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"Totally not gettin' old..."

Many of the emails Strong Bad receives are signed with the word "crap" used in various ways, such as "Crapfully yours", "With lots of crap", etc. These signatures were most common during the Tandy 400 era, and were presumably a response to Strong Bad's frequent use of the phrase "Holy crap!". In the email 3 Wishes, he encourages his viewers to stop signing their emails this way, saying, "It's not required that you sign your email, 'Crapfully yours,' or, 'With a bunch of crap,' or, 'Crap in the times,' or, 'Crap is so great,' 'Everything is crap,' 'My middle name is Crapperson'." Nonetheless, he continues to receive this type of signature on a regular basis. He has now taken to openly expressing his displeasure with these closings. (more...)

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"It's like, what is he doing, you know? I mean, where's he goin' to?"
April 19

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"Do these look like V's?!!"
  • The scales on Trogdor's body (pictured) are not consummate V's, but rather regimented U's, as revealed multiple times on Twitter.
  • Typing anything with the word "cheat" in it in Peasant's Quest will result in the response "Meh."
  • Homsar is the only main character with no Old-Timey or Dangeresque counterpart.
  • Pom Pom's "voice" is a re-used sample of Mike Chapman blowing bubbles into a glass of milk, making his the only voice that is never recorded fresh for every toon.

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26 Apr 2020

26 Apr 2020: Also, what the crap do you folks think B.E.E.F.Y. stands for? view

26 Apr 2020: This is fake and will never happen but OH STYLES if I could shove my boxing gloves into a bucket fulla these, 'twould be bliss. view

21 Apr 2020: Burninating the clickwheel!! view

20 Apr 2020: Check this out!! Proof that my songs can still totally shred even on friggin music box! (it also really makes me want to have Troggie pay a visit to the Neighborhood of Make Believe. anybody else gettin those trolley vibes?) view

20 Apr 2020: Thanks to everybody who watched and chatted last Friday during the @TabletopSim livestream with folks from @GTGamesLLC! Meeple bowling! Unfortunate a capella Trogdor! Singing "Giant Peasant To You" to @MarcusRaven86! Giant KOT! Watch it all archived here: view

19 Apr 2020: Neural netmares! Sleep tight everyone! (senor catgage inadvertently made by @JanelleCShane, cat huuuuuudge by @skatchmagowza). view

19 Apr 2020: Never mind. Apparently I have already trained a neural net to make convincing Cardgage quotes. The neural net is called "all o' y'all." Experiment successful! view

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