Trogdor Playthrough with Strong Bad & friends!

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"Hi, everybody! Are you ready to play Trog... times?"

Strong Bad, Mike Chapman, Lucky Yates, and Ryan Sterritt play Trogdor!! The Board Game live.

Cast (in order of appearance): Puppet Strong Bad, Mike Chapman, Lucky Yates, Ryan Sterritt, Puppet Homestar, Strong Sad, Puppet Marshie, Coach Z (voice only)

Date: Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Running time: 1:29:56


[edit] Transcript

{Trogdor!! The Board Game is set up on a black table. Two players are sitting behind the table. The Strong Bad puppet slowly comes into view in front of the camera.}

STRONG BAD: Muuuoooaaah! Hi, everybody! Are you ready to play Trog... times? We just changed the name of the game. To Trog-Times. Here we got...

{The frame tries to pan up to show the two players, but it doesn't make it. Strong Bad comes closer to the screen and makes straining sounds as if he is lifting the camera.The camera pans up three times to show Ryan Sterritt on the left, and Lucky Yates on the right. Both are wearing baseball hats, glasses and beards.}

STRONG BAD: Ooh, it looks like the McKenzie brothers.

{Ryan and Lucky laugh. Strong Bad leaves the frame. Lucky sings the theme to Bob and Doug McKenzie's Great White North.}

STRONG BAD: {re-entering frame} Good day, eh?

RYAN: How's it going, eh?

LUCKY: Good.

STRONG BAD: {re-entering frame} Going pretty good, eh?

LUCKY: So, we're sitting here with our back bacon. And our cold ones.

STRONG BAD: We got Ry-Guy Sterritt, over here. {Ryan waves} Homestar alum. You may know him as... Actual Science Lab Scientist.

RYAN: Yeah.

{Ryan pantomimes holding up a flask.}

STRONG BAD: And TV's Lucky Yates! {Lucky gives two thumbs up} Doctor Lucius Yates, everyone!

LUCKY: Hi. Team.

STRONG BAD: And Mike's over there too, probably.

{Mike peeks in from the right side of the screen. He waves quickly and leaves the frame.}

LUCKY: We're excited to be playing Trog-Time.

{Pan down to the game board setup on the table.}

LUCKY: Newly-minted Trog-Time.

{Mike holds up the game box in front of the camera.}

LUCKY: Ooh, look at the...

STRONG BAD: Ooh, show 'em the spot-UV! {Mike is waving the box up and down to show that Trogdor is reflective and shiny} Look at that. {Lucky reaches in to show off the shiny box with a flourish} Whoosh, whoosh! Whoosh, whoosh!

RYAN: Sheen.

STRONG BAD: That's like, Mike likes to animate those whooshes all the... anything reflective.

{Mike takes the box away.}

STRONG BAD: You do a mask layer, {Mike shows the box on its side} and then you just move a white rectangle through it.

{Mike takes the box away again.}

LUCKY: The box art is spectacular.

STRONG BAD: Animation tips for all of y'alls. All right, so first guys, we're gonna explain to Ryan, {the other players clap their hands in anticipation} who's never played the game, and that we haven't seen- we haven't seen in several months.

{Everyone cracks up.}

MIKE: That's not quite true.

STRONG BAD: We're going to catch up, find out how each other's spouses are doing. And then we'll show him how to play the game. Uh, thank you all for tunings in. Uh, what are we- I'll-I'll periodically be looking at this chat, I'll concentrate more on it once we- once we're actually playing the game.

MIKE: All right, so I'm gonna start by {Mike reaches in to pick up the Keeper deck} giving out uh... our Keeper and Item cards.

{Mike picks up the Items deck.}

STRONG BAD: All right.

RYAN: Oh. Okay.

LUCKY: This is exciting.

{Mike shows the deck and shuffles the cards in it.}

STRONG BAD: So, Ryan, we all get personas to play during the game.

LUCKY: It'll give you a special power, still, Strong Bad? That's what's happening?

{Mike is passing out cards to the players.}

STRONG BAD: That's right.

MIKE: Here, Strong Bad.

LUCKY: Oh, you just randomly hand them, oh...

MIKE: Gonna try this. Try this, right, yeah.

LUCKY: Oh, I like this. I like this. I like this.

STRONG BAD: Mike, if uh...

LUCKY: Are we allowed to look at them?

{Strong Bad puts down his boxing glove on his face-down card, trying in vain to flip it over.}

STRONG BAD: You could.

MIKE: Yeah.

STRONG BAD: Turn this over... for me.

{Mike reaches in to help Strong Bad as Strong Bad pulls his card off the table. The other players laugh.}

STRONG BAD: Hang on. See if I can... {Strong Bad places his card face up back on the table} There we go.

MIKE: Uh, Ryan, you may have to be Strong Bad's hands.

{Strong Bad tries to turn his card around, and Ryan reaches in to finish the job. Mike begins to pass out the items.}

MIKE: He can type with boxing gloves.

LUCKY: He said Mike, though.

RYAN: Oh, yeah.

LUCKY: You know.

STRONG BAD: Thanks for dealing that to me. Face-down, Mike.

{Mike reaches over to flip Strong Bad's item card. The other players crack up as Mike deals the rest of the item cards face up.}

STRONG BAD: There we go. All right, let's uh...


STRONG BAD: So let's go around the table, and everybody first start with your Keeper, that's the character you're going to be. And then we'll uh, go and see what all items we have.

LUCKY: I'll start.

STRONG BAD: All right.

LUCKY: {displaying his card for the viewer} I'm playing Worchex.

{Strong Bad and Lucky go "whoo".}

STRONG BAD: What can- what can Worchex do?

LUCKY: {reading his card} Knights cannot repair cottages {shows the viewer again} during my turn.

MIKE: And you gotta remember that. {Lucky puts his card down} Everybody, remember your Keeper power and your Item power, 'cause sometimes we forget.

LUCKY: And then my item is the {displays card for the viewer} Disk of Healing.

STRONG BAD: Ooh, that's a powerful one.

LUCKY: Which, uh, {reading card} use: return a peasant from the Void to the Trog-Meter.

{Lucky shows the card again.}

STRONG BAD: That's very powerful indeed.

