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"Two More Eggs, Two More Eggs!"

Two More Eggs is a series of shorts produced by The Brothers Chaps for Disney XD's YouTube channel under the production company Citywide Hoop Champs Inc. in association with Disney Television Animation.

The series debuted on June 23, 2015 with the release of the first three episodes, a trailer, an official press release and coverage on multiple news outlets. It was announced that each new episode would be released on Tuesday of every week. Mostly being over a minute long, each episode centers on an individual character (e.g. "Dooble" or "Hot Dip") or a group of characters (e.g. "CGI Palz" or "Hector & Kovitch" or "Trauncles") and has no overarching plot or complexity. The sound effects, voices, and animation styles are similar to those of Homestar Runner. Matt Chapman claims that he and Mike worked with Disney with the same autonomy as with Homestar Runner.

On March 4, 2016, it was announced that Two More Eggs was renewed for a second season, which premiered June 13, 2016. On August 21, 2017, Two More Eggs' third season premiered on YouTube.


[edit] Season One Shorts

Date Title Length YouTube Description Similarities to Homestar Runner
June 23, 2015 "Dooble: Dooblie Doo" 1:12 Dooble sings his signature theme song while exploring the world and going on many adventures. His life is a joy box!
  • Dooble's tip box says "A TIP!" on it.
  • The nametags are similar to the ones in The Luau.
June 23, 2015 "CGI Palz: Theme Song" 1:17 A theme song introducing the CGI Palz – a group of computer animated friends who showcase the unlimited qualities of being computer animated. None
June 23, 2015 "Hot Dip: Not 4 Momz!" 1:26 A commercial parody showcasing Hot Dip – the questionably edible product and awesome friend you need in life – but remember, it's "Not 4 Momz!"
  • Hayden has to do the math question "minus 2 plus G".
  • One of the ingredients of Hot Dip is mineral.
June 30, 2015 "Dooble: Video Game" 1:41 Dooble is the hero of his very own 8-bit video game, taking on all villains and challenges as he masters the first level. Press start!
July 7, 2015 "Eggpo: New Job" 1:11 An enthusiastic new Eggpo minion discovers what really happens in the video game world on his first day. He's in for a real surprise! Follow the continuing adventures of Dooble Dooblie Doo!
  • This episode contains many Mario references, similar to Homestar Runner.
July 14, 2015 "Trauncles: Sharing" 1:46 Welcome to Trauncles, a little town just like yours and mine, where the people have lots to not really teach us. In this episode, we get to meet Stevens and Jordy as they explore the meaning of sharing... sort of. None
July 21, 2015 "Dooble: The Driver" 1:41 Dooble is hired as a driver to deliver a mysterious package. But when the heat is on, he throws his best dance party at it!
July 28, 2015 "Hector & Kovitch: Best Movie" 1:45 Hector and Kovitch are two kids who love talking about their favorite things all the time. Movies, video games, fireworks, and everything in between.
August 4, 2015 "Trauncles: Trousers" 1:40 In this very special episode of Trauncles, there comes a time in every boy's life when he gets his first pair of trousers, and Jordy is about to get his.
August 11, 2015 "Dooble: Cake Show" 1:45 Everyone’s favorite pot-bellied traveler is helping make dreams come true as the guest chef on a reality baking show. Can you see him now?
August 18, 2015 "Bad Snaxx: Breakfast" 1:30 A working mom shares her quick n' easy breakfast hacks for the family. Hey, that could be a blog!
August 25, 2015 "CGI Palz: Grossface" 1:38 A visit from their 2D neighbor Grossface leaves one of the Palz in danger of losing her CG.


September 1, 2015 "Hot Dip: Sitcom" 1:48 Hot Dip helps Hayden with the challenges of teen social life, because everything is possible with enough Hot Dip!


September 8, 2015 "Trauncles: Sweethearts" 1:48 In this episode of Trauncles, the narrator deals with his relationship issues while checking in on the townsfolk and their sweethearts.


