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This template is an incomplete test, and may require consensus before it is used anywhere. See the discussion here.

[edit] Types

[edit] Usage

  • {{description|title=dragon|email}} returns the email's Strong Bad Email Menu description: "Strong Bad shares his skills of an artist as he teaches YOU how to draw a certain wingaling dragon named Trogdor. Never have chiaroscuro and sloppy metal been juxtaposed so seamlessly."
  • {{description|title=dragon|youtube}} returns the email's YouTube description: "Strong Bad teaches the world how to draw a dragon."
    • The title parameter defaults to the page name. On dragon, {{description|youtube}} returns the same thing.

At the moment, this template only supports a few toons, but the idea is to have all of them eventually.

[edit] Examples

How can this template be used? Here are some examples.

  1. Thanks to this template, {{descriptionslist}} can automatically generate a "Descriptions" section in the Fun Facts, no input required (aside from the page name).
  2. It can automate the descriptions on {{toonmenu}} for use on the Toons page, making the multiple description parameters obsolete.
  3. It can automate the descriptions on other pages as well, to avoid duplicated data. These include Strong Bad Email Menu, Scrolling Shooter Games Menu, Podstar Runner (and its 2006 equivalent), and YouTube (once we have a list of descriptions there).
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