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Cannonmouth Muscleman
"What could be more posh than having a cat give you your toilet paper for each wipe?"

Strong Bad attempts to draw a roll of posh toilet paper.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad

Date: Wednesday, July 26, 2017 (Twitter); Thursday, August 24, 2017 (YouTube)

Running Time: 1:36

Page Title: In between perfs!

[edit] Transcript

Actions Dialogue
Strong Bad's boxing glove holds a marker in front of a whiteboard that has been lined so as to look like notebook paper, and the music from the Trogdor-drawing scene in dragon plays throughout the video. As he says the title, it appears on the screen, with "Skills" in yellow, "Artist" in horizontal rainbow, and "of an" slowly fading in. Welcome back to more "Skills of an Artist"! Today, by popular demand, we're gonna draw... a roll of posh toilet paper! {sings in a exaggeratedly nasal voice} I make drawing fun! {normal voice} Here we go! First of all, we need to make a squanched oval for the top.
He draws an oval near the top of the board. The beginning and end don't line up exactly, making a small bump at the top. Squaaanch it out.
He draws another oval inside the first. And then inside, a similar squanched oval. Or it kinda looks like a squished Strong Sad head.
He draws Strong Sad eyes in the first oval and fills in the second to look like a mouth. {imitating Strong Sad} Ohh, ohhh, I've been squaaanched!
He fills in the second oval (the mouth) a bit more. Look, we can turn this into... what we need!
He extends Strong Sad's eyes, making them appear to look like curvy lines, and draws the same curvy lines on the other side. These are just some of the rimulets... of the different plies of TP.
He draws two vertical lines below the ovals, both connecting at the top to the edges of first oval, making up the sides of the toilet paper. All right. Now a couple of side-takes.
He draws a horizontal line, curving downwards in the middle, connecting the two lines and forming the bottom of the toilet paper. And then, a bottom close-'em-up. Look at that. It's already coming together.
He adds two horizontal lines, both curving downwards in the middle, connecting to the right side of the roll, with one connected at the top and one at the bottom. Now, so this thing is unfurling. Look at that. Curve-'em-ups... curve-'em-ups...
He draws another vertical line down, connecting the two curvy lines. ...and another side-take! See that?
He draws a vertical dotted line on the unfurling piece of toilet paper. And look, this is a little... scrimmage piece, so the perforation is right here.
He draws a zigzag line over the side of the unfurling piece, so it appears to be ripped in half. I don't know who ripped it off... in between perfs. But that person can no longer use my toilets.
He adds another vertical dotted line on the roll. All right... look at this thing! Now, we've got to make it posh.
He begins to draw a small ascot below the roll. He begins with two lines connected to the bottom of the roll, both curving rightwards in the middle. He connects the two curvy lines with a line curving downwards in the center, and adds vertical lines inside the shape at the bottom. He draws an oval in the center, and at the edges of the ascot, he adds two lines pointing down. The only way to do that, you guessed it, is an ascot! Oh man... this thing is totally wearin' an ascot! Look at tha— huh?
He draws whiskers, dot eyes, and triangular cat ears on the ascot. You know what, nevermind. It's a kitty. Let's just make it a kitty.
He adds two arms on the sides of the cat, holding up the toilet paper. Ohh, this kitty! He's holding up some toilet paper! Do it, kitty!
He draws a tail and fills it in with a zig-zag. So there you have it. What could be more posh than having a cat give you your toilet paper for each wipe? See you next time!
Cut to black as the music stops.

[edit] Fun Facts

  • The Tweet text reads "Don't worry, there's a sbemail creepin in the bushes. I swear! But until then... skill out on this!"
  • The YouTube description reads "Squanch it out! Draw the fanciest toilet papes money can buy."

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