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"Yes, I'm still out of town, Bubs."

Cardboard Marzipan is a cardboard cutout of Marzipan that was made and voiced by Homestar Runner while Marzipan was out of town. "Fragile" and "Don't Bend" stamps can be seen on the cardboard. The image of Marzipan is crudely drawn, closely resembling her Powered by The Cheat counterpart. The commentary for Happy Fireworks revealed that she was created because Missy Palmer was too busy working on The Great World of Sound to voice Marzipan.

Apparently, Cardboard Marzipan, as puppeted by Homestar, thinks Coach Z is disgusting and thinks Bubs is a "gorgeous hunk of man." She once asked The Cheat if he wanted to go on a secret hot date when he crash-landed after his fireworks display in "Happy Fireworks". Several times Homestar, still speaking for her, corrected things that he himself had just said: When he mistakenly called Independence Day "Fireworks", Cardboard Marzipan remarked that wasn't the name of the holiday. After he denied that the real Marzipan was out of town for the summer, Cardboard Marzipan said that she was.

She later reappeared when Homestar was considering building a deck. Through Homestar, she again indicated something Homestar otherwise seemed not to realize — in this case, he didn't know how to build a deck.

In Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective, she is used as Marzipan's stunt double.

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