LUCKY: No recharges, though. {puts down card} So it's a one-time-only.

STRONG BAD: One time deal.

MIKE: Whatchyougot, Ry?

RYAN: All right. {shows his Keeper card} Let's see here.

STRONG BAD: Yubbitz?

RYAN: Yubbitz. {reading card} You may trade action cards with other players either on your turn or theirs.

{The other players say "ooh".}

RYAN: His favorite drink is powdered milk mixed with lemonade, but not powdered lemonade mixed with milk. That's gross.

MIKE: {laughing} That would be gross.

STRONG BAD: That's pretty nasty.

LUCKY: I didn't read my character's blurb, but...

STRONG BAD: Yeah, let it hear. What's Worchex's fun fact?

LUCKY: {reading card} Worchex's... Worchex has hated knights since he was refused a high-five at a joust by his fave knight. And those wings are just a cool backpack. {displays his card again} Awww.

STRONG BAD: Yeah, we should sell that backpack.

LUCKY: Yeah. Really could make a mint. {putting a peasant back on the Trog-Meter} Who did I knock over, this guy?

RYAN: Yeah.

STRONG BAD: Wait. Somebody's saying they're getting no audio. Are peoples getting audio?

MIKE: Uh-oh. No audio?


LUCKY: Audio.

STRONG BAD: Someone in the chat, tell us. I'm getting audio!

LUCKY: Is there audio?

STRONG BAD: I'm getting audio just fine.

LUCKY: I'm getting audio.

STRONG BAD: I'm also Spartacus.

LUCKY: All right.

MIKE: Who's your character, what's your character and item, Strong Bad?

RYAN: My item... Two Gross Beans. {displays card for the viewer}

STRONG BAD: Whoo. Those are indeed gross beans. That- they don't look like beans to me, Ryan.

RYAN: {reading card} Gain plus two action points is my use.

MIKE: Okay. And how do you recharge?

RYAN: {reading} Recharge when Trogdor visits a forest tile.

LUCKY: Oh, something like that?

MIKE: {indicating the forest tiles} There's four forest tiles.

LUCKY: So you will charge on them.

RYAN: Secrets.

MIKE: We have a set up, these are kinda... {Three of the four forest tiles are diagonally adjacent}

LUCKY: Are there more tiles than once there were?

MIKE: Nope. It's always- I think it's always been-

STRONG BAD: They're all different, there's different art, though. Yeah, there used to be...

LUCKY: It makes it look wider.

RYAN: Yeah.

STRONG BAD: The countryside has really come to life.

LUCKY: {laughing} Yeah, really.

STRONG BAD: Peasantry is just jumping off the table at you.

LUCKY: Really tranquil until we get bombarded by a monster's wrath.

STRONG BAD: You go, Mike. What've you got?

MIKE: {displaying his card} I've got uh, Crangolev.

STRONG BAD: Crangolev.

MIKE: Crangolev, I get uh, one action point. Uh, on my turn. I just get an extra one.

LUCKY: Great.


MIKE: {displaying card} And Distracto's Pouch.

STRONG BAD: whooh.

MIKE: Which uh, after you draw a movement card, you may choose the direction that the peasants move.


MIKE: Which is helpful. You can, um, make them not replant a burninated countryside tile or you could send them to a burninated cottage and light themselves on fire.

LUCKY: Oh. Great.

MIKE: {displaying card} It's recharged when Trogdor hides.


MIKE: What'd you got, Strong Bad?

STRONG BAD: {pushing his Keeper card} I got Hegeltha. With all these cool lampies in on- on her like...

{Mike picks up the card to display it.}

STRONG BAD: ...antlers, there. On my turn, Trogdor may... {Mike puts the card down} use the "hide" action on any tile without a cottage. Normally you can only hide in the mountains.

MIKE: {points out where the mountain tiles are} There's two mountain tiles.

STRONG BAD: But I can hide on any tile without a cottage.

LUCKY: Ah, how does that even work? How does he hide in the middle of a field of flowers?

STRONG BAD: Show 'em how they hide, Mike.

{Mike picks up the Trogdor meeple in the center tile and sets him down flat.}

LUCKY: Oh, wow, wow! How did you- where did he go? I don't even know. {Mike sets Trogdor back up again} I see nothing but countryside. Oh wah!

STRONG BAD: That's right. Uh, and then let's see, uh, Hegeltha's factoid is that Hegeltha joined the Keepers of Trogdor just to get out of the house a couple nights a week. I heard those antler lanterns are full of peasant teeth. Eeyew!

{Mike displays the card.}

MIKE: Peasant teeth.

LUCKY: Do they glow?

STRONG BAD: They probably make a satisfying clicking noise.

LUCKY: Right.

MIKE: {holding the Item card} And then your item.

STRONG BAD: That Dog Tennis Ball Thing 'Cept With Fireballs! Uh, the use is that I can burninate any tile or eligible cottage um like, and you have to go p'toooo! DOOJ! And the recharge is that when Trogdor uh, visits the corner store. I mean, tile. Any corner tile.

MIKE: {indicating corner tiles} Four corner tiles. {sets down card}

STRONG BAD: Why wouldn't we- why didn't we leave that typo on there?

{The other players laugh.}

STRONG BAD: Seems like that's what an editor is for. All right, who's bored?

MIKE: Okay, so... {picks up the action deck}

LUCKY: Tennis board! Who's done?

MIKE: So, we're gonna deal out, uh... {shuffles cards} we each start with one action card.

LUCKY: Mm-hm.

RYAN: Yeah.

LUCKY: Mm-hm, mm-hm.

MIKE: {deals a card to Strong Bad} So there's Strong Bad's. We've left.

LUCKY: Okay.

MIKE: {hands a card to Ryan} Sss... Ryan. I almost called you... uh, my daughter's name. {passes a card to Lucky}

LUCKY: Oh, man, that's exciting.

MIKE: Lucky.

LUCKY: That's me.

MIKE: And me. Okay.

LUCKY: Aw, man.

MIKE: {setting down movement deck} Now. Um, so, Ryan.

RYAN: Yes.

