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"Boogidy boogidy! I'll scare your dad!"

Halloween commercial for Fluffy Puff Malloweens.

Cast (in order of appearance): Marshie, The Sad Kids, Homestar Runner, Monte Negro, Strong Bad

Places: The Halloween House, Homestar Runner's House

Page Title: M-A-Double L-O-W-Double E-N

Date: Monday, October 20, 2003 (original), Wednesday, October 22, 2003 (last modified)

Running Time: 1:40

DVD: Everything Else, Volume 2


[edit] Transcript

{A coffin slowly opens. Halloween music plays.}

MARSHIE: {inside coffin} Awwww...

{The coffin door suddenly opens to reveal Marshie in a vampire outfit, and the music briefly stops.}

MARSHIE: SNAP! I'm Marshie again! {blood fills the screen, and the music continues} You better believe it's new Fluffy Puff Malloween {"MALLOWEEN" appears in a drippy green text} orange and black flavored marshmallows!

{As Marshie describes the colors, an orange and a black marshmallow appear to the left and right of Marshie, and then the bag appears in front of him. They disappear. As he says the slogan, it appears on the bottom of the screen. }

MARSHIE: "They Taste the Same, but Loo—"

{Marshie suddenly hacks and coughs. The screen briefly turns darker, the slogan disappears, and the music stops accompanied by a record scratch.}

MARSHIE: Sorry. {Moves closer to camera, and speaks in a more embarassed voice} Must've got a toenail caught in m'throat! {Music continues as Marshie pulls back again. The slogan appears again.} "They Taste the Same, But Look Different!"

{Cut to a grave inscribed "MR. SHMALLOW". Marshie pops out of the grave and goes behind it.}

MARSHIE: Boogidy-boogidy! I'll scare your dad!

{Cut to the inside of the Halloween House. The door is open and The Sad Kids are on the front step, in Halloween costumes (see below)}

MARSHIE: Those little punks next door won't know what hit 'em when you serve up a satchel full of {a satchel of Malloweens appears over each of The Sad Kids' shoulders} Malloween Fluffy Puffs!



MARSHIE: {flies in from left} s'right, you two. {moves in between Sad Kids} Kids, demand Fluffy Puffs for tricks and treats!

{Marshie appears on a porch in front of a house. Homestar Runner opens the door, wearing a large fake eyeball and an orange shirt reading "This is my Costume!" The words "A DRAMATASTRATION" flash at the bottom of the screen.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, hello, little boy or little girl. Would you care for a funtime treat? {Homestar holds up a white nondescript can marked "CAN D"}

MARSHIE: No way! {voice echoes}

{Marshie shoots Malloweens out from his "bite mark," pelting Homestar in the face. The marshmallows start filling up the screen.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: A tidal wave of marshalades!

{Cut to a huge pile of Malloweens.}

MARSHIE: I'm so goosed up, I'm swimming in 'em!

{Marshie flies about in the large pile. The sun slowly rises in the background. Cut to a green background with a large orange Malloween in the center.}

MARSHIE: Tell Monte Negro...

{A man's face labeled "Monte" appears on the marshmallow.}


{Monte Negro disappears and the orange marshmallow becomes part of a tall stack of Malloweens. Another Marshie, upside down, appears on top of the first Marshie. The words "THEY FIT ON TOP OF EACH OTHER!!" fly in from the bottom.}

MARSHIE: ...They fit on top of each other!

{The stack collapses. Cut to a dark sky with the two Marshies lying sideways opposite each other.}

MARSHIE: {on left} Stack 'em to the heavens! {on right} Stack 'em to the heavens! {many stacks of Malloweens appear in background} {both} I could write a song called "Stack 'Em to the Heavens!"

{Cut to a dressing room, where Marshie's vampire wig sits on a mannequin and the cape is hanging on a hook. A star on the wall reads "MARSHIE". A camera appears to be rolling. Marshie is not wearing his vampire costume (other than the fangs), but floating on top of a stool and facing a mirror.}

MARSHIE: {screaming} What more do they want!?

{Cut to the original red background, with Marshie in his vampire costume.}

MARSHIE: Come on guys, isn't that enough to get you to try {a bag of Malloweens appears} Fluffy Puff Malloweens?

{Cut to Homestar Runner's living room, where his television is showing the commercial. The backs of Homestar's and Strong Bad's heads are visible in the foreground.}

MARSHIE: {on TV, singing} They're orange, {orange Malloween appears} doo doo. They're black, {black Malloween appears} dee dee. Look for the one with me on the bag... dressed as a vampire!

