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Marzipan's first Answering Machine, which first appeared in Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 1.0, was a very simple tape-based answering machine. The tape deck was top-loading, and was right next to the speaker. It featured buttons to go to the next and previous messages, a stop button, and an LED display representative of the number of messages on the tape. Although there are two cables, with one presumably coming from the wall and the other going to a phone, the actual phone is never shown. It was replaced with the PhoneTime XL8 in Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 9.2. In addition to the first eight editions of Marzipan's Answering Machine, the Answering Machine also appeared when Strong Bad used it to ask Marzipan where The Cheat was in Where's The Cheat? before turning it into a prank call. Also, in one of the made-up emails from personal favorites, Strong Bad left such a good prank call on the machine that it exploded. The King of Town also has a similar Answering Machine, which is seen at the end of The King of Town DVD commentary. Unlike Marzipan's Answering Machine, it had a system voice on it, similar to modern voice-mail technology. It also mocked The King of Town, saying "Nobody likes you" and "You have no friends". (more...)

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26 Apr 2020

26 Apr 2020: Also, what the crap do you folks think B.E.E.F.Y. stands for? view

26 Apr 2020: This is fake and will never happen but OH STYLES if I could shove my boxing gloves into a bucket fulla these, 'twould be bliss. view

21 Apr 2020: Burninating the clickwheel!! view

20 Apr 2020: Check this out!! Proof that my songs can still totally shred even on friggin music box! (it also really makes me want to have Troggie pay a visit to the Neighborhood of Make Believe. anybody else gettin those trolley vibes?) view

20 Apr 2020: Thanks to everybody who watched and chatted last Friday during the @TabletopSim livestream with folks from @GTGamesLLC! Meeple bowling! Unfortunate a capella Trogdor! Singing "Giant Peasant To You" to @MarcusRaven86! Giant KOT! Watch it all archived here: view

19 Apr 2020: Neural netmares! Sleep tight everyone! (senor catgage inadvertently made by @JanelleCShane, cat huuuuuudge by @skatchmagowza). view

19 Apr 2020: Never mind. Apparently I have already trained a neural net to make convincing Cardgage quotes. The neural net is called "all o' y'all." Experiment successful! view

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