MIKE: On your turn, on each of our turns, we'll draw one of these. {places hand on movement deck}

RYAN: Uh-huh.

MIKE: Cards. And so you'll have two. So you'll choose between one that you have, we called it "banked", a banked card, and then one. So the number there, hold it up so people can see. {Ryan holds up his movement card. Mike indicates the AP number} The number here is the number of actions you have that turn.

RYAN: Okay.

{Ryan accidentally drops the card. He picks it up and puts it back with his things.}

MIKE: And then, uh, it'll give you a special power. {mumbling inaudibly}

STRONG BAD: Now an action, Ryan, is defined as: Trogdor moving, one space.

{Mike moves Trogdor south to demonstrate, and then back again.}

LUCKY: Mm-hm. Action.

STRONG BAD And by default, Trogdor can only move up, down, left or right. {Mike moves Trogdor one tile in each direction to demonstrate} There are certain cards that can let him move diagonals.

LUCKY: Right.

STRONG BAD: Uh, what else? He can burninate a tile.

{Mike flips the center tile to demonstrate.}


MIKE: One action.

RYAN: One action.

{Mike places Trogdor on a nearby cottage tile.}

STRONG BAD: He can burninate a peasant, which would be one action. {Mike places the flame helmet on the peasant} Which starts what we told you about before, where the peasant runs around screaming, {Mike moves the peasant around the board and shrieks to demonstrate} setting stuff on fire. It's really fun to watch.

{Mike puts the flame helmet back where it belongs.}

STRONG BAD: He can devour a peasant. {Mike takes the peasant and puts it in the Trog-Meter. Ryan points down at it} In which case the peasant goes into the Trog-Meter.

MIKE: {putting peasant back} That becomes health. {indicates the Trog-Meter} This is our health. We start with four. Four health.

STRONG BAD: He can, uh, use a tunnel. {Mike points out the corner tunnel tile} You see there's two caves, {Ryan points to the other tunnel tile to the north} those are connected by a secret tunnel. It's like Chutes and Ladders, Ryan.

RYAN: Nice.

STRONG BAD: So you can use one action to like, hop from one tunnel to the next. Or "burrow" as we say. And then, you could also at the end of your actions, as your last action, if you got action points left over, and you're on a mountain tile, {Mike moves Trogdor to the adjacent mountain tile and sets him down flat} you can hide. {A transparent Trogdor meeple is tossed in} And look, this doesn't come with the game, {Mike picks it up} but we can use that.

{The other players marvel at the transparent Trogdor meeple.}

STRONG BAD: He turns into... {Mike swaps out Trogdor for the transparent one} When he hides, he turns into Trog-Predat-or.

LUCKY: Whoa, man.

{Mike picks up the transparent Trogdor, waving it back and forth to show how reflective and shiny it is. Strong Bad makes waoh-waoh noises. Mike sets the transparent Trogdor aside and replaces the original Trogdor meeple.}

MIKE: Um, and...

STRONG BAD: What else? Did I forget some?

MIKE: Nah.

STRONG BAD: I probably forgot some.

LUCKY: No...

MIKE: Oh, so wraparound movement, Ryan. Trogdor, if he's uh, {indicates northern border} here, he can't uh, he can't get {indicates southern border} wrap to that. But the knights and peasants, the archer, everybody else {circles the board} wraps around. {indicates eastern border} So if they're here, and they wanna go east, {Mike points east off the board, then to the west} they would end up there.

RYAN: Okay.

STRONG BAD: In King's Quest.

MIKE: But there is a special- special occasions when Trogdor can do that.

LUCKY: You can get a card.

MIKE: So that's why it's called wraparound. Okay, um...

LUCKY: Now, let me ask this question.

{Camera pans up to show Lucky and Ryan.}

LUCKY: I mean, he starts at four.

MIKE: Yes.

LUCKY: Is that because Trogdor was maybe like at a bachelor party a couple of nights ago and he's still not a hundred percent. {Mike claps} He's better than fifty, but he's still not at a hundred.


LUCKY: A-buh-bah. I'm about a four out of seven.

{Mike laughs.}

STRONG BAD: Trogdor's always like, kinda waking up late. You know, yeah. He was out.

LUCKY: I dunno.

STRONG BAD: Yeah, out late the night before. Sleepin' in. Exactly.

LUCKY: Been to the bathroom about four times today. It's only eleven A.M.

{Pan back down to the game board.}

LUCKY: So I'm obviously about a four.

STRONG BAD: Exactly.

MIKE: Um, the other thing to remember us, uh, {indicating the Troghammer} so we've got the Troghammer up here. That's the third knight who will come out. {picks up a fan of Troghammer cards} He has his own card. So when you first take damage, {points to the movement deck} We're gonna shuffle these cards in here. And then so when you flip over a Troghammer card, this guy comes out and moves around.

RYAN: All right.

MIKE: Moves more than the other knights. Um, and I figured that uh, in the Peasant's Quest movie trailer, {Lucky agrees that he remembers} Lucky plays a knight.

STRONG BAD: That's right! Does everyone know that?

{Pan up to Lucky and Ryan. Mike is pointing at Lucky.}

STRONG BAD: Lucky Yates is the knight. This- the kinda sarcastic jerky knight-

LUCKY: From the...

STRONG BAD: From the Peasant's Quest-

LUCKY: {in character} Rather Dashing? More like, Rather Homely.

STRONG BAD: Nice. He did it! {Lucky gives a thumbs-up} Will you sign my glossy later on, Mr. Yates?

LUCKY: {nodding} Absolutely.

MIKE: So, uh, you're- {pan down to the game board} you were gonna be in charge of moving the knights. Um, on their turn.

LUCKY: Great. You got it.

MIKE: Right, and Ryan, don't you play a screaming peasant in the uh... Peasant's Quest movie trailer?

RYAN: Ooh. I have.

STRONG BAD: Yeah, he goes {imitates quiet screaming sound} {everyone breaks into laughter} Do it! Do it for us, Ryan.

{Pan up to Ryan and Lucky. Ryan lifts his hands up in a show of fright.}

STRONG BAD: There's like, five Ryans. Ryan kept compositing himself.

{Pan back down to the game board.}

STRONG BAD: Multiple Ry-Rys.

