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Sammich Posh Toilet Paper
"This thing could be like, somebody's graduation announcement!"

Maybe it's picture day for Cannonmouth.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad

Date: Wednesday, August 2, 2017 (Twitter); Thursday, August 24, 2017 (YouTube)

Running Time: 1:38

Page Title: Maybe It's Picture Day for Cannonmouth


[edit] Transcript

Actions Dialogue
Strong Bad's boxing glove holds a marker in front of a whiteboard that has been lined so as to look like notebook paper, and the music from the Trogdor-drawing scene in dragon plays throughout the video. As he says the title, it appears on the screen, with "Skills" in yellow, "Artist" in horizontal rainbow, and "of an" slowly fading in. Skills of an Artist. Cannonmouth. I make drawing fun. Go!
He draws a curvy line resembling a long "C". {sings a quick "doo-doo-doo-doo" tune as he draws}
He closes the C shape with another curvy line, resembling a thin backwards C, and adds an oval inside of the second C shape. All right, now look, people are gonna think you're drawin' some... ooh-lips, over here. Like, that looks a lot like ooh-lips.
He fills in the oval. Gotta tell 'em, "juuust be patient! It's not gonna be ooh-lips!" {gestures his glove up and down with each word of the second sentence for emphasis}
He draws a tiny square-like shape at the back of the cannon (rotated to match the curvature of the shape) with a curved line coming out of it. He draws an unclosed, five-pointed spiky shape surrounding the end of the line. All right, here we got the little fuse... next to a... sparky-lark. There. Look at that. This cannon {gestures across the page} is primed to fire. But I didn't say we were drawin' a cannon, I said we're drawing Cannonmouth!
The music changes. Strong Bad draws a shape connected to the top of the cannon, resembling the top half of a head. He draws a pointy nose and two eyes inside the shape. {singing} So here we go... it's Cannonmouth... here he comes, Cannonmouth!
He draws hair above the head, connecting to the head at the sides. {singing} He seems kind of alarmed that his cannon is a mouth...
He draws a roundish square connected to the bottom of the cannon, making up the bottom of the head. He draws two vertical lines connected to it, making the neck, and closes it with three outward-pointing spikes. {singing} His mouth is a cannon, I mean!
He draws downward curving lines at the sides of the spiky shape, making up his shoulders. At the end of each shoulder, he draws a diagonal line pointing inwards, making his arms appear to be short and pointy. He draws vertical lines connected to the arms, for his body. {singing} Here he comes... he's got a collar shirt... maybe it's picture day for Cannonmouth!
At the end of each pointy arm, he adds a horizontal line pointing inwards, with a quick three-fingered hand shape at the end of each, both overlapping each other, making it look like he's sitting at a desk. {singing} He should dress his best!
He draws a square on the left side of the whiteboard, adding lines at the edges to make it look like a cube. He draws two diagonal lines connected to the back of the cube, closed by a circle. {singing} Cannonmouth!
The music stops. He adds a small rectangular prism on top of the cube. As he moves his glove to the right side of the screen, he erases a tiny section of a blue line making up the lined paper. {stops singing} Camera... picture day...
On the right side, he draws a line with spikes pointing outward, curving inwards between each spike. He closes the shape with two diagonal, inward-facing lines at opposite edges, meeting each other in the middle, making it look like an umbrella. He draws three horizontal lines inside. He then draws a similar pointy line connected to the first one, resembling the inside of the umbrella. Between both lines, inside the umbrella, he draws a short horizontal line pointing outwards, with a curl at the end. At the back of the umbrella, he draws a vertical line touching the bottom of the page, and three outwards horizontal lines coming out of the top of that line— one pointing diagonally upwards, one pointing straight, and one pointing diagonally down. One of those little, uh, umbrellas, y'know what I'm sayin'? It reflects the light? You photographers know what I'm talkin' about.
Fade to later. There is hatch shading on Cannonmouth's hair and mouth. There is a screen on the camera showing a photograph of Cannonmouth, and the camera now has three vertical lines coming from the bottom, resembling three legs for the camera to stand on its own. Oh, man. This thing could be like, somebody's graduation announcement!
He writes "Class of '88!!" in cursive below Cannonmouth. {quietly, under his breath} See... Class... of... '88! {normal voice} Cannonmouth! The new classic!

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