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Homestar's Auto

Homestar Runner has a car. He calls it his "auto". It is big and red and appears to have no doors. In Where My Hat Is At?, Homestar was unable to find his hat, and he looked under his "auto" to see if it was there. (It wasn't.) It appeared again in the remake of the book, but was not seen in the interim. It seems to be parked in the garage.

Homestar doesn't seem to use his auto much, even though he claims that he "always all the time" drives it around in Where My Hat is At?. When Strong Bad comments that Homestar doesn't own a car in The Interview, Homestar seems to agree, despite claiming earlier that he drove to the interview.

Referring to a motor vehicle as an "auto" is typical of Commonwealth English, rather than American English. Where My Hat Is At? was written when the tone of Homestar Runner was in a "weird British phase", seen with other terms in the story like "teleset", "postbox", or "icebox" (where an American would be more likely to use the terms "television", "mailbox", or "refrigerator").

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