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Can he be the guy?
Wants to be the guy

1-Up is Homestar Runner's 20X6 counterpart. Everybody says Stinkoman's the guy, but 1-Up wants to be the guy too. Stinkoman wouldn't let him because he was just a kid, and maybe he will when 1-Up gets older. However, the description for Level 5 in Stinkoman 20X6 says that 1-Up proved that he's not just a kid in the previous level. Stinkoman has yet to acknowledge this.

1-Up is often squished by Pan Pan, usually to Stinkoman's great delight. His most notable accomplishment outside of Stinkoman 20X6 is that he found Homestar's "time box" in time capsule. 1-Up missed a challenge in Under Construction, which Stinkoman took care of, and Pan Pan, Stinkoman, and 1-Up all ate pudding because they deserved a break.

His name comes from the video game term for an extra life. The name wasn't officially revealed until Stinkoman 20X6 debuted, and has, so far, never been said outside the game. The description of Level 4 in the Stinkomanual calls him "1up the extra man"; therefore, it is possible that this is his full name. Similarly, Mike Chapman revealed in a 2005 interview that the name "Extra Man" was considered for him.

1-Up's physical characteristics follow Strong Bad's Japanese Cartoon rules: invisible mouth when closed (ridiculously huge when opened), kind of a bean-shaped head, shinier, and robot boots. However, he lacks blue hair (although in Main Page 17, scrolling the mouse over "Store" results in giving 1-Up this trait). 1-Up is one of the few characters in the Homestar Runner universe who has a visible nose. He is capable of growing hair, as he grows a yellow "prodigious beard" and hair in the time between Stinkoman 20X6 Levels 9 and 10. It ends up blowing away in the wind after escaping.

[edit] Filmography

[edit] Character Evolution

Image Info Created Appearances What's Changed?
First design of 1-Up 2003 japanese cartoon, Main Page 17, Under Construction; time capsule N/A
Current design 2008 Twenty THANXty Six 1-Up now stands with his feet together, unlike Homestar Runner's out-toed stance.
Many of his colors and shadows have been adjusted to be very slightly lighter. The shine on his boots are slightly different and more curvy. His star has been redrawn and the curves of his shirt are simpler. His nose is more rounded. Shadows on the legs only appear occasionally.

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