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Marzipan is certain to win the Reddest Radish contest. Strong Bad and company forge a note from Homestar Runner to Marzipan, saying he's sick, to lure her away from her house. This cartoon has a unique "paper doll cut-out" visual style and laughtrack.

Cast (in order of appearance): Marzipan, The Cheat, Strong Bad, Strong Mad, Homestar Runner, Pom Pom, The Announcer (voice only)

Places: The Radish Patch, Homestar Runner's House, Contest Area

Date: Saturday, April 15, 2000 or earlier

Running Time: 2:23

Page Title: The Reddest Radish

DVD: Everything Else, Volume 2


[edit] Transcript

{Opening music. Red curtains open to reveal the title screen against a yellow background of scribbles with floor beneath, then close and open to reveal a similarly-designed caption.}

CAPTION: on the day of the reddest radish contest, marzipan was in her garden getting ready...

{The curtains again close, with the music stopping. They reopen to show Marzipan in her garden, with a bush to the right.}

MARZIPAN: {singing} La la la la la la la... La la la la {Marzipan picks a radish}

{Canned laughter}

{The Cheat appears from behind the bush and drops a note that lands in front of Marzipan.}


{Marzipan drops the radish, which slams onto the ground, and picks up the note. Cut to a closeup of the note, which reads "i am sick. —homestar runner"}

MARZIPAN: This note leads me to believe that Homestar Runner is sick.

{Canned laughter. Cut back to the wide shot.}

MARZIPAN: I'd better go check on him. {heads offscreen, to the left}

{Strong Bad, The Cheat, and Strong Mad emerge from the bush with a wagon}

STRONG BAD: Okay, get the vegetable!

{The Cheat throws the radish on the wagon. Canned booing.}

STRONG BAD: Now let's cheese it![1]

{They leave to the right}

{Cut to Homestar's house. Marzipan comes from the left and knocks on the door with her head.}

MARZIPAN: Ouch. Homestar Runner, are you okay? {knocks with head again, then walks towards the window and jumps to try to look inside} Homestar, are you in there? It's me, {moves back to the door} Marzipan!

{Canned laughter}

{Cut to Strong Bad, The Cheat and Strong Mad, wagon and radish in tow, moving left past a stone wall in the field.}

{Canned booing}

STRONG BAD: Oh man you guys, with Marzipan's radish, we're gonna win the competition, and then, maybe get uh, famous... a little...

{Canned laughter}

{Cut to Homestar Runner and Pom Pom in front of a stage with a banner that says "Reddest Radish". Loudspeakers move as the Announcer speaks.}

THE ANNOUNCER: {offscreen} Ladies and gentlemen, the competition will begin in 15 minutes. P-p-p-p-p-please bring your radishes to the staging area.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Pom Pom, where's Marzipan? She's supposed to be heeeere!

{Cut to Marzipan, still at Homestar's house. She knocks with her head}

MARZIPAN: Ouch. Homestar, let me in.

{Knocks again}

MARZIPAN: Ouch. Homestar Runner, are you in there? {pause} I'm leaving. {leaves}

{Canned laughter}

{Cut to Strong Bad, The Cheat, and Strong Mad, still pulling the wagon and radish past the stone wall}

STRONG BAD: {To the tune of "La Cucaracha"} We got the radish, we got the radish,

{They approach a left-pointing arrow-shaped sign that reads "contest"}

STRONG BAD: {still singing} and we're gonna win the contest!

{Canned booing}

{Cut to Homestar Runner and Pom Pom by the stage, a can at their feet}

POM POM: {bubbles}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: You know what, Pom Pom? You're right. Kicking this can would make me feel better. {He kicks it}

{Cut to the field, with the "contest" sign on the right. The can that Homestar Runner kicked lands, and Strong Bad, The Cheat, and Strong Mad arrive from the right, greeted by canned booing. The wagon slams into the can, causing the three to stop with the wagon as the radish flies out to the left.}

STRONG BAD: What the...? Holy crap!

{Strong Bad, The Cheat, and Strong Mad rush off, leaving afterimages}



{Canned laughter as the afterimages rush off. Cut to the radish still flying through the air.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hey, that radish is Marzipan's!

{Cut to Homestar and Pom Pom by the stage, with the "contest" sign on the right. Strong Bad, The Cheat, and Strong Mad approach the two.}

STRONG BAD: Out of the way, Homestar!

{Cut to the radish falling, then cut back to the stage, where the radish drops and they all fight over it in a cloud of dust. The dust clears and the villains are on the ground, stood over by Pom Pom, while Homestar is on the stage with the radish}

{Marzipan enters from the right}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Look Marzipan, I got the Reddest Radish back from Strong Baaaaