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Puppet versions of the two-dimensional characters.

Image Description Appearances
"Everybody knows it!"
Puppet Homestar Runner

His eyes are made of felt, so they can be moved around if necessary. According to himself in Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 17.2, he has "eight percent more sass than the regular Homestar". He refers to the bottom of his mouth as a "mouth-shelf", which is handy for catching snowflakes.

"Going on my 7th coffee run!"

"RIP fleshtangle mouth"
Puppet Strong Bad

The first puppet was originally the only Strong Bad puppet before the second was revealed through @StrongBadActual.


Meh 2.0
Puppet The Cheat

While a Kick the Cheat doll was used as a puppet in Everybody Knows It and Puppet Time, it was replaced by a unique, handcrafted doll starting with Labor Dabor. The new doll's defining features include more consistent dots on his back, a red-orange colored swirl on his chest, and pure black eyes without any glare on it.

Email pie?
Shark-Tooth Bubs
See main article: Shark-Tooth Bubs
"Forget you, whitey! I'm going solo!"

"You ain't got no character, whitey!"
Puppet Doreauxgard

Much like the cartoon version, he is merely a cantaloupe jammed onto a pencil with a silly face drawn on him. A real puppet Doreauxgard was later made.

lackey, Main Page 25, The Animated Adventures of Puppet Homestar, @StrongBadActual
"Nice upchuck, Bennedetto!"
Puppet Frank Bennedetto

This is really just an ordinary popcorn machine.

Labor Dabor
"Hey, juys!"
Puppet Marshie
"Well, I am the Exact Same."
Alternate Puppet Homestar Runner ("The Exact Same")
See main article: The Exact Same
"I think this permanent marker is giving my hand a rash."
Puppet Strong Sad

Puppet Strong Sad is a gray hand that has eyes crudely drawn on it with permanent marker. It is implied that it is actually Strong Sad's hand. A seperate version appears later and is played by two three-fingered felt gloves shaped like Strong Sad's hands.

The Animated Adventures of Puppet Homestar, Instagram, Six-Sadded, Die
Puppet Casio Head Strong Bad

Puppet Casio Head Strong Bad is just Puppet Strong Bad with a Casio keyboard in place of his head.

"Hey! Why does this Hot Jones taste like burnt gasoline?"
Puppet Gunhaver

Puppet Gunhaver is just a Kick The Cheat toy with Gunhaver's clothes. He and the other Cheat Commandos, unlike their animated versions, exist in the same universe as Strong Bad and/or Dangeresque.

Decemberween Dangeresque
"It's only Warm Jenkins for me!"
Puppet Reynold

Puppet Reynold is just a Kick The Cheat toy with Reynold's clothes.

Decemberween Dangeresque
"I'm surprised to see you drinkin' Hot Jones, Reynolda!"
Puppet Fightgar

Puppet Fightgar is just a Kick The Cheat toy with Fightgar's clothes and stubble.

Decemberween Dangeresque
Puppet Crackotage

Puppet Crackotage is just a Kick The Cheat toy with Crackotage's headphones.

Decemberween Dangeresque
Limited-edition Firebert: eats anything with nutmeg!
Puppet Firebert

Puppet Firebert is just Puppet The Cheat with Firebert's clothes.

Decemberween Dangeresque

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