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Historical, but fun
Even more historical

The Museum is a section of where old material and fan submissions are kept. It can be directly accessed by clicking on the H*R logo in the upper corner of any of the main pages, or by clicking on the 'museum' icon on the animated list that appears when one rolls over the bottom of some old toons.

While the Old Flash Stuff has undergone around four or five major or minor updates, the Museum has only experienced one major change on or shortly before February 14, 2006. Notably, the Fan Stuff section was removed, the Ice Cream section was merged into the end of the Sketchbook, some Sketchbook summaries were changed, and many links were altered to open in a format similar to Puppet Stuff, as Flash popups within the same window. There were also some subtle changes to the Old Flash Stuff; for example, the "Enter" button on the Old Intro was changed to "Close".

Page Title: Check out this old Crap!


[edit] Current Museum Contents

[edit] Old Museum Contents

  • Fan Stuff — Here's all the stuff you guys have sent us!
  • Ice Cream — I swear these were HUGE in Japan the summer of '87!

[edit] Fun Facts

  • After the February 14, 2006 update, the drawer beneath the Museum drawer was labeled "BOTTOM DRAWER".

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