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"Sometimes I feel a little guilty thinking that you guys put way more time and effort into these things than was ever spent on the source material on which it is based."

Strong Bad's costume-mocking tradition continues for 2018.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Marshie, Homestar Runner, The Cheat, Larry Palaroncini, Coach Z, Strong Sad

Costumes depicted (in order of first appearance): Marshie, Homestar Runner, Homsar, Modestly Hot Homsar, Coach Z, The Cheat, Teeg Dougland, D' n' D Greg, Strong Bad, Vector Strong Bad, Bubs, Original Bubs, Homeschool Winner, Trogdor, a peasant, Peacey P

Places: Basement of the Brothers Strong

Date: Monday, November 12, 2018

Running Time: 4:01

Page Title: Time and Effort Well Spent!


[edit] Transcript

{As usual, the toon starts in the basement of the Brothers Strong; the light dims and the projector screen comes down. The first slide shows a fan wearing a paper mask decorated with markers and tape to look like Marshie with his vampire wig.}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} Hey, you've forgot that bite chunk {the left side of the paper mask flashes in the shape of the missing bite} out of Marshie's head! {The bite fades} {uneasily} That can't be good.

{Marshie fades in over the image, wearing his vampire costume}

MARSHIE: If I can ever "poomp" back the bite on my head, {a series of black strings grow out from the bite chunk, regenerating it into a complete symmetrical wig with a pop and the word "POOMP!"} I'll be {Marshie's voice slows and deepens} unstoppable!

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} Please don't ever {Marshie fades back into the image} say "poomp back" ever again.

{The next image shows a young man wearing a Homestar Runner T-shirt and a red baseball cap wrapped in blue tape with a paper propeller on it. He has the shadow of a mustache.}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} Aw, this poor sap looks like he was forced to dress up as Mustache Homestar against his will. {whispering} Are they in the room now? Blink twice if you are under duress, and I'll call for help.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {voiceover} Ob'm know. That guy looks like he could really...

{Homestar stands up and turns around to face the viewer, revealing that he is wearing a brown mustache. The screen goes dim as colored lines circle around him.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {emphatically} Hustle for sports!

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} Ah! Duress!

{The next image shows a large mascot-style Homsar standing next to a little girl in front of a parking lot. A back-beat begins to play.}

STRONG BAD: {singing} This is impressive, disturbing, and makes me uncomfortable!

{The next image shows a girl in a blue Modestly Hot Homsar leotard with white tights, an orange bowler, and a Darunia tattoo on her arm standing in the hallway}

STRONG BAD: {singing, in a round} This is impressive, disturbing, and makes me uncomfortable!

{Flip back to the first Homsar}

STRONG BAD: {singing} Impressive, disturbing, {flip back to the Modestly Hot Homsar} and makes me uncomfortable!

{The two Homsar costumes are shown side-by-side, with the lady on the left and the mascot suit on the right. The images slide up and down.}

STRONG BAD: {singing} Ah, that's the way that we dress up as Homsar for the Halloween holidays!

{The song ends. The next image depicts someone in a Homestar Runner mask head}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} Whoa, nice truck-head Homestar costume!

{A drawing of a flatbed truck is overlaid over the image of the mask. Commercial music plays.}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} That's right, 2018 Truckhead Homestar!

{A pop-up sign reading 2018 Truckhead Homestar with a star replacing the "a" in Homestar appears in the upper left}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} Built chassis tough!

{A sign with rivets reading "Chassis Tough" appears on the bottom. A yellow sticker reading "4/2wice" appears on the right}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} Four over twice posi-taft intakes. So you can drive around all the lumber—

{Wooden planks appear in the bed of the truck drawing}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} —that a dirt road could need.

{All the ad signs float away, and the drawing of the truck with the mask drives off, leaving a gaping hole where the fan's head should be. The 2018 Truckhead Homestar tag reappears in the empty space.}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} 2018 Truckhead Homestar! {words appear underneath as Strong Bad says them} You probably hunt, right? {beat} Or... fish?

{The next image shows a young fan in a Coach Z costume, wearing neon sneakers and standing in front of some trees.}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} Okay, this is a great Coach Z costume, but I'm warning you, parents. I hope you never run for public office, 'cause this picture will come back to haunt you. {imitating a smooth-and-smarmy radio news anchor} And today, city councilperson Jorgley Morglin was forced to step down when a photograph surfaced from 2018 showing that they willingly placed their child in a Coach Z costume. {The radio news jingle plays} You're listening to snooty jerkwad-supported public radio.

{The next image shows a woman with a yellow blanket with black spots draped over her}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} Gah! You inhuman monster! You skinned The Cheat so you could wear his cheat pelt!

THE CHEAT: {voiceover} {The Cheat noises}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} What do you mean, you molt?

THE CHEAT: {voiceover} {The Cheat noises}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} You're molting right now? Turn the lights on.

{Cut to The Cheat standing by the couch. He is shedding off a complete casing of his skin.}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} Wah! That is so much worse than if you were actually skinned alive!

{The lights shut off.}

{Cut back to the projector. The next image shows a shrugging man wearing glasses and a sign that says "Teeg Dougland" hanging on his neck, standing in front of a blue couch}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} I'm afraid I've got some bad news, boys. In addition to not finding an appropriate wig for this costume, I'm afraid our VHS copy of Hook

{A small segment of the image is blown up, showing videotapes of Hook and Twister on the shelf}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} —has finally given out, and we won't be able to watch it on the tour bus. I'm afraid it's nothing but Twister from Pantsburg to Broiter Grove.

