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Origins Staten Island, NY
Genre(s) Glam metal
Members Larry Palaroncini
Gary Palaroncini
Perry Palaroncini
Mary Palaroncini
Harry Palaroncini (guest)
Terry Palaroncini (guest)
Discography Because, It's Midnite (2003)
Nite Mamas (2003)
It's Tuff Bein' a Box (2004)
Feed The Childrens (2005)
Brain Sister (2006)
Colorin' (Outside The Lines) (2006)
Pressed Bunson (2006)
We Don't Really Even Care About You (2007) (cover)
Women and Men (2008)
But They're At Brunch! (Limozeen Final Reunion Tour Brunch Vol. 7) (2015)
Producer Teeg Dougland
Label Cheap as Free Records

Limozeen is a heavy metal band that spoofs the glam metal movement popular in the 1980s. The band is relatively popular in Free Country, USA, scheduling a concert in 2007 and serving as judges for the Baddest of the Bands competition. Strong Bad especially admires Limozeen: he has seen them in concert multiple times, owns autographed memorabilia, and personally knows the lead singer.

Limozeen is broadly a parody of the glam metal genre (similar to fictional group Spinal Tap), spoofing bands such as Mötley Crüe or Poison. Their appearances reference common elements of hair metal bands, including gaudy appearances with heavily styled long hair and flashy, tight colorful or leather clothing combined with tours marked by demanding contract riders and seeking out groupies. Limozeen's music similarly follows genre conventions with upbeat rock anthems and catchy guitar riffs, with simplistic lyrics about partying, women, and the name of any street in LA.

The members of Limozeen are played variously by Matt Chapman and friends while wearing outrageous '80s-style blonde wigs and clothing. In addition to appearing in toons on the site, Limozeen has been featured in real-world merchandise, musical recordings, video games, and live concert performances.


[edit] History

Limozeen's first appearance

"Limozeen" was among the band names in the Strong Bad Email band names, where Strong Bad suggested the sender "take a really cool word but then spell it all wrong" and distorted the word "limousine". This email also introduced their logo, with a design reminiscent of ACϟDC with a similar font and central lightning bolt. However, this iteration of the band had a completely different sound exemplified by a soft acoustic guitar riff. The email monster truck was the first true appearance of the band: a quartet of blonde men (four images of Donnie Chapman dressed as Vince Neil on Halloween 1987), with defined names and a new, metal sound (via a snippet of "Because, It's Midnite"). In the email flashback, Matt Chapman portrayed all the members of the band; he continues to voice all four in toons and plays Larry in live action video and performances.

In 2007, "Because, It's Midnite" was included in the real-world video game Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s, as the lead developer was a fan of Homestar Runner. It is the only song in the game to not actually be released or popularized in the 1980s.

[edit] Fictional history

Limozeen has been touring since at least 1987, continuing to headline concert tours well into the 2000s. In later years, the band has performed multiple reunion tours or planning sequels to former hits.

The band attempted to expand into other markets (similar to extensive merchandising by the band Kiss), albeit with limited success. The '87 tour was promoted with a coloring book and matching set of crayons. Their Saturday-morning cartoon Limozeen: "but they're in space!" saw the band journey into outer space — however, its cancellation was announced during its pilot episode by the band's producer Teeg Dougland. Tie-in game Limozeen's Hot Babelien Odyssey was released for the Videlectrix FunMachine.

[edit] Members

Animated Limozeen:
(L-R) Larry, Perry, Gary, Mary

The members of Limozeen all share rhyming first names, long blonde hair, and the surname Palaroncini. According to Larry (in the coloring DVD commentary), he is "not sure" if they are related or if they are simply using pseudonyms like the Ramones. They live in Staten Island, in the basement of a supportive woman who might be their mother. The last name Palaroncini evokes an Italian heritage, although it is not an actual surname. The name may be a reference to the Italian pepperoncini peppers or Sicilian surname Palminteri. In addition, their hometown of Staten Island is one of the five boroughs of New York, a city that is well-known in real life for its large Italian-American population.

Live at the Homestar Runner 20th Anniversary Show: (L-R) Harry, Terry, Gary, Larry, Perry, Mary

The band consists of four members. In toons, they are typically all voiced by Matt Chapman.

  • Larry Palaroncini — Vocals
    • Portrayed by Donnie Chapman (monster truck) and Matt Chapman (most other appearances)
    • In live performances, Larry is portrayed by Matt Chapman.
  • Gary Palaroncini — Lead guitar
  • Perry Palaroncini — Bass guitar
    • Portrayed by Donnie Chapman (monster truck, Limozeen Thanksgiving E-Cards) and Matt Chapman (all other appearances)
    • In live performances, Perry is portrayed by Peter Olson.
  • Mary Palaroncini — Drums
    • Portrayed by Donnie Chapman (monster truck), Ryan Sterritt (Limozeen Thanksgiving E-Cards), Matt Chapman (most other appearances)
    • In live performances, Mary is portrayed by Mark Cobb.

[edit] Live Band

For live performances, the band is filled out with the addition of two black-haired cousins from Long Island. To date, they have not appeared in toons or other Limozeen media.

Matt Sonnicksen (guitar) and Eric Park (keyboards) performed as members of Limozeen during the recording of Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits; they were both members of Y-O-U at the time but left the band in 2004.

[edit] Songs

Keep on zeenin'!!

[edit] Covers and Collaborations

[edit] Discography

[edit] Tours

Look out, ladies!

[edit] Fictional

[edit] Ladies, We're Staying In Room 302 at the Ramada

The Ladies, We're Staying In Room 302 at the Ramada Tour took place in 1989; a coloring book was released to promote the tour.

[edit] Zeenin' Across the Country 2001

Tour stops as listed on the back of a Limozeen T-shirt that was available in the Yahoo Store.

  • Dempsey
  • Stuggard
  • Bundt
  • Umbridge
  • Shoigut
  • Gunderson
  • Hageltown
  • Pantsburg
  • Yondersville
  • Seeding
  • Gertersburg
  • Hullysack
  • Loughleyton
  • Highmark
  • Eastley
  • Northtime
  • Lope
  • Thubley
  • Fourborough
  • Branderson
  • Oaklidge
  • Bunnerd
  • The Villas
  • Shuppleton
  • Danapolis
  • Menders
  • Crambley
  • Broiter Grove
[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] 2007 Tour b/w sloshy

"And also a deviled egg tray!"

This was the tour Strong Bad and Strong Sad attended in concert. Limozeen were scheduled to headline while sloshy opened; however, because their contract rider was not met, Limozeen stayed in their tour bus and watched ESPN Classic and sloshy played both sets.

[edit] Real-World Performances

In 2008, after a practice session, Limozeen performed two "Limozeen Live!" shows in Atlanta: March 27, 2008 at the 10 High Club, with sloshy opening, and November 8, 2008 at The Tabernacle, opening for of Montreal.

In 2016, Limozeen performed at the two Homestar Runner 20th Anniversary Shows at Venkman's in Atlanta on September 2 and October 7.

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