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[edit] Usage

This template uses data from {{description}} to automatically generate a list of descriptions for a toon.

  • {{descriptionslist|dragon}} returns a list for dragon.
  • The parameter defaults to the page name, so {{descriptionslist}} on dragon will return the same thing.
  • {{descriptionslist|noheading=true}} removes the "Descriptions" heading.
  • {{descriptionslist|removed=true}} changes "is" to "was" if the toon/game was removed from the menu.

[edit] Examples

All types of descriptions

King of Town DVD

  • The TV Time Toons Menu description is "Homestar and Pom Pom try to locate the King of Town's lost sheep. DVD-ish bonus features and commentary."
    • On the Flash menu, it was "KOT loses sleep over sheep. DVD"
    • Prior to that, it was "The King has lost has sheep. DVD features!"


  • The Strong Bad Email menu description is "Strong Bad shares his skills of an artist as he teaches YOU how to draw a certain wingaling dragon named Trogdor. Never have chiaroscuro and sloppy metal been juxtaposed so seamlessly."
  • The YouTube description is "Strong Bad teaches the world how to draw a dragon."
  • The Podstar Runner description is "Strong Bad starts a bad drawing revolution."


Dangeresque Roomisode 1: Behind the Dangerdesque

  • The Scrolling Shooter Games Menu description is "Point and click around a room! WASD too!"
    • It was previously "Roomisodic gaming is a gamechanger! Videlectrix tells a better tale!"
  • The page source description is "Play as Strong Bad as Dangeresque in this point and click action adventure!"

Halloween Hijinks

  • The TV Time Toons Menu and YouTube description is "The gang assembles on that ol' spooky silhouette hill to debate which level of Halloween hijinks are most appropriate."
    • On the Flash menu, it was "Wait, for real?!"
    • On the New Stuff menu, it was "Wait, for real? No, for real?!"
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