LARRY PALARONCINI: {voiceover} I refuse to watch it! It's a black mark on Cary Elwes's career!

{The next image shows a woman wearing a Coach Z sleeveless top, a purple cap, a white wig and white lipstick and eyeshadow, holding a microphone. The music from before begins to play again.}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} All together now! {singing} This is impressive, disturbing, and makes me uncomfortable! Impressive, disturbing, and makes me uncomfortable!

COACH Z: {singing, overlapping} This is impressive, disturbing, and makes me uncomfortable! Impressive, disturbing, and makes me uncomfortable!

{The next image shows a very blurry photo of a fan dressed as D'n'd Greg in front of a shelf full of books and video games. Spooky music plays.}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} Ugh, between the creepy lighting—

{The next image shows a Strong Bad costume, but the fan's mask is so small it does not cover his black, curly hair}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} —and the low mega-pixel count, some of these look more like—

{The next image shows a fan in a Strong Bad mask and oversized glove wearing a blue sleeveless shirt and holding a ukulele over what appears to be Homestar's head on a bed}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} —crime scene photos.

{The next image shows a fan wearing a black cardboard mask with orange tape to resemble Vector Strong Bad, wearing an NES controller T-shirt}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} There comes a time in every Strong Bad's life—

{The next image shows the same image in the dark. The orange tape is glowing.}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} —when a fan-made costume just doesn't merit the usual—

{The next image shows a person wearing a Bubs costume, standing in front of a garage door}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} witty retort. This is one of those times.

{The next image shows a fan in an Original Bubs costume, in front of the same garage door}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} And these are those costumes.

{The next image shows a boy in a simple Homeschool Winner costume.}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} This one is a costume.

{The next image shows a fan wearing a Strong Bad mask, Everlast gloves, and a shirt with the Ab-Abber 2000 pattern drawn on it.}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} And this as well.

{The next image shows two people standing in a basement snack bar. One is a man dressed as Trogdor. The other is a woman dressed as a burninated peasant lady.}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} Good effort here.

{The next image shows a fan with his face covered in white, wearing a flannel shirt, a plaid sweater, and a knit cap, holding a camera.}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} An obscure reference.

{A thumbnail of an old sketch of Coach Z as Doug McKenzie appears for comparison.}

{The next image shows a girl dressed as Peacey P.}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} Deepest cut.

{The next image shows a fan in a smiling Strong Bad costume standing on a brick path outdoors, brandishing his muscles.}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} There are certain... vagueries I enjoy about this one.

{The next image shows a backyard, where the scene from space program in Strong Badia has been elaborately recreated. A fan dressed as Homestar with his head caught in a sweater is standing on the left.}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} Whoa, look at all this!

{A still image from the email appears for comparison. As Strong Bad speaks, the respective parts of both scenes are pointed out.}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} The milk jug, the sound effects CD, the bust of... well, not Van Buren, but close! The space myoot-ant? The some aluminum foil?

{Even the tire wearing a headset is compared side-by-side}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} This is no costume! You guys started your own—

{Flip back to the full image}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} —sbemail reenactment society!

STRONG SAD: {voiceover, quivering sheepishly} Which is something I've never done!

STRONG BAD: {voiceover, interrupting} Sometimes I feel a little guilty, thinking that you guys put way more time and effort into these things than was ever spent on the source material on which it is based.

{The next image shows a badly lit photo of a shirtless fan wearing a poorly colored paper Strong Bad mask and poorly colored-in paper gloves.}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} Oh wait, never mind.

{A sign with rivets similar to the "Chassis Tough" sign pops up, reading "END".}

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Explanations

  • Truckhead Homestar refers to stereotypes about truckers being a part of the redneck culture, including the mention of hunting and fishing.

[edit] Trivia

[edit] Remarks

  • After Truckhead Homestar drives off, the background of the image shown has been very poorly edited.

[edit] Inside References

  • "Hustle for Sports" is from Coach Z's 110%.
  • Homestar once again sports a mustache.
  • Truck-head Homestar is described as having "four over twice intakes".
  • The smooth-and-smarmy public radio voice was first used in the email radio.
  • Pantsburg was one of the places that Strong Bad visited in vacation. Broiter Grove is the town where the Mudgeman family resides in secret identity.
  • Traditions with former Fan Costumes toons that have returned include mocking the shape of Homestar's head, complaining that Coach Z costumes in general are creepy, and blurry, low-resolution photos.
  • "I'm afraid I've got some bad news, boys" is Teeg Dougland's catch phrase.
  • When commenting on the re-creation of the scene from space program, Strong Bad pronounces "mutant" as "myoot-ant", much like he did in the original scene.
  • "Ob'm know" was previously used in Fan Costumes 2016 and Cornucopia.

[edit] Real-World References

  • Hook is a 1991 film starring Robin Williams as an adult Peter Pan.
  • Twister is a 1996 disaster film about a tornado. Cary Elwes played Dr. Jonas Miller, the film's antagonist. His performance was critically panned, hence Larry's remark.
  • Strong Bad says "posi-taft", a possible reference to Positraction, a generic trademark for a limited-slip differential.

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