RYAN: Awesome.

MIKE: So you will be in charge of moving peasants. Um, so they move... {Mike draws a movement card} movement cards in the second half of each person's turn. The bad guys move around. So we'll- we'll teach you how that works.

STRONG BAD: Yeah, we'll start with Lucky and we'll go around the other way.

MIKE: You're gonna go first.

LUCKY: First thing. I take-a this. Right?

{Lucky draws a card.}

MIKE: Yep.

LUCKY: All right. Action card. Shot-Put! Actions: After Trogdor's actions, he may burninate a tile, peasant, or eligible cottage from up to two tiles away in any single direction.

RYAN: And what was that first one?

LUCKY: {puts down the card} The other one was Flip 'Em Up Fran, just four action points, and after my actions, I may burninate any number of diagonally adjacent tiles, which is a great, powerful thing.

MIKE: Especially early in the game.

LUCKY: Yeah. Let's go with a Flip 'Em Up Fran.

MIKE: Yep.

LUCKY: And... {clears throat} uh... let's see, I've got four actions. So I want to... '{points to the center tile}

MIKE: So, uh...

RYAN: Boy oh boy.

MIKE: Yeah, so the thing that uh, to burninate cottages, by the way, we haven't explained this to Ryan, {points to southeast cottage and circles it} you have to burninate all the surrounding... countryside tiles first.

RYAN: I get it. Okay.

MIKE: So, for this tile, for instance, {circles again} you would have to do all nine of these tiles. {points to northern cottage} But ones on the side, {circles} it's only these six. {points to southwestern cottage} And ones in the corner, {circles} it's just these four. So corner cottages are the easiest to burninate {circles again} when you only need to burninate these four tiles first to burninate the cottage.

RYAN: Okay.

MIKE: So, this, the way we've got it set up, {points to each cottage in turn} there's one corner, one side, and then one interior one. That's all. So anyway. Lucky.

LUCKY: {pointing to interior cottage} So I should go for this one, right?

MIKE: Well that's the hardest. Usually we... you know...

LUCKY: Burninate any number of diagonally adjacent tiles!

MIKE: {pointing at cottage} But, so if you land here, you would be be able to do {points to diagonally adjacent tiles} that, that, that and that, yeah. {points to tiles adjacent to cottage} So you could burninate either this one and, you know, make any number of...

LUCKY: Start surrounding this guy.

MIKE: Yeah.

LUCKY: Right. So... one, burninate.

MIKE: {pointing to Trogdor in the center} Well, you start here, so... we need to burninate this one.

LUCKY: Burninate this guy.

{Lucky flips the center tile.}

MIKE: Okay, so that's one.

{Ryan agrees.}

STRONG BAD: Whoa, we did it! Our first burnination!

LUCKY: {moving Trogdor east} Two. Burninate?

STRONG BAD: Question mark?

LUCKY: Or... {moving Trogdor south of center} Or this one?

MIKE: Or you could also... {points to cottage}

LUCKY: This one?

MIKE: Eat... devour that peasant.

LUCKY: Oh. Right, right, right.

MIKE: So you've done one. {points to east tile} So that would be two.

LUCKY: {moves Trogdor east} Two.

MIKE: Yeah.

LUCKY: And then burninate this guy? Or no?

MIKE: If you burninate that, {points to peasant} you won't be able to eat the peasant.

LUCKY: I won't be able to eat. So it's three and eat. That's four, right?

MIKE: Yeah.

STRONG BAD: Chompers!

LUCKY: Four.

MIKE: {taking Trogdor} He chomped that peasant. {flips tile} So that's four actions. He goes up there. {replaces cottage meeple on tile, and Trogdor} And then now we use Flip 'Em Up Fran.

LUCKY: Yeah.

MIKE: That'll well... {points to burninated center tile}

STRONG BAD: Wait, how did he do that? I thought he did burninate one, move two, move three, eat four.

LUCKY: {pointing to center tile} That's why I didn't want to do that one.

MIKE: Right.

STRONG BAD: He can't burninate.

LUCKY: Yeah, I can't burninate that tile.

{Mike counts the movements.}

MIKE: One, two, three... {removing Trogdor} oh oh oh. Right right right.

STRONG BAD: Come on, Mike!

MIKE: {flipping cottage tile back} Sorry. Sorry, sorry.

LUCKY: {pointing to center} He coached me into burninating this tile when I didn't need to! You goof.

MIKE: You're right.

LUCKY: You're a terrible coach.

MIKE: {replacing cottage} I'm a terrible coach.

STRONG BAD: Beware of peer pressure {pokes boxing glove into frame} when playing Trogdor!! Peoples at home.

{The other players laugh.}

MIKE: Um...

STRONG BAD: Naomi Brewly finally has sound. Everyone.

MIKE: We can redo it. Just unburninate that one.

LUCKY: {flipping center back to green} All right.

STRONG BAD: Mulligan!

MIKE: So you get one, two, three, burninated.


MIKE: Three, eat, and four, {flips tile} burninate.

LUCKY: Yeah.

MIKE: {replacing meeples} And then now, you use Flip 'Em Up Fran.

LUCKY: Yeah. And I burninate the four diags.


{Lucky flips the four diagonal tiles.}

LUCKY: {in rhythm} Boom. Boom.


LUCKY: Boom.

STRONG BAD: Thrice dooj!

LUCKY: Oh, man, I burned that.

STRONG BAD: Quadruple dooj!

RYAN: What's up?

MIKE: All right, so uh, discard the... discard that right there.

STRONG BAD: You're making the Purina logo there.

MIKE: That's good.

STRONG BAD: We're gonna make a checkerboard.

MIKE: And uh, so now that's the end of your half of the turn. So now the movement deck.

LUCKY: {groaning and drawing a card} Now it's the movement deck.

STRONG BAD: Bad guys' turn, everyone. Show it to the peoples at home.

LUCKY: All right. {shows the movement card to the viewer} The peasants...

STRONG BAD: All right, how many peasants are on there?

LUCKY: Three peasants.

STRONG BAD: Okay. And how many are on the board?

LUCKY: {withdrawing card} Two peasants.

