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In around 2002, Valentine's Day cards were sold on the Flash Store. They were posted on the @StrongBadActual Twitter account on Valentine's Day 2020, and showcased on the Old Crap Corner a year later.


[edit] Cards

  • Coach Z on a red background with the text "Wanna go get some donuts?"
  • Homestar Runner on a pink background with the text "Happy Birthday!!"
  • Marzipan on a pink background with a speech bubble reading "VALENTINES ARE A WASTE OF PAPER!"
  • Strong Sad casting a long shadow on a gray background, with a cracked red heart in the upper right and "happy valentine's day" in the upper left.
  • Strong Bad on a blue background with the text "THIS IS ALL YOU'RE GETTING!"
  • Strong Mad on a red background with the text "MARRY ME!"

[edit] Old Crap Corner Page

Date: Monday, February 8, 2021

Page Title: Old Crap Corner - Old Valentines

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ancient valentine relics of olde!

Printed on high-gloss photo paper and hand-stapled into sammich bags!

These things were sold in the Homestar Store back in 2002 mebbe? Printed on an inkjet on glossy photo paper, hand cut, and then stapled into sandwich bags for early Homestar-adopters to enjoy! Download a hi-res version and print some out yourself in 2021 for free!

Also, check out this old Valentine animation Strong Sad commissioned The Cheat to make for him back in '03.

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[edit] Fast Forward

  • Homestar Runner would later confuse a special occasion with someone's birthday in flashback.

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