September 15, 2015 "Dooble: The Interview" 1:38 Dooble brings his unique skills to the corporate interview process, including impressively folding meatloaf.
September 20, 20151 "Eggpo: Waiting" 1:13 New Eggpo learns the fine monotonous art of shooting mouth fireballs and the surprise reward for hitting your target.
  • A "splat" can be heard near the end of the toon, the same as the one used in many Homestar Runner cartoons.
September 29, 2015 "Trauncles: Beans" 1:38 In today’s episode of Trauncles, the greatest mystery to ever befall the little town. Who stole all the beans!?
  • This episode is about beans.
October 6, 2015 "Dooble: Peas and Corn" 1:38 Dooble makes it his mission to turn one lowly can of peas-and-corn into the hero of the supermarket!

US: October 13, 2015 UK: November 28, 20152

"Hector & Kovitch: Buy This Game" US version

UK version (archived)

1:14 US: "Hector tries to convince Kovitch to buy a really cool video game, while also trying to guess his name."

UK: "I think you should go and buy that game Kovitch..."

October 20, 2015 "Trauncles: Not Done" 1:23 In this never ending intro to somewhat of an episode of Trauncles, we visit some of the many places and things that make up the town.


October 27, 2015 "Dooble: Newscarsting" 1:38 Dooble takes news anchoring to the next level with a hard-hitting scoop on cereal boxes.
November 3, 2015 "Bad Snaxx: After School" 1:38 Everyone's favorite working mom and blog host shares some pro tips for snack hacks for the pesky minutes between real meals.
November 10, 2015 "Hot Dip: Learn 2 Talk" 1:42 Do you have trouble communicating? Hot Dip has some hot tips for talking all good in any situation.
November 17, 2015 "Joshow Show: Tape and Staple T-Rex" 1:48 A dad with a lot of time on his hands shares his crafts skills with the world by making a T-Rex with just tape and staples!
November 24, 2015 "CGI Palz: Ry Raw" 1:32 The Palz must all work together to try and figure what The Lenore Street Bridge is saying before it is too late.


December 1, 2015 "Eggpo: Mini-Boss" 1:38 New Eggpo learns the hard lessons of rising too far too fast from the minion ranks in a world of bosses and mini-bosses.
  • Dark Cloth Supreme mentions Level 10, a possible reference to Stinkoman 20X6, whose tenth level had not been released after over 10 years when the short was released.
  • The name Jimly is similar to Jimty, which originated in Sbemailiarized!.
  • Dark Cloth Supreme tells New Eggpo that he likes his style, which is the opposite of what people say to Nebulon.
December 9, 20153 "Gankroar: Backyard" 1:16 Gankroar and Chibi take their epic adventures to an upscale backyard in a strange new world only to discover that not all is what it seems.
  • A "sling" can be heard at the end of Gankroar's theme song and "lens flare" similar to that seen in Homestar Runner can be seen.
December 14, 20154 "Dooble: Shark Baby" 1:09 When a great white shark is about to give birth, Dr. Dooble answers the call.


December 22, 2015 "Hector & Kovitch: QblePon" 1:49 Hector recounts the most epic game of QblePon ever played, because we can all agree it’s the best game.
December 29, 2015 "Hot Dip: Jamers" 1:45 Relationships get complicated when Hayden finds Hot Dip helping out another kid.
January 4, 2016 5 "Eggpo: Joyride" 1:33 New Eggpo can't resist the allure of a joybox, but he and his more seasoned co-worker might have gotten more than they bargained for this time.


January 12, 2016 "Joshow Show: Crackergami" 1:34 Joshow takes the ancient art of origami to a whole new level by incorporating one of the world’s most versatile snacks - the cracker!


January 19, 2016 "Gankroar: Action Poses" 1:15 Gankroar takes being Guardian of the Klanktor to the next level with a new action and accessories playset.
  • In the "modeling for dad pants" pose, Gankroar says he's running late, similar to how Strong Bad says it in the email modeling.
  • One of the poses is "prancing for joy".
January 26, 2016 "Dooble: Cutesycorns" 1:53 When Dooble wanders into the world of the Cutesycorns, a misunderstanding of who's who leads to potential disaster.