{The camera now faces Homestar and Strong Bad on the sofa.}

STRONG BAD: I thought you said you were the star of this one.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, right. I made that up. But I did get to keep this cool eyeball. {picks up eyeball from right side of screen and puts it on} Seeeee! Seeee!

STRONG BAD: What are you doing!?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Isn't that the sound that um... eyeballs make? {Homestar leans toward Strong Bad, while Strong Bad backs off} Seee! Seee!

{Strong Bad gets up and leaves. The screen darkens. "Full Halloween Cartoon next week!" appears in the corner.}

[edit] Easter Eggs

  • At the end, you can click on Homestar Runner's big eye and see a photo of a pumpkin carved to look like Marshie. Then click on the pumpkin to turn on/off a small amount of illumination. The photo is a Polaroid; under the picture is written "Don'tcha Like Me???"

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Explanations

[edit] Trivia

  • When The Sad Kids are trick-or-treating, the welcome mat says "Weclome".
  • The music right before Marshie pops out of the coffin is Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (BWV 565) by Johann Sebastian Bach. The piece is often used as generic spooky music. The music played throughout the remainder of the cartoon is the song from Meet Marshie played on an organ.
  • This is the only Podstar Runner podcast that is not a Strong Bad Email or one of its spin-offs. The summary read, "Marshie peddles Halloween themed marshmallows and finally cracks under the pressure!"
  • Clicking on the back button at the end of the toon will always go back to Main Page 7.
  • The YouTube description for this toon is "Hey kids, check out Fluffy Puff Malloweens!"

[edit] Remarks

  • This cartoon was released at the same time as the game Marshie's Malloween Mix-Up.
  • The old version of the back of Homestar's head is used for this cartoon.
  • "Dramatastration" is a portmanteau of the words "dramatization" and "demonstration."
  • According to Marshie, Malloweens "taste the same, but look different". However, right before he says that, he mentions that they are "orange and black flavored", and therefore they should taste different from regular Fluffy Puffs.
  • The "CAN D" that Homestar offers Marshie is a homophone.
  • This cartoon includes Duplicate characters.

[edit] Goofs

  • When Marshie is talking at the very beginning of the commercial (after he pops out of the coffin), part of the outline of his "body" can be seen behind his wig.

[edit] Inside References

[edit] Real-World References

  • The Sad Girl is dressed as The Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz.
  • The page title is a play on an old children's song about Halloween.
  • Homestar's orange "This is my costume!" T-shirt is an actual product that was sold by Hallmark in the 1980s.

[edit] Fast Forward

[edit] DVD Version

  • For obvious reasons, the phrase, "Full Halloween Cartoon next week!", does not appear at the end.
  • The DVD version features creators' commentary. To access it, switch your DVD player's audio language selection while watching.

[edit] Commentary Transcript

MATT: This is a Marshie commercial.

MIKE: It's everybody's favorite not-creepy-at-all marshmallow, Marshie!

MATT: He's very not high-strung.

MIKE: Dressed up as a—

MATT: So, I never noticed that the bite out of his head is bloody.

MIKE: It's bloody, it seems to— it's not marshmallow that's in there.

MATT: Well, it's because he's got a, uh, Dracula wig on. So if he was Dracula, and you took a bite out of Dracula's head, it wouldn't be marshmallow fluff.

MIKE: Okay, so the blood is part of the wig.

MATT: That's what I always thought

MIKE: Okay. Look! It's the sad kids.

MATT: One of 'em's dressed up like the ol' King O T!

MIKE: I didn't remember that at all!

MATT: I like their satchels.

MIKE: That was a—

MATT: I remember seeing a— there was a lady, like, in June one time, walking down the street on— on Ponce when we lived in the old apartment that was wearing a "This IS my costume!" t-shirt.

MIKE: {laughs}

MATT: That's a lot of marshmallows, Mike.

MIKE: I like Mon— I like Monte.

MATT: "Oh, yes?"

MIKE: I like Monte a lot.

MATT: Yeah. We had debated making a "Free Montenegro!" shirt shortly after this. Just doing a limited run of an orange shirt with Montenegro on it, and it said: "Free Montenegro!", like he was some political prisoner.

MIKE: {laughs}

MATT: That's one of my favorite moments on the site we just missed, there, where Marshie is—

MIKE: Yeah, ShakyCam, behind the scenes.

MATT: I feel like that's us getting out some of our own things, sometimes, with the website, through Marshie. "What more do they want?"

MIKE: You think Marshie's your voice in these cartoons?

MATT: {laughs} I think so. I think Strong Bad is yours, and Marshie's mine.

MIKE: {imitating Strong Bad} Hi! I'm Strong Bad!

MATT: That was pretty good!

MIKE: {imitating Strong Bad} This is my voice on Mike's voice!

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