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Pom Pom in the forest
Next to Strong Badia, in silhouette form
This article is about the forest. For the Halloween forest, see Spooky Woods.

The Forest is an area in Free Country, USA. It is next to Strong Badia, with The Field and The King of Town's Castle outside of it. It has many very tall trees, which are quite uncommon in Free Country. The Forest also has some bushes, similar to the ones in The Field. There has been at least one race held here, called "The King of Town's 100 Mile Superthon". Pom Pom has bounced through the forest for part of his journey to deliver deodorant to Coach Z. A live action forest was seen in myths & legends, where Homestar claims to have seen the Bear Holding a Shark. There is also a silhouetted forest next to Bubs' Concession Stand in Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon. It is unknown if these are all the same forest. There are also Spooky Woods in Free Country, but it is unlikely that these are the same forest.

There are many other forests in the Homestar Runner universe. For example, there is a forest in Peasantry. There is an evil forest in Stinkoman 20X6 that surrounds Z Sabre's lair, which looks very similar to the Free Country, USA forest. In addition, there is an Old-Timey forest outside the Saw Mill. This could be the Old-Timey equivalent of the modern-day forest. There is also a bamboo forest, which has been cut down to build a five-star resort.

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