February 2, 2016 "Trauncles: Ridonkles" 1:10 The quaint world of Trauncles gets turned upside down when things get utterly ridonkles!
  • The premise of more edgy changes in demographics and style bears resemblance to Xeriouxly Forxe.
February 9, 2016 "CGI Palz: Glitching Out" 1:31 The Palz explore the fun of “glitching out” but may have taken it way too far!
  • The way the characters "glitch out" is similar to the virus's effects in virus.
February 16, 2016 "Eggpo: Instruction Book" 1:40 New Eggpo explores the instruction booklet and discovers all the hot tips, tricks, and cheat codes that Dooble 2 has to offer.
  • The instruction book is very similar to the Stinkomanual. It includes poor English and Sega-style drawings.
    • The style of writing is identical to the Stinkomanual.
  • It says "label" instead of "level", like the Stinkomanual description for Level -0.
  • Level 10 is the last level, similar to Stinkoman 20X6.
February 23, 2016 "Joshow Show: Drum Set" 1:40 Joshow demonstrates how to take useless cups and turn them into an instrument worthy of a world class drummer.
March 1, 2016 "Parental Notice: Jamble Bears" 1:15 Come join the Jamble Bears as they teach your kids all kinds of important life lessons and other things.
March 8, 2016 "Hector and Kovitch: Brown Boats" 1:35 The trailer for the epic movie that the whole world has been waiting for..."Brown Boats.".

