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Ye approacheth yon INTERSECTION. Obvious exits are NORTH, SOUTH, and DENNIS.

Dennis is a frequently used name, notably appearing as a character in Thy Dungeonman.

[edit] In Thy Dungeonman

"You get back heeeeeere!"

"Dennis" first appeared in the version of Thy Dungeonman seen in the Strong Bad Email video games, nonsensically listed as an "exit" alongside the cardinal directions north and south. The full game revealed Dennis as a character that Thy Dungeonman can speak with, a man wearing a sporty frock coat and a long "jimberjam" (which he purchased on sale at a discount market) who enjoys pacing around nervously. The "obvious exit" from visiting him is to head in the direction of "Not Dennis". Although he is boring to have a conversation with, Dennis is quite knowledgeable about what parapets are and will happily share this information if given a trinket.

Dennis' role is much diminished in the other Thy Dungeonman games. In Thy Dungeonman II, typing "dennis" will tell the player that Thy Dungeonman "hasn't seen Dennis in a fortmoonnast." He is not referenced in Thy Dungeonman 3.

The email web comics features a brief clip of the cartoon show The Animated Adventures of Thy Dungeonman, where the characters all appear as barely-anthropomorphized words. "Dennis" is seen angrily chasing "Ye Flask".

[edit] Other Dennises

Mr. Franz

[edit] Appearances

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