title: Squish em up Dan and his Squash em up Band Presents!

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trogdor micro game for gameboy!

Face off against the Kerrek in the shadow of Mount Trog!

To celebrate Trogday 2022, Videlectrix made a Trogdor micro game! Designed for their own short-lived handheld portable gaming device "The FunMachine Pantsit," this little time-waster will also run on the original GameBoy or your fav retro emulator.

Go play it in your browser, on your phone, or download the rom at Videlectrix's page!

Celebrate 19 years of majesty and consummate V's and maybe feel really old, too!

[edit] Controls

Action Key 1 Key 2 Game Boy Button
Move Arrow keys A and D Control Pad
Jump and advance text Z J A
Shoot fireballs (once burnination is achieved) X K B
Mute music Shift Select
Rewind gameplay Backspace N/A

[edit] The Game

A chiptune version of the Trogdor song plays. After a short animation of Trogdor chasing a peasant across the screen below the title, the instructions come up:

Squish all the peasants to gain burnination!
Then burninate 3 cottages to fight the Kerrek!

After this, the game begins. Touching or jumping on a peasant will squish it, and the latter will make Trogdor float briefly. Touching a knight or falling in a pit will send Trogdor back to the beginning of the level, which includes revoking his burnination status. Trogdor can continue as many times as needed. Thatched-roof cottages, stumps, and rocks must be jumped over. Squishing all the peasants will make the following text appear:

You achieved burnination!
Press B to thoom out sum fireballs!

Shooting fireballs at 3 of the 4 cottages will bring you to the Kerrek fight. The Kerrek's attack pattern is to move forward, jump and throw an axe high, move back, jump, throw an axe low, and repeat. To dodge, Trogdor must stand below high axes and jump over low ones. If Trogdor touches the Kerrek or his axes, the battle restarts. Victory is achieved by shooting at the Kerrek's horn 10 times. While the Kerrek is standing on the ground, this can be done by jumping and shooting a fireball just before Trogdor lands. The Kerrek turns green with X's for eyes and makes a low-pitched sound when hit, and lies down when defeated. After winning, a picture is shown of Trogdor laying a foot on the Kerrek, accompanied by the text "YOU SMOTE THE KERREK!". The scene then cuts to Trogdor in a cave with a Keeper of Trogdor.

Congrats Trog. You won. Happy Togday!
This was goo dending.
With good text boxs n allat.

After this, the game resets.

[edit] Fun Facts

The ending screen

[edit] Trivia

  • The full description reads:

It's Trogdor's 19th Trogday and he's out to smote him a Kerrek. Squish all the peasants while avoiding the knights to achieve burnination. Then burninate all the cottages to face off against the Kerrek himself.

It will all get great when a Trogdor-type game is the game that you are playing.


  • D-pad to move
  • A to jump
  • B to shoot fireballs (once you have burnination)
  • SELECT to mute music
  • Originally released for the FunMachine Pantsit portable console (technically it was too big for a pocket, so they went with 'pantsit' instead.) but it should be compatible with any GameBoy Color-type deal.

*Audio may not work on mobile.

Install instructions

If you have a GameBoy emulator, the .gb file should run in it. If you have a flash cart or one of them fancy new portables that'll play old GameBoy Color games, the .gb file should run on that too.

  • The shortened description (seen on Videlectrix's page) reads "A tiny game to celebrate Trogdor's 19th Trogday!".
  • The "More information" box lists the status as "Released", the platforms as "HTML5", the author as "Videlectrix", the genre as "Platformer", and the tags "Game Boy ROM", "homestar-runner", "strong-bad", "trogday", "trogdor", and "videlectrix".
  • If Trogdor falls into the third pit, he will come across a Keeper of Trogdor. If the Keeper is approached, he will give advice on how to slay the Kerrek. If Trogdor moves toward the exit, he will return to the start of the level.
Thou hast DIED Trogdor! Dang!
I can resurrect thee but first
Here are some hints to aid in your style!
Kerrek takes like 10 hits.
Weak point is his horn.
Now go froth! I mean forth!
  • If the Keeper is approached any subsequent times, he will have additional dialogue.
If you come back, can you bring some food or bev?
And maybe a chamber pot?
I didn't really think this whole livin' in a pit thing through.
  • When playing on mobile, virtual buttons in the layout of a Game Boy Color appear below the game.
    • When fullscreen is exited, the buttons appear transparent over the game.

[edit] Remarks

  • When select is pressed to mute the music, it will restart after dying.
  • The second time you talk to the Keeper, his text boxes will no longer have his portrait.

[edit] Fixed Glitches

  • Originally, the same cottage could be burninated repeatedly to get to Kerrek.

[edit] Fast Forward

[edit] External Links

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