STRONG BAD: So that means that we need to bring one more peasant out from the Trog-Meter. We must satisfy that tiny peasant...

MIKE: So we can...

STRONG BAD: ...iconography.

MIKE: ...spawn him at any one- any uh, unburninated cottage. So it's any cottage. We can-

STRONG BAD: Without a peasant on it.

MIKE: Without a peasant on it. Yeah, correct.

STRONG BAD: So, just that one, basically.

LUCKY: {spawning peasant} So basically, he just goes home.


LUCKY: That means he sees the wreckage.

MIKE: And so now, Ryan, where do all the peasants go? {points to the movement arrow on the card, Lucky turns the card so Ryan can see it} So this- this part of the card shows you where the peasants move.

STRONG BAD: Each one moves one space.

RYAN: South-east.

STRONG BAD: Sou-east.

MIKE: Can you do it, Ryan?

STRONG BAD: Sou-sou-east.

LUCKY: It's like upside-down.

MIKE: {pointing to north peasant} Try this guy. Southeast.

{Ryan hesitantly moves the peasant to the southeast tile.}

LUCKY: Here, I'll put the card next to it to... to guide you.


MIKE: {pointing to interior peasant} This guy.

{Ryan moves the peasant. The others make uneasy sounds.}

STRONG BAD: Yay! You did it!

{The others cheer.}

RYAN: {moving southeastern peasant} So this one goes...

STRONG BAD: King's Quest.

{Ryan moves the peasant to the north.}

STRONG BAD: Nice work, Ryan. Very good. Okay. Now onto the knights and archers. Where's the- Mike, you didn't put the archer on the board.

MIKE: Whoops.

LUCKY: Where is the archer?

STRONG BAD: He's hanging out-out- hey, Lucky, Lucky. {pans the camera up to Lucky and Ryan} {asking humorously} Where is the Archer?

LUCKY: {smiling} I don't know. I don't know. That's a good name, though. For a television progrum.

{Pan back down. Mike is reaching across the table, pointing at Ryan's space.}

MIKE: You didn't put the action card.

LUCKY: {humorously} Where's the archer?

STRONG BAD: We forgot.

MIKE: {planting the archer on a southwestern tile} Let's put him here.

LUCKY: Okay.

STRONG BAD: He's enjoying the falling leaves.

MIKE: So, Lucky, move the bad guys.

LUCKY: West-west, south-south-south.

MIKE: Okay.

LUCKY: {moving the knight} So...

STRONG BAD: Call it out! {with Lucky} West, west, south south south!

{Lucky moves the second knight.}

STRONG BAD: West, ouch! {The knight passes Trogdor's tile} West! {with Lucky} South south south. So wait, we just lost- does anybody have anything that can help us?

MIKE: Use your power.

STRONG BAD: Lucky, do you have any powers?

LUCKY: I have uh, return a peasant from the Void to Trog-meter.



STRONG BAD: What's the other? What's your-

LUCKY: And then my other main- knights cannot repair cottages during my turn.

STRONG BAD: Uh, well, but they can hurt you. All right. {Mike takes a peasant from the Trog-meter} So we take a hit. Into the Void. {play-screams as Mike places the peasant in the Void} Ahh! I'm going into the Void!

MIKE: Now I'm going to... {picks up the action deck} shuffle in the Troghammer cards into the deck.

LUCKY:' So when's this...

STRONG BAD: Yes. So as they drew first blood! The Troghammer smells the blood!

MIKE: Move the archer then west-west south-south-south.

LUCKY: Oh. {moving archers} West, west, south south south.

STRONG BAD: Now remember, he's- he faces the way he was just- {Lucky is pointing east-west} no, other way.


STRONG BAD: He goes e- he shoots into the last-

LUCKY: He keeps going. {turns the archers north-south} Right right right right...

STRONG BAD: He shoots into the direction he was last going. Both ways. Peow-peow-peow! Yeah.

LUCKY: Luckily, we're safe.

STRONG BAD: What do we all say when he does that? {whispering} Like the Teen Girl Squad. {shouting} We say, "ARROWED!"


MIKE: Arrowed.

LUCKY: Arrowed.

STRONG BAD: Nobody- nobody watches my cartoons.

LUCKY: No. No. No.

STRONG BAD: And then that last knight, we haven't moved him yet. In the corner, with the peasant.

MIKE: No, we moved him.

STRONG BAD: We did him.

{Lucky and Mike agree.}

LUCKY: And where do I discard that card?

MIKE: Discard that card...

LUCKY: That sounds really good.

MIKE: Right. Ryan, your turn.

STRONG BAD: No, we're going around the other way.

MIKE: Oh, me?

STRONG BAD: Yeah, 'cause Ryan doesn't know how to play. He's gotta watch more people.

LUCKY: Yeah, that was still just the first turn.

STRONG BAD: Yeah, worse- I'm still figuring out how to do it.

MIKE: Okay. I got a Flip 'Em Up Dan.


RYAN: Yeah?

MIKE: It's the same thing as Lucky's-

LUCKY: Flip 'Em Up Fran.

MIKE: -except it's uh, north-south-east and west instead of diagonal.

{Ryan and Lucky are impressed.}

STRONG BAD: You should just end your turn right now.

MIKE: {giggles, circling the cottage} And then I would turn all those... um, that's kind of interesting. {displays an action card for the viewer} Um, and then I have Majesty which uh, before Trogdor's actions he may burninate any tile on the board for free. Um, so I can just... burninate one. Oh, and {indicates lake tile} and the lake tile, Ryan.

RYAN: Yeah.

MIKE: {circling the corner} The lake has to be surrounded... um...

STRONG BAD: Just up-down-left-right.

MIKE: Up-down-left-right before you can burninate the lake. You have to get rid of the saturated... saturated under...

STRONG BAD: The water table.

{Ryan understands.}

MIKE: Yeah, so.

STRONG BAD: Yeah, burninate the water table.

MIKE: {picking up a card} Plus, so like this...

LUCKY: Take the legs off the water table.

MIKE: I could, uh, burninate the- the lake with that without having to do it. But anyway. So, do you think I should do Flip 'Em Up Dan?

