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Origins Atlanta, Georgia
Genre(s) Rock
Members Nick Niespodziani (2000-present)
Peter Olson (2000-present)
Mark Bencuya (2008-present)
Mark Cobb (2000-2022)
Matt Sonnicksen (2000-2004)
Eric Park (2002-2004)
Clay Cook (2005-2006)
Discography Y-O-U (2003)
Everything is Shifting (2005)
Flashlights (2007)
The Long-Playing EP (2009)
Producer Y-O-U, Geoff Melkonian, Ben H. Allen
Label PleaseRock

From a 2007 interview with Musiqtone:

NICK NIESPODZIANI: [The Brothers Chaps] are just normal guys like us, a little nerdy and very down to earth. Their creativity on the spot was a bit intimidating at first, but only because we hadn’t collaborated with a lot of super-creative people outside of ourselves. Once we got used to each other’s creative styles, it was pure fun times.
PETER OLSON: It’s really cool to see those two in their element. They’re very cautious about their environment, but when the vibe is right, their creativity is unstoppable. Plus they’ve got that whole brotherly ESP thing going on.

Y-O-U was a real band that worked with The Brothers Chaps, typically providing music for the in-universe band Limozeen. Spinoff group Yacht Rock Revue is made up of several former Y‑O‑U members and has continued to contribute to Homestar Runner.


[edit] Collaborations with The Brothers Chaps

[edit] Homestar Runner

As explained by Mike Chapman at Flashforward2006, the brothers had desired to create full versions of songs they had begun work on. Around the same time, Y‑O‑U happened to send an email to the brothers sharing that they were fans of Homestar Runner, had just moved to the brothers' hometown of Atlanta, and would be interested in working together. After seeing a show and meeting the band, the Brothers Chaps decided to collaborate with them.

Y‑O‑U were therefore heavily involved in the production of Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits, which was recorded from May to August 2003. In addition to providing instrumentation and backing vocals throughout, various members of the band have songwriting credits on eight of the twenty tracks. Two of those songs ("Trogdor" and "Because, It's Midnite") were additionally featured in the Guitar Hero video game series.

The live band version of Limozeen is typically portrayed by band members Peter Olson (Perry Palaroncini, bass), Mark Cobb (Mary Palaroncini, drums), Nick Niespodziani (Harry Palaroncini, rhythm guitar), and Mark Bencuya (Terry Palaroncini, keyboards) — joined by Matt Chapman on lead vocals and J. Christopher Arrison on guitar. The group appeared on the website in Limozeen Live (practice), before performing live in March and November 2008 and reuniting years later for the Homestar Runner 20th Anniversary Shows in fall 2016.

Peter Olson appeared on the DVD commentaries for In Search of the Yello Dello and Shopping For Danger, he was invited to join the Shopping For Danger commentary as he had mentioned that Cheat Commandos was his favorite thing on the site. Y‑O‑U created the karaoke versions of songs for the DVDs. Niespodziani and Olson are thanked in the credits of strongbad_email.exe Disc Four, and Olson is thanked again on Disc Five.

[edit] Other Collaborations

The Brothers Chaps animated the music video for Y‑O‑U's song "LA Lindsay".

[edit] History

Yacht Rock Revue

Y‑O‑U released a self-titled album in 2003, sophomore EP Everything is Shifting in 2005, and final studio release Flashlights in 2007. The members also made short mockumentary films, such as one covering fictional jump-roping team "The Flying Wallabies". In December 2006, Y‑O‑U was selected out of over 1,700 artists as one of the Top 25 Best Bands on MySpace by Rolling Stone Magazine.

In September 2009, the PleaseRock collective announced they would be retiring Y‑O‑U as a performing and recording group; their final show took place on October 10 of that year. Most of its members still perform and record together in other groups, primarily Yacht Rock Revue.

Niespodziani and Olson opened Venkman's, a restaurant and music venue in Atlanta, in 2015. This was the location of the 2016 Homestar Runner 20th Anniversary Shows.

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