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Boardelectrix logo

Boardelectrix is a board game company in Free Country, USA. Many of the games they produce are labeled as "Home Edition", a practice that began with the board game adaptation of The Show, but has continued nonsensically with "Home Editions" of things that are not televised. In addition, many packages refer to the contents in a negative manner, referring to the games as "stupid" or "for dumb kids". Boardelectrix games are rarely shown actually being played, and their packaging often includes absurd attributes such as hundreds of thousands of pieces, deaths resulting from play, or non-sequiturs.

Boardelectrix is also given as the producer of real-world game Trogdor!! The Board Game.


[edit] Connection to Videlectrix

The company name is very similar to Videlectrix, though the specific connection, if any, is unknown.

In a January 2018 entry from The Deleteheads Download, the Boardelectrix offices are described as "next door" to Videlectrix, with Videlectrix Two unaware of the specific work being done there. Conversely, in the Trogdor!! The Board Game video the Boardelectrix office is shown to be the same as the Videlectrix Office (albeit with a "boar" crudely taped over the "Vi" in the sign), occupied by the two Videlectrix Guys discussing graphics.

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