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Cool words I have to say
...and while yes, no character in Homestar Runner canon has used they/them personal pronouns...

Wait, how could I forget? Galgabudge canonically goes by they/them pronouns! Good for them.


Welcome to me

Hi there, I'm Lira (formerly known as SRMX12), a 23-year old contributor from the US. Thanks for stopping by! Some of my interests include programming, art (digital and regular type) and theater. I like mangoes more than most people. Some of my favorite toons from childhood include Ballad of the Sneak, Lookin at a Thing in a Bag, and email mini-golf. Drop me a message on my talk page if you want to ask me or tell me something, or if you think I'm cool, or if I'm doing something wrong.

Homestar Runner has been a part of my life since childhood mostly thanks to my parents, though it wasn't until 2015 that I discovered the existence of this wiki (I don't remember exactly how I stumbled upon it) and decided I had to join. Although I've appreciated Homestar Runner almost all of my life, it took a while for my obsession to take hold, and by that time the site was well into its hiatus and I assumed updates were a thing of the past. Then a little later, around the time I discovered the wiki, I realized they were updating again, and I've been following it religiously ever since. The wiki has been more beneficial to me than I can enumerate. I've gleaned a wealth of interesting little tidbits of Homestar Runner history, and seen some toons I probably wouldn't have seen otherwise, like Where The Crap Are We?.

I'm a sysop along with my good friend Gfdgsgxgzgdrc at your local Homestar Runner Fanstuff Wiki 2. I sometimes make Homestar pixel art and pixelated Scratch cartoons, which I like to call Pixstar Runner. My Twitter account is @liracali, though you won't see me tweet very much.

Here's a few other random details about me.

Good music

I highly recommend the following bands. I've included a YouTube link for each if you're interested in sampling a song.

This user is sick of this beeswax.
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