Strong Bad and The Paper's Relationship

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"Farewell, my stripèd friend."

Strong Bad has a good relationship with The Paper. The Paper is very loyal to Strong Bad, always coming down when asked and occasionally helping him with various tasks. Additionally, Strong Bad sees The Paper as a friend and looks to it for guidance. However, they do get irritated with each other sometimes.

[edit] Strong Bad and The Paper Working Together

[edit] Strong Bad's Concern for The Paper

  • Email car — Strong Bad calls The Paper "[his] man in the green and white stripes".
  • Sick Day — Strong Bad is distressed about The Paper's sickness.
  • Email more armies — Strong Bad says of The Paper's poor condition, "That's a bad sign."
  • Email the paper — The entire email focuses on Strong Bad's sadness at The Paper dying, and reminiscing about their memories together.
  • Email bike thief — When New Paper imitates The Paper, Strong Bad says that it makes him feel better.
  • Email email thunder — Strong Bad is overjoyed to see The Paper come back.
  • Email independent — Strong Bad has the Compé-per play The Paper's "Preeeeow".

[edit] Strong Bad and The Paper in Conflict

  • Email 50 emails — Strong Bad is upset when The Paper comes down prematurely.
  • Email the facts — The Paper comes down in response to Homestar, to Strong Bad's chagrin.
  • Email animal — The Paper, not trusting the new Lappy, comes down slowly, then tells Strong Bad, "Enough already."
  • Sick Day — Strong Bad asks The Paper if he can blow his nose on it, causing it to disappear.
  • Email the paper — Strong Bad says that he doesn't like The Paper's goth and peppy phases.
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