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This article is about the costumes that the Homestar Runner characters wear in Halloween toons. For Strong Bad's annual commentary on fans' costumes, see Fan Costumes.

Each year, the Halloween cartoons feature the main characters dressed in different costumes, usually of pop icons and celebrities.

The costumes are generally "vintage", in that they feature characters who were popular in either the 1970s, '80s and '90s (and sometimes before or after). They can be just plain obscure. It is uncertain if this is simply a style choice, or done deliberately to give the cartoons a more "timeless" feel.

Some characters tend to have costumes that follow a trend. For example, Coach Z often dresses up as a rap or hip-hop icon, The Cheat usually dresses up as a cartoon character, The Poopsmith typically dresses up as a science fiction character, The King of Town normally dresses up as a food mascot, and Marzipan occasionally dresses up as a (often male) musician. Other characters tend to dress up as something that suits their body type, though not necessarily their personality.

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