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Questions for the man

Often the Brothers Chaps will leave some curious questions unanswered in their toons. This page was created as a database for these circulating questions, as well as a place to gather questions to ask the Brothers Chaps, if you were to ever get the chance. They're also here in the hopes that a fellow user will have some inside info or firsthand knowledge, and can answer a few of them for us. To a lesser extent, there is also the hope that the Brothers Chaps might one day (or already have) stumbled upon this list, and perhaps feel inclined to answer them either in their toons or elsewhere. Feel free to add any questions that might be bugging you in the correct section. If you find that a question has already been answered, mention it on the bottom of this page, along with a reason and reference why/where it was answered.


[edit] Questions

[edit] HRWiki-related Questions

  • What were the circumstances of your finding the wiki? Specifically, when, where, why, and how. How much of it did you browse at the time, and what was your reaction then?
  • Do you ever edit the wiki?
  • Do you ever include elements into the toons based on confusion or misunderstanding at the wiki?
  • Do you ever use the wiki Fun Facts to debug new programs or features on the site?
  • When did you produce Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 15.2? Did you make a new installment after you saw our featured article on the main page or perhaps earlier while browsing our selection process—or was it just a huge coincidence that the first time we showcased an answering machine was the day before you released a new version of this rare feature?
  • Have you ever used the forum to find ideas for Halloween costumes?

[edit] Personal Information

  • When is Missy's birthday?
  • Is Missy's full name now Melissa Palmer-Chapman?
  • On what date was the Original Book written?
  • Are either of you left-handed?

[edit] Thought-process Questions

[edit] Potential Real-World References

[edit] Potential Inside Jokes

[edit] Potential Easter Eggs

[edit] Transcription Questions

[edit] Character Identification

[edit] Continuity Questions

[edit] Miscellaneous Questions

[edit] Answered Questions

[edit] Somewhat Answered Questions

[edit] More Or Less Completely Answered Questions

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