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U.Z. Inu is the composer credited for Stinkoman 20X6's tenth level. They contributed three tracks: the level theme (a remix of Stinkoman Level 1), Z Sabre's boss theme (a remix of the standard boss theme), and Mecha-Trogador's boss theme (a remix combining Stinkoman Level 1 and Trogdor). Curiously, while all of the other credited contributors were thanked in a Twitter thread following the level's release, U.Z. Inu has never been acknowledged outside of the game's credits sequence.

[edit] Connection to Toby Fox

The name "U.Z. Inu" is likely a play on the Japanese localized name for the Undertale character Annoying Dog (うざいイヌ, romanized as Uzai Inu), which is often depicted as the avatar of developer and composer Toby Fox. The music features many of Toby's signature composition habits and instrumentation, as well as sharing the same instrument samples that he uses in music for his games.

Toby Fox is a fan of Homestar Runner, directly citing it as the inspiration for a scrapped attack in Undertale in which the player would have to jump over a row of buses. Most notably, his game Deltarune contains a music group known as the "Sweet Cap'n Cakes", a reference to Sweet Cuppin' Cakes; one of its members plays a song titled "When I Get Mad I Dance Like This", very similar to the demo that Casio Head Strong Bad plays when he gets mad.

At the time of level 10's release, no trace of U.Z. Inu could be found online. This changed in 2022, when U.Z. Inu was credited a second time; this time as composer and lyricist for "I'm Your Treasure Box" by Houshou Marine, a Japanese VTuber who Toby had previously thanked for playing his game Undertale on stream. This song was made in collaboration with musician Camellia, who had collaborated with Toby Fox on multiple occasions.

The secretive nature of the U.Z. Inu alias has since lead to hoaxes, such as a Toby Fox imitator using the name to release fan-made Deltarune music.

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