[edit] Season Two Shorts

Date Title Length YouTube Description Similarities to Homestar Runner
June 13, 2016 "Dooble: She Whispered" 1:43 Dooble helps spice up the acoustic ballad "She Whispered" from the world famous band Beard-Antler.
June 13, 2016 "Hector & Kovitch: Zooms" 1:58 While sharing his recent experience with a roller-coaster, Hector stumbles upon a term that might change roller-coastering as we know it 4eva!
  • The logo for "Sword Fangs" is a sword with bloody fangs, similar to some Teen Girl Squad cartoons.
  • When Hector is talking about zwooshes, he moves his legs up and down wildly similar to Strong Bad when he sees the deflated basketball in your edge.
June 13, 2016 "Hot Diggity: Theme Song" 1:26 Come join Dr. Diggity as he explores the amazing world of Science and Math and Mathence!
June 16, 2016 "Knight Bit: Dragon" 1:53 In this 8-bit adventure, a princess knight will stop at nothing to be reunited with her best friend horse. That’s a good story, right?
  • The short's art style and plot bear similarity to many of Videlectrix's games, most notably Peasant's Quest.
  • When the dragon eats the horse, the knight's face turns red and "mushroom clouds" (like the ones Stinkoman has over his head when he's laughing) appear over her head, similar to Bubs in Donut Unto Others.
June 18, 2016 "New4Mobile: Commercial" 1:18 Check out the hottest new app on the market! Do you like dining in or mega blasts? Do you want to stay in touch with the kids or customize stuff? Streaming data rates apply!
Jun 21, 2016 "Trauncles: Gram Moody" 1:48 In this episode, we meet many of the town’s very special residents and get to spend some time with Gram Moody. Anyone want a slice of pie?
Jun 23, 2016 "Francis Sweetmouth: Why Did You Take My Paste?" 1:40 Let everyone's favorite hamster, Francis Sweetmouth, serenade you while also taking to heart the important message about a problem that affects us all, adhesive theft. None
Jun 25, 2016 "Dooble: Masks" 1:26 The international man of mystery Dooble shows off his many faces. None
Jun 28, 2016 "CGI Palz: CG-Rom" 1:48 Interact like never before with the CGI Palz in their new game, using all your mouse-clicking skills to help navigate the Palz through a series of very challenging problems.
  • Slim Sidelman's last name is pronounced "Sidelm'n".
  • The solitaire game says "deal me up".
Jun 30, 2016 "Hector & Kovitch: Basknetball" 1:50 It's the first day of basknetball practice and Hector and Kovitch are sharing top maneuvers and things you would never expect.
Jul 2, 2016 "Poach & Scramble: Today's Special" 1:12 Everyone’s favorite dancing eggs, Poach and Scramble, are back… and this time they are dancing for their lives. None
Jul 5, 2016 "New4Mobile: Customer Service" 1:49 You have questions or problems? Having a party on Friday? Try giving New 4 Mobile customer service a call.
Jul 7, 2016 "Trauncles: Opposites" 1:51 In this episode of Trauncles, we explore the magic and wonder of things that are opposites. None
Jul 9, 2016 "Dooble: Renfrow" 2:15 The epic standoff that you never saw coming and clearly never asked for…Dooble vs. Renfrow.
Jul 12, 2016 "Hot Dip: End Game" 1:57 Hayden is having a lot of trouble in the new post-apocalyptic world and must team up with his old friend Hot Dip to solve a mystery.
  • Hot Dip calls the Hot Dip moms "Hot Moms".
N/A7 "Hot Diggity: Science Proof" 1:49 Dr. Diggity believes he may be the first in history to prove science! None
N/A7 "Trauncles: Trauncles 2000" 1:56 This is the Trauncles of the future, but not the Trauncles that you remember. None
Nov 1, 2016 "Eggpo: Mobile App" 1:43 New Eggpo shows Old Timer the joys and dangers of being in a very different kind of video game.
Nov 3, 2016 "Qblepon: Original 90s" 1:53 Everyone's favorite card game, QblePon, now has its very own TV show. You know you want to look at them!
  • The deck of cards has a voice similar to Humidibot's.
  • The title sequence is very reminiscent of the title sequence of Xeriouxly Forxe.
  • The show has some similarities to 20X6.
Nov 5, 2016 "New4Mobile: Dooble" 1:59 Dooble turns to everyone's favorite app helpline when he can't find the love of his life...his Debra.
Nov 8, 2016 "Hector & Kovitch: School Lunches" 1:51 Hector shares his passion and excitement for school lunch while trying to uncover Kovitch's favorite foods.
Nov 10, 2016 "Poach & Scramble: Challengers" 1:16 Everyone’s favorite dancing eggs meet their match on the dance counter. Will they have the yolk to stand up to the challenge, or will they crack under the pressure? None
Nov 12, 2016 "Hot Diggity: Internet" 1:48 Come join Dr. Diggity as he solves the mystery of where the internet came from. None
Nov 15, 2016 "Trauncles: Trauncles by You" 1:59 A look into the merciless scrutiny that results when fan mail makes it to its end destination.
Nov 17, 2016 "Street Road Junction: The Pilot" 1:29 Do you love talking animals, talking cars, talking planes and talking boats? Then you are in for a treat as we enter the world of Street Road Junction, where streets talk!
Nov 19, 2016 "Eggpo: Speedrun" 2:16 Watch as Turchkid03 attempts to break the "Dooble 2" video game record. But will he be helped or thwarted by everyone’s favorite Eggpos, New Guy and Old Guy?
  • A Strong Bad sticker is partially visible behind Turchkid03's head.
    • Starting at the 1:21 mark, what appears to be Puppet Homestar Runner is also partially visible in the same window.
Nov 22, 2016 "Parental Notice: Two More Eggs" 1:41 Get all the info you need to justify why the amazing shows from the Two More Eggs Universe are just right for your little such and such.
Nov 24, 2016 "World's Best: Tiny Pies" 2:39 Watch as the "World's Best" DIY specialists take on everything from being doctors to baking tiny pies. You won't believe what's next. None
Nov 26, 2016 "Joshow: Click on My Ads" 1:55 Joshow needs to make sure that his show makes money by turning his ads into a fun song!
Nov 29, 2016 "Poach & Scramble: Egg Monster" 1:15 What happens to Poach and Scramble when you combine a Frankensteinian friend, a synchronized dance party and a formidable foe? None
Dec 1, 2016 "Hot Diggity: Photosynthesis" 1:26 Pizza is everyone’s favorite food right? Well not plants, so if plants don't eat pizza what do they eat…well come with me and find out. Science!
  • Dr. Diggity's property form is labelled "Class G".
Dec 2, 2016 "TurchKid03: Oh My Word" 1:40 This week TurchKid03 will bring his undeniable charisma to the world of corn food snacks and will also tease his next great digital adventure, Gankroar Online.
Dec 6, 2016 "Cutesycorns: The One Where..." 2:13 Penguin always thinks he knows exactly what is going to happen next. But will Penguin lead the CutesyCorns to safety or will his carefree attitude finally catch up with him? None
Dec 8, 2016 "Beef Stroganauts: Action Fill-gures" 1:15 The Stroganauts need your help! Join the adventures with new "Action Fill-gures," now with 3 delicious options to make your transition from playtime to dinner easier than ever.
Dec 10, 2016 "Street Road Junction: New Road" 1:49 Come see what happens when everyone’s favorite SUPER AWESOME HERO, Dooble, visits everyone’s favorite world of talking streets. None
Dec 21, 2016 "Dooble: Take a Right" 1:46 Dooble takes everyone's favorite cabbie, Stevie Twicetimes, on a ride he won't ever forget. None
Dec 21, 2016 "CGI Palz: Bedtime" 2:03 Everywhere you look and everything you touch is 3D, but it wasn't always that way. Now come join the CGI Palz as Arlington tells the story of the first CGI character...Lermy.
  • The two-dimensional display, with the green moving lines and "a>" command line, resembles the screen of the Tandy 400.
Dec 21, 2016 "Dooble: Game Show" 1:45 Dooble is back and this time he has a chance to be the BIG WINNER! Will there be huge prizes? Will there be suspense? You'll have to tune in to find out.
Dec 21, 2016 "Grown Ups Made Up By Kids" 1:24 What if kids were responsible for making up grownups? Who would those grownups be, what would define them? Come and find out the answer to those questions and maybe others! None
Dec 21, 2016 "Hot Dip: End Game Part II" 2:08 Watch as Hot Dip and Hayden discover the magic we all have inside of us and use it to reclaim a world stolen when Hayden's mom does the unthinkable and starts hot dipping. None