STRONG BAD: You get five actions with Majesty.

MIKE: I do get five actions with Majesty, so I could...

STRONG BAD: What kind of damage can you do?

MIKE: I can't go here {indicates southeast corner with a knight on it} because the knights here,

LUCKY: You'll take a hit?

MIKE: And I'll take a hit. My power- oh, my power is that I gain one extra action right away.

STRONG BAD: Ooh, sweet.

LUCKY: That's six.

MIKE: And I get to choose the peasant direction, uh if I use my Distracto's Pouch. So... um, okay. Um... I will... {deliberates}

STRONG BAD: Steven Stannix says, 'Burninating water? That only happens in Cleveland!'

LUCKY: {groans} Remember when its river was on fire back in the nineteen-hundred and seventies?

{The others laugh.}

LUCKY: That fire's coming back, kids!

MIKE: Um...

LUCKY: Thanks, deregulation.

MIKE: Uh, okay.

LUCKY: Hey, hey, this is not a political square.

MIKE: {holding his action cards} I'm gonna choose between Flip 'Em Up Dan and Majesty. I think I'm gonna save Flip 'Em Up Dan because if I were gonna use it, {points to southeast cottage} I could use it, but, um...

LUCKY: Mm-hm. Mm-hm.

MIKE: I could be using another action.

STRONG BAD: Could be blowing a lot of actions.

MIKE: Other actions, yeah.

STRONG BAD: Let's see what you got.

MIKE: I could do Majesty. {displays card} It'll give me five actions. {discards card} Now before I- before I start I can just burninate any tile for free. Um...

LUCKY: No, you get six actions, right, because of your guy?

MIKE: I get six, correct. Thank you. Um... so should I {points to lake tile} burninate lake, which is gonna be hard, even harder to get. Or...

STRONG BAD: That's good.

MIKE: Or I could just burninate like this {indicates tile north of Trogdor} and we'd be able to go {indicates tile west of Trogdor} one, two...

STRONG BAD: That blueberry bush?

MIKE: {counting tiles around the cottage} three, four, five...

STRONG BAD: I don't like the way that blueberry bush is looking at us.

MIKE: I could also hide. {indicates mountain tile to the east of Trogdor} I could also get to this and hide. I could burninate this, {indicating west tile} for my uh, Majesty. Free action, and then go {north tile} one,

STRONG BAD & MIKE: Two burninate.{east} three, {south} four.

MIKE: Go there.

STRONG BAD & MIKE: Five burninate. Six hide.

STRONG BAD: That does- that sounds good to me.

{Mike and Lucky agree.}

MIKE: Then this is my free Majesty.

{Mike flips the tile west of Trogdor.}


{Mike move Trogdor north.}

MIKE: One action.


{Mike flips the tile.}

MIKE: Two actions.

STRONG BAD: Two burninate!

{Mike moves Trogdor east.}

MIKE: Three actions.

STRONG BAD: Three, move!

{Mike moves Trogdor south.}

MIKE: Four actions.

STRONG BAD: Four move!

{Mike flips the tile.}

MIKE: Five.

STRONG BAD: Five burninate! Whoa, you took a real chunk outta that mountain, Trogdor.

MIKE: Six.

RYAN: Six hide.

MIKE: {turning Trogdor flat} Hide.

STRONG BAD: You're voiping into the predato- the preda-TOR.

{Mike swaps out the Trogdor meeple for a transparent Trogdor meeple. He plays with the transparent meeple and makes whooshing sounds.}

RYAN: Can barely see him.

{Strong Bad makes "whom whom" noises.}

LUCKY: Where'd he go? Where'd he go?

{Mike places the transparent Trogdor on the mountain tile.}

RYAN: Perfect.

{Lucky whispers menacingly.}

MIKE: All right.

LUCKY: {whispering} It's coming to get us.

MIKE: Um, and remember I've got, uh... {draws a movement card} gonna choose my... movement card.

RYAN: So now you... time for... movements.

MIKE: {displaying card} Two peasants are on the movement card and there are two on the- oh, three on the board, so we don't need to add any peasants.

STRONG BAD: Sweetdom. The card is satisfied.

MIKE: Ryan, they move...

RYAN: {reading card} North, east.

MIKE: The move northeast. Can you do that?

LUCKY: You can do it, Ry.

STRONG BAD: Try it, Ry.

LUCKY: You can do it, Ry.

{Ryan moves the northern peasant.}

STRONG BAD: Nor... {Ryan wraparound-moves the peasant to the south} east. Yes! Okay, next one.

RYAN: {pointing to peasant in southeast corner} Now this guy?


RYAN: {points to lake in northwest} Go that one up here?

MIKE: Nope. {withdraws his hand so Ryan can pick it up} North.

STRONG BAD: North one would be... {Ryan is moving east off the board} sipper-ar-er... Just go north, and then east one. {Ryan wraps around to the forest on the west} Which would be... There you go! Into the forest with him.

RYAN: {moving the eastern peasant} Now this one then... {wraparound moves the peasant to the lake} guy get in the lake?

MIKE: Yep. Okay, Lucky. {displays movement card for viewer} knight's move. North-

LUCKY: Uh, great Bob Seger album.

{The other players laugh.}

STRONG BAD: {singing} Workin' on my knight's moves!

LUCKY: Knights move. Hey man. {Mike passes the card to Lucky} You're an all-star. Gotta getcha game on. North, east, north west-west. {takes the first knight} So I just do this.

STRONG BAD: That's a lotta moves.

{Lucky moves the knight.}

EVERYONE: North. East. North. West-west.

STRONG BAD: And again!

LUCKY: Uh...

{Mike reaches in to move the knight.}

EVERYONE: North, east, north, west-west.

STRONG BAD: And the archers.

{Mike moves the archers.}

EVERYONE: North, east, north, west-west.

MIKE: {tracing lines on the south row} And then he shoots.


LUCKY: A clang-clang! Not arrowed. He didn't get us.

STRONG BAD: All right. Doin' pretty good.

LUCKY: {discarding card} I know.

MIKE: All right.

STRONG BAD: All right, un-voip Trogdor there.

