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Eagle Skills of an Artist LIVE!!
"So... somebody please make this game."

Strong Bad designs the stand-up arcade game Froosh & Dooj, featuring the Explodey Sisters!

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad

Date: Tuesday, October 3, 2017 (Twitter); Wednesday, October 4, 2017 (YouTube)

Running Time: 1:48

Page Title: The Explodey Sisters blast forth!


[edit] Transcript

{Cut to a red boxing glove holding a marker in front of a whiteboard designed to look like lined paper; the music from dragon plays}

STRONG BAD: {singing out of key} I got the Skills of an Artist, yes I make drawing fun! {speaking normally} Today we're going to draw a classic stand-up arcade game!

STRONG BAD: {He draws a circle, and then a smaller circle inside it, while speaking rhythmically} First, a Roundello. And second, a smaller Roundello. Inside! {speaking normally, drawing two lines down from the larger circle} Couple of downtowns for the joystick... {draws the base of the joystick, pointing in four directions} and now we have to draw the multi-directional socket-thing here. {adds small arrow symbols on all sides} Now with all four directions! {draws curved lines on each side of the base} Draw these little flexy-things in here so it can move. Then let's do a little bit of shading. {adds hatch shading on the stick, then on the round part of the joystick} Opposite the shiny. Shady, shiny. Shady, shiny. Skills of an Artist! Now, onto the best part, the buttons! {draws a long, horizontal oval next to the joystick} Now look, there's gonna be a lot of nay-sayers out there that are gonna tell you you're drawing an old-timey straw barbershop quartet hat. {by this point he has added sides and a base for the button, so that it indeed bears resemblance to a hat} You just gotta shake those people off, man. {starts drawing a second, slightly-smaller button} There's no convincing those people. You know this is an arcade button, and that's what's important. {adds reflections to the top of the buttons} And, put a little shiny on top. And a little shiny on top. {adds hatch shading} And now we gotta decide what these buttons do. Let's see... this one controls... the FROOSH! {writes "FROOSH" under the left button} And you know what that means. This one controls the DOOJ! {writes "DOOJ" under the right button} It's FROOSH and DOOJ! The explodey sisters! Oh, man, that sounds like the best arcade game ever! Oh, I gotta see this thing in action.

{As the video speeds up, Strong Bad draws the sides of the cabinet, a screen, a line of coins to the right, and a bar at the bottom of the screen displaying the player's score (00001), as he continues talking}

STRONG BAD: Draw the rest of the cabinet here. And a screen. And some quarters for those who got next. And here's the score. Uh, you're not doing very well.

STRONG BAD: {on the right side of the screen, he draws a simple figure with a dress and long hair} Check it out, here's Sister Froosh. {draws curved lines to either side of Sister Froosh, representing an explosion} And her explosion goes all-out to the side all wispy-like like FROOSH! {draws a similar figure on the left with spiky hair} And then here's Sister Dooj! {draws a high column of flame around her} And she makes this like column of fire and it's like DOOJ!

{Strong Bad's boxing glove disappears from view as he is heard falling over in his chair. The music stops.}

STRONG BAD: So... somebody please make this game. That I may play of it.

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Trivia

  • The Tweet text reads, "Thanks for participating in the Stuff-Strong-Bad-Might/Could-Do Exploratory Poll! Now back to our regularly scheduled Skills of an Artist!" This refers to Strong Bad's previous Tweet: a poll asking viewers if they would support a Homestar Runner Patreon account.
  • The YouTube description reads, "Strong Bad draws the control panel for a classic arcade cabinet."

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