[edit] Season Three Shorts

Date Title Length YouTube Description Similarities to Homestar Runner
August 21, 2017 "Hector & Kovitch: Bus Ride" 2:12 Part 1 of 5. On the Bus ride home from school, Hector announces what is going to make this Friday night the most amazing one yet.
August 21, 2017 "Hector & Kovitch: Basement" 2:22 Part 2 of 5. After Kovitch realizes it is her house that Hector is sleeping over at, she is left wondering if this is something she actually wants. None
August 21, 2017 "Hector & Kovitch: Dinner" 2:34 Part 3 of 5. Hector is having a wonderful dinner with Kovitch and her family until he finds out they don't have dessert. What will Hector do to save the day?
August 21, 2017 "Hector & Kovitch: Bedtime" 2:30 Part 4 of 5. Hector and Kovitch discuss what the world might look like after midnight as they attempt to stay up later than ever before. None
August 21, 2017 "Hector & Kovitch: Breakfast" 2:08 Part 5 of 5. Hector meets Kovich's dad and tries to figure out what he is making for breakfast.
September 4, 2017 "Panda Bractice: Band Name" 2:27 Libby, Glennis and Marta are three little girls with a dream, a dream to rock. Now that they have decided to be a band all they need is the right band name.
September 4, 2017 "Panda Bractice: Fans" 2:59 The ladies of Panda Bractice love to jam but what is the point of being in a band if you don't have a #1 fan that is also human? None
September 4, 2017 "Panda Bractice: Band Logo" 2:55 The band has a name, the band has a fan, now all that Panda Bractice needs is a memorable logo so they can start getting their "Merch" out in the world.
  • Lusjelton produces a box of implements of both art and craft that is labelled art b/w craft.
September 4, 2017 "Panda Bractice: Interview" 3:33 The girls of Panda Bractice begin the promotional tour for their upcoming 1st show by stopping by the local radio station for an interview. None
September 4, 2017 "Panda Bractice: Reunion" 3:50 Can Panda Bractice get over their musical differences and come together to save the one of the thing they love best in the world, the Sun Chaser? None

