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This article is about the costumes that the Homestar Runner characters wear in Halloween toons. For Strong Bad's annual commentary on fans' costumes, see Fan Costumes.
Usually more effort than this

In Halloween toons, the main characters dress in unique Halloween costumes, usually of pop-culture icons and celebrities, to celebrate the holiday. These costumes are generally "vintage", in that they frequently are based on figures who were most popular from the 1970s through the '90s. This obscurity regularly causes confusion among the characters. It is uncertain if this is done deliberately to give the cartoons a more "timeless" feel or a simple stylistic choice.

Minor characters have also appeared wearing Halloween costumes. The main cast has been seen wearing different, simpler costumes in Big Toon cold opens or in other Halloween toons. In the silhouetted teaser lineups, Strong Bad is always seen wearing an elaborate and recognizable sci-fi or horror costume different from what he wears in the actual toon. Rejected costume ideas have been shared in the Sketchbook and various Easter eggs.


[edit] Costumes

[edit] Main characters in Halloween toons

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[edit] Character trends

Dress 'em up Dan!

Some characters repeatedly wear costumes that follow a theme:

Other characters tend to dress up as something that suits their body type, such as Strong Mad portraying formidable people or square-shaped icons.

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