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The machine that answers the phone.

Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 1.0, released in 2000, is the first of a series of toons featuring the messages left by various citizens of Free Country, USA, for Marzipan to hear. This volume includes calls from her clueless boyfriend Homestar Runner, who, along with Pom Pom, is attempting in vain to meet her at an undisclosed location. Strong Sad, meanwhile, attempts to get her to return his CDs, while Strong Bad (using the alias "Mr. Nobody"), prank calls her and tries to get her to stick her head in her toilet. Later, he calls using his own identity and tries to get help with his baking. Marzipan also gets a call from Coach Z asking her to help Homestar be a little more cheerful at practice. (more...) watch

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