[edit] Promos

Date Title Length YouTube Description Similarities to Homestar Runner
June 23, 2015 "Two More Eggs Tuesdays" 0:54 Halosche! Two More Eggs Tuesdays with Dooble, CGI Palz, Hot Dip, and MORE!
Subscribe and come back every Tuesday for a new short!
June 23, 2015 "The Cast of Disney XD's "Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything"
Dooblie Doo!"
0:14 TWO MORE EGGS - Acclaimed web animation pioneers The Brothers Chaps (Mike and Matt Chapman), creators of the hugely popular series "Homestar Runner," present the eclectic "Two More Eggs," a series of 40 original cartoon shorts, on Disney XD's YouTube Channel and WATCH Disney XD, TUESDAY, JUNE 23. The project marks Disney XD's foray into original content created
specifically for its non-linear platforms. It is scheduled for the Disney XD cable and satellite channel later this summer. (Disney XD)
December 11, 2015 "Eggy-sweet moves" 0:46 Yolk it out, brah. Two More Eggs Tuesdays with Dooble, CGI Palz, Hot Dip, and MORE!
Subscribe and come back every Tuesday for a new short!
December 19, 2015 "12/22 Takeover" 0:30 Two More Eggs takeover featuring Dooble,
Trauncles, and CGI Palz all day
Tuesday, December 22 on Disney XD.
December 14, 2016 "Takeover!"8 0:30 To celebrate the shortest day of the year, we are throwing a "shorts party" featuring Dooble, Trauncles, CGI Palz, and more! Catch the Two More Eggs Takeover all day Wednesday, December 21 on Disney XD. None

[edit] Cartons

Cartons are condensed formats of the shorts, played back-to-back for easier broadcasting and for schedule-filling on television and for use in the Disney XD app. On some television listings, each episode may be listed as "Clutch" rather than "Carton", although they are given their own section as "Cartons" on the Disney XD website and app.

[edit] Season One

  • Carton #1 (10:50) — The adventures of Dooble, CGI Palz, Hot Dip and more! (contains Dooble: Cutesycorns, Trauncles: Sweethearts, Parental Notice: Jamble Bears, Gankroar: Action Poses, Trauncles: Trousers, Hot Dip: Sitcom, Trauncles: Ridonkles, CGI Palz: Theme Song)
  • Carton #2 (11:15) — Hector & Kovitch, Gankroar, Bad Snaxx and more! (contains Hector & Kovitch: Buy This Game, Dooble: Video Game, Joshow Show: Crackergami, Eggpo: New Job, Bad Snaxx: After School, Eggpo: Waiting, Gankroar: Backyard, Eggpo: Mini-Boss, Dooble: Peas and Corn)
  • Carton #3 (11:00) — Dooble's theme song, Hot Dip's talk tips, and more! (contains Dooble: The Driver, Trauncles: Sharing, Dooble: Dooblie Doo, Hot Dip: Not 4 Momz, Trauncles: Beans, Hot Dip: Learn 2 Talk, Trauncles: Not Done, CGI Palz: Grossface)
  • Carton #4 (11:00) — Dooble's interview, Eggpo's joyride, and Joshow Show. (contains Dooble: The Interview, CGI Palz: Ry Raw, Joshow Show: Drum Set, Eggpo: Joyride, Hector & Kovitch: QblePon, Eggpo: Instruction Book, Dooble: Cake Show)
  • Carton #5 (11:25) — Dr. Dooble, breakfast hacks, and the best movie ever! (contains Dooble: Newscarsting, Hot Dip: Jamers, Hector & Kovitch: Best Movie, Joshow Show: Tape and Staple T-Rex, Bad Snaxx: Breakfast, CGI Palz: Glitching Out, Dooble: Shark Baby, Hector and Kovitch: Brown Boats)

Combined length of each: 55:30

[edit] Footnotes

  1. This short was released prematurely as a 'first look' on September 20 (the upload date listed was sometime in August), then unlisted and re-released two days later.
  2. This variant of the short includes the character "Terrifying Diaper" interrupting Hector and Kovitch during their conversation. (The US version instead features Kovitch attempting to spell with his eyes closed.)
  3. This short was released one day late; most likely due to the announcement of the 24-hour marathon of Two More Eggs on Disney XD.
  4. This short was released one day early.
  5. This short was "released" for the Huffington Post on December 22, 2015 as a first look.
  6. This promo was uploaded alongside the launch of the series on Disney XD's public relations account. All videos on that account, including this one, are currently unlisted.
  7. These shorts were uploaded to DisneyVideo on July 14 and July 16, 2016 respectively and uploaded to WatchDisneyXD sometime in August. As of November 5, they have not yet been uploaded to YouTube. Meanwhile, they were unlisted from the WatchDisneyXD Two More Eggs page in early November 2016 but reappeared by December.
  8. This promo is almost identical to the "12/22 Takeover" promo from the previous year, except for a few editing changes and the updated date. Interestingly, there are no clips from Season Two.