{Mike swaps out the transparent Trogdor for the regular Trogdor meeple.}

MIKE: Okay, Trogdor's ready to go. It's Strong Bad's turn.

{Strong Bad holds up a smartphone in front of the camera with his boxing glove.}

STRONG BAD: Hey, this is a great time to unveil, Mike, the-the- the soundboard. Here, mash something good on there for me.

RYAN: There's an app?

{Mike reaches in to press the smartphone screen.}

MIKE: Something good happen related to Trogdor?


{The smartphone plays a recording of Strong Bad yelling "BOOOO!"}

STRONG BAD: That's- {cracks up} That said- that said, 'boo!'

MIKE: That's broken. Let's try again.

LUCKY: That's broken.

{Mike presses another icon on the smartphone. The smartphone plays a recording of Strong Bad saying, "Burninate that cottage!"}

MIKE: Okay.

STRONG BAD: Okay. We haven't done that yet, {laughing} but that's okay.

{Strong Bad withdraws his glove with the smartphone.}

MIKE: He's telling.

{Strong Bad returns with the smartphone.}

STRONG BAD: It's in process! {Ryan and Lucky groan} People, it's in process.

LUCKY: This is like a pull-string toy but on your phone. {Ryan agrees and laughs.}


LUCKY: How fun!

STRONG BAD: So, draw me a card, over there if you would, Mike.

{Mike draws an action card. He picks up Strong Bad's other action card.}

STRONG BAD: Thank you.

MIKE: So, {displaying card} you've got Stump and Rock.

STRONG BAD: Stump and Rock.

MIKE: Which says...

STRONG BAD: Once this turn, if Trogdor burninates a tile with a stump or rock on it, you gain four more AP.

{Everyone says "ooh". Mike indicates a tile to the south surrounded by burninated tiles.}

MIKE: There's this... rock.

{Mike moves the archer to expose the rock on the tile.}

STRONG BAD: I could take some AP classes.

MIKE: Right there. That's what you need to do. {displays other card} And then your other one you already had was Slantwise.

STRONG BAD: And once during my actions, I may burninate a diagonally adjacent tile for free.

MIKE: Which... {indicating same unburninated tile, which is southwest of Trogdor}

STRONG BAD: That's where I'm now. Right now.

MIKE: Remember where you're at right now, that would be burninating that.

STRONG BAD: That'd be pretty good.

MIKE: But going there, uh, {holds Stump and Rock card}

STRONG BAD: I could also burninate... this rock.

MIKE: Burninate that tile. Four- four more APs.

STRONG BAD: That's true. Four more AP credits, man. {Mike sets down the cards. Lucky and Ryan agree that this is good} You could turn that stuff into college right away!

RYAN: Finish the first semester.

STRONG BAD: All right, I gotta ask the people in the chats! It's not up to me tonight.

MIKE: {cheering} Stump or Rock, Stump and Rock or Slantwise.

{Lucky claps.}

STRONG BAD: Stump and Rock, or Slantwise?

LUCKY: {singing} Stump and Rock or Slantwise.

{Mike claps.}

STRONG BAD: We've got one Slantwise. We've got a vote for Slantwise. I got another vote for Slantwise. I got another vote for Slantwise. I got a Stump and Rock. Stop it! Stop it! All right!

LUCKY: Ever-loving Slantwise.

STRONG BAD: Overwhelmingly Slantwise! We're going Slantwise with five actions. {Mike takes the card. Lucky claps} Let's do it, Mike.

MIKE: {discarding card} Five APs.

STRONG BAD: All right, so let's burninate that rock for free.

{Mike removes the archer and flips the tile.}

MIKE: That's free. So that's not an action.

STRONG BAD: Not an action, does not count. Against my five.

MIKE: So you still have five.

STRONG BAD: That's right.

MIKE: What's your- what's your Keeper power again, Strong Bad?

STRONG BAD: Oh, I can burninate any tile, or uh, eligible cottage, with my Dog Tennis Ball Thing 'Cept With Fireballs.

{Someone laughs.}

MIKE: Okay, now uh, now what's your Keeper power?

STRONG BAD: And my power is that, I may use the Hide action on any tile without a cottage.

MIKE: All right. Five actions.

STRONG BAD: So. I'm gonna move one. {Mike moves Trogdor west} To that cottage! Two, I'm gonna burninate that cottage!

{Mike flips the cottage. Lucky groans.}

STRONG BAD: Let's see if we can get... if we can get the app to do it again.

LUCKY: Let's... arts, this is gonna be good.

STRONG BAD: Go ahead. {brings boxing glove with smartphone back into view} Try it, Mike.

MIKE: Good, uh, cottage-related.

{He presses the button. Strong Bad's voice says "DEVOUR!" The players snicker.}

STRONG BAD: {withdrawing glove} No.

MIKE: Devour.

LUCKY: He ate that cottage!

STRONG BAD: I think they all have the same sounds. Here, wait, let's go to the manual, here you go. Uh, what are we- what are we just do? Cottage? Burn cottage. {A menu is now listed on the smartphone} There we go, there's one that says "burn cottage".

MIKE: {pressing button} Burn cottage.

{Strong Bad's voice recording says "Burninate that cottage!"}

STRONG BAD: Whoo-hoo!

LUCKY: Oh! We did it!

STRONG BAD: We did it! Seamless!

{All the players laugh.}

STRONG BAD: All right, so that was just two actions, so we got three more. Let's go eat that peasant!

{Mike moves Trogdor west.}

STRONG BAD: So three, move to the side. And then, four move to to the down, {Trogdor moves south} and then five! {Mike takes the peasant into the Trog-Meter} Devour that peasant!

{Lucky and Mike cheer.}

STRONG BAD: Here- here we go. {brings up smartphone again} Hit one of them "peasant-eat sound" there, Mike.

{Mike's finger hovers over the buttons.}

MIKE: Peasant eats. {presses button} Four.

{The smartphone remains silent. Mike presses the button again.}

MIKE: Come on.

STRONG BAD: Give it a sec.

{Strong Bad's voice recording says "A delicious peasant repast!"}

STRONG BAD: A delicious peasant repast! Deep dis... got over here.

LUCKY: It's a classic.

