St. Cadaverstump's Morgue-tuary

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"Why, if I had a haunted house, I think it would turn out a little something... like the following cartoon!"

St. Cadaverstump's totally not just an old furniture warehouse Morgue-tuary is a haunted house that Strong Bad made up in The House That Gave Sucky Tricks. It's open weeknights in October, and located just off of I-20. There is a mysterious chair outside, and there is a satellite dish on top.


[edit] Rooms

[edit] First Room

The first room has a framed Jibblies Painting of somebody's dad. He wears cycling gear, even though he's not serious about riding. He claims to be able to do a 220 in 4:45. Homestar Runner went to this room, and ran away screaming from the painting.

[edit] The Gross Out Room

The Gross Out Room is a silent, white room, filled with the stench of "Strong Mad Oyster Smoothie Breath Caked Armpit Latte", which happens to be an actual drink. Marzipan, The King of Town, and The Poopsmith went here.

[edit] Room Fifty-Whatev (Immersive Horror Experience Room)

The Imersive Horror Experience Room is a room where one is led to believe that they need to escape by opening the vault before time runs out. There is a skeleton which is pointing at a clue. It is described as "like a regular haunted house, 'cept with thinkin" on the poster. However, it is all just a prank by Strong Bad, trying to get people to reach into the toilet. Strong Bad also watches this room via satellite camera. Strong Sad went to this room.

[edit] Two-Star Bed and Breakfast Room

The Two-Star Bed and Breakfast Room is a room is a room designed to look like a two-star bed and breakfast, which is "somehow worse than if it only got one star". This room has dry scrambled eggs, questionable hairs on the antimacassar, and a failed "terlet" paper rose. The "Shut Up Lady" thinks this room is "so charming". Bubs and Coach Z went here.

[edit] Large Bean Room

One of the rooms would contain Large Bean, "the new face of terror", in a falling-apart Le Restige. It's a dark room with wooden floorboards and stained, cracked walls, with a window on the right side. Homestar brings Bubs, Coach Z, and Strong Sad for a museum-style tour. Like the Immersive Horror Experience Room, Strong Bad can view the room via satellite camera.

[edit] Appearances

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