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Trivia

  • On December 22, 2015 at 12:00am ET/PT, Disney XD aired a 27-hour marathon of all of Two More Eggs season one on repeat, with eleven of them debuting during the marathon.
    • On December 21, 2016 at 6:00am ET/PT, a similar 24-hour marathon was aired. The same five cartons from season one aired on repeat, interspersed with 20 shorts from season two, each of which were only shown once. No new shorts premiered, although "Hot Diggity: Science Proof" and "Trauncles: Trauncles 2000" did air, neither of which had been uploaded to YouTube yet (nor have they been since).
  • In Vox Interview - 6 Oct 2015, The Brothers Chaps say that "Dooble: Dooblie Doo" was not actually the first Dooble cartoon they made. The character's name wasn't Dooble, and when he sang the song in "Dooble: The Driver", they made the song into its own cartoon.
    • This implies that the shorts were released out of order.
    • Matt Chapman mentions The Joshow Show in the same interview, before the short was released, saying it was about "a down-on-his-luck dad trying to do YouTube videos". He said it was their "first foray into live action".
  • It is likely that Disney XD wrote the video descriptions, as there have been a few mistakes:
    • "Hector & Kovitch: Best Movie" was originally uploaded with the title "Terrifying Diaper: Best Movie" before being swiftly renamed to its current title.
    • Dooble's quote in "Dooble: Cake Show", "Can you still see me?", is misquoted as "Can you see [me] now?".
    • Cheeby is misspelled as Chibi in the description for "Gankroar: Backyard".
    • The band "Beard-antler" from "Dooble: She Whispered", is mis-formatted as "Beard-Antler".
    • "New4Mobile: Commercial"'s description formats "MegaBlast" as "mega blast".
    • Francis Sweetmouth is said to be a hamster in the video description, but he is actually a gopher, revealed in "Dooble: Cake Show".
    • There are some inconsistencies in the capitalization of QblePon/Qblepon, and Cutesycorns/CutesyCorns.
    • The descriptions of "Hector & Kovitch: Basement" and "Hector & Kovitch: Dinner" refer to Kovitch as female, even though he was referred to as male in the US description of "Hector & Kovitch: Buy This Game".
    • The Sun Prancer is called the "Sun Chaser" in the description of "Panda Bractice: Reunion".
  • "Grown Ups Made Up By Kids" is the first episode title to not be in the format "Series Name: Episode Name".

[edit] Dubbed Versions

French: Quoi 2 n'œufs ?

  • Despite having the exact same dialogue, "Dooble: Dooblie Doo" is given a French dub.
  • The phrase "Not 4 Momz" is essentially translated to "Not for Adults".
  • "Hector & Kovitch: Buy This Game" is based on the US version.
  • In "Dooble: Newscarsting", Meredith is silent.
  • In the English version of "Hot Dip: Sitcom", Brianca's dialogue at the end is subtitled. However, the French dub blurs the text out rather than adding the translated subtitles used for other visual gags.

Greek: Δύο Αυγά Μάτια

  • The titles of the episodes remain in English. Interestingly, "Dooble: Newscarsting" has been correctly spelled as "Newscasting", and "Trauncles: Not Done" is lowercased to "Not done".
  • The Greek dub of "Hector & Kovitch: Buy This Game" uses the video from the US version, but the audio is translated from the UK version.

Versions in Latin-American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese exist and are available on their respective Disney XD websites, but they are blocked outside of those countries.

[edit] General References

[edit] References to Two More Eggs in Homestar Runner

  • @StrongBadActual has liked several Two More Eggs-related Tweets.
  • In a @StrongBadActual reply on July 11, 2018, Strong Bad copies Hector's quotes and mannerisms.
  • Matt Chapman does the voices of Dooble, Hot Dip, and the Trauncles narrator in the live SBCG4AP Playthrough.
  • Stron Bad admitted on April 9, 2020 that he would like to have a Beard Antler T-shirt. Later that day, he uploaded an image of Beard Antler's logo as a substitute, suggesting it could be ironed onto a shirt.
  • On May 23, 2022, Strong Bad makes the "controversial fan theory" that Dooble grows up to become Manolios Ugly One.

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