STRONG BAD: Just press buttons to hear me say something {the others laugh} and then I will say something. {Lucky claps} Right after that. Who's this?

LUCKY: You know, let's see if how...

MIKE: Imagine if you weren't here. Right here, playing this.

{The camera pans up to show Lucky and Ryan.}

LUCKY: That right. You're not gonna, like, scream every night.

STRONG BAD: That's true.

LUCKY: So that... this is... you in a box.


{Pan back down to the game.}

STRONG BAD: Yes, Mike.

MIKE: Nothing.


MIKE: I was gonna say that there's background music on that, too.

STRONG BAD: Oh, that's true. Should we turn some on?

LUCKY: Yeah, let's jam.

RYAN: I'm nice.

STRONG BAD: Uh, let's see. {brings up the phone again} Well, for right now, there's just two. BGM one, and BGM two.

MIKE: {pressing button} Oh, let's try BGM one.

STRONG BAD: EGM two. I got a subscription to EGM2. Wait.

MIKE: {pressing button again} Going?

{Strong Bad tips the phone as Mike tries to activate the music.}

STRONG BAD: Give it a sec.

{Music plays quiet and inaudibly from the smartphone. Strong Bad shakes it back and forth.}

STRONG BAD: It's the Peasant's Quest musics.

LUCKY: Oh. Nice.

STRONG BAD: Yeah we said it right here. {music plays} Okay.

MIKE: All right.

STRONG BAD: So, now it's time for the bad guys to go.

MIKE: This is Strong Bad's turn, right?

STRONG BAD: That's right.

MIKE: {drawing a movement card} Okay.

STRONG BAD: Still Strong Bad's turn.

MIKE: Here we go. {shows the card to Ryan} Ryan, peasants. Two peasants on.

RYAN: Two? What've we got?

STRONG BAD: So what does that mean?

MIKE: {pointing to the board} There are two on the board.

RYAN: So we're good, right?

MIKE: So we're good.

STRONG BAD: Very good.

LUCKY: It's southwest.

{Mike displays the card for the viewer.}

RYAN: South west.

STRONG BAD: Sou-sou-west.

{Ryan moves the peasant in the northwest corner with wraparound to the eastern side to a tree tile. The other players are pleased.}

STRONG BAD: {approvingly} Nice, to the fall leaves. Enjoying the foliage. Turning colors.

{Ryan moves the other peasant with wraparound to the eastern side onto a tunnel tile.}

LUCKY: Oh, no.

STRONG BAD: Into the...

MIKE: Yeah, that's right.

{The others agree.}

MIKE: Lucky?

RYAN: Lucky?

MIKE: {passing movement card to Lucky} The knights?

LUCKY: Oh my gosh. It's going south-south east-east south. All right. Let's go knight one.

RYAN: Number one.

{Lucky moves the knight. His turn requires multiple wraparounds.}

LUCKY: South, south, east, east, south.

MIKE: Good.

{Lucky moves the second knight.}

RYAN AND LUCKY: South, south, east, east, south.

MIKE: Yeah. Now the archer.

LUCKY: And these guys.

{Lucky moves the archers.}

LUCKY AND STRONG BAD: South, {laughing} south, east-east, south.

STRONG BAD: Okay, that way, ptoo! ARROWED!

{Mike hovers a line over the western north-west column. Lucky moves his finger back and forth and repeats clanging sounds.}

STRONG BAD: All right, we made it!

MIKE: That was good.

LUCKY: Safe again.

MIKE: So we got the hardest cottage burninated, we got four peasants in our health, still.

LUCKY: We're doing all right. We're doing all right.

MIKE: Ah, but we haven't, the Troghammer's not out yet?

STRONG BAD: Not yet. All right, then.

MIKE: Ryan, Ryan's turn.

STRONG BAD: {whispering} Nobody give him any hints. {The other plays burst into laughter} Let's see how much he botches it.

{Ryan draws an action card.}

LUCKY: Yeah, he picked it up?

RYAN: All right. {reading card} Smell the Daisies.

{Ryan displays the card for the viewer. The other players find the card amusing.}

MIKE: Yes, so what does that do?

RYAN: {setting card down} If Trogdor ends... this turn on a flower tile, the next player-

LUCKY: That's me.

RYAN: -gets three extra {Lucky goes "oh!} bacon credits.

LUCKY: Shucks, I'm already on five.

MIKE: {pointing to the flower tiles} There are two... These two are the flower- there are two flower tiles.

RYAN: Okay.

MIKE: Just those two. And then your other one is?

RYAN: Uh, Majesty, which I believe you have one.

LUCKY: Yeah, you've already used Majesty.

MIKE: {looking through the discard pile} Yeah, Majesty is one we burninating...

RYAN: {reading} Before Trogdor's action, he may burninate any tile on the board for free. And then he's got five... after that?

MIKE: Yeah.

STRONG BAD: He could do it- with that one, he could do some damage on that corner cottage.

{The other players indicate the cottage in the southwest corner.}

MIKE: Four on that cottage. Froosh-froosh is therefore max.

RYAN: Should I start on there?

LUCKY: Do a Majesty?

STRONG BAD: Ooh, wait! And don't forget, wait, Ryan, what is your secret item power?

RYAN: {reading} You may trade action cards with other players either on your turn or theirs.

STRONG BAD: No, I'm talking about- that- the other one, the item!

LUCKY: Two gross beans.

RYAN: Gain plus two action points.

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[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Explanations

  • Burninating water only occurring in Cleveland refers to a time in the 1970s when part of Lake Erie bordering Cleveland had caught fire due to high levels of pollution.
  • AP classes refers to Advanced Placement courses taken in high school that can count toward college credit.

[edit] Inside References

[edit] Real-World References

  • "The McKenzie Brothers" refers to the sketch comedy characters Bob & Doug McKenzie, who spoofed Canadian stereotypes on their talk show.
  • Purina is a brand of dog food. Its logo resembles a 3x3 checkerboard.
  • Archer is an animated series which Lucky Yates stars in.
  • The Predator is an alien monster from a series of movies famous for being able to camouflage itself to appear transparent.
  • "Night Moves" is a song and album by Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band.
  • EGM2 was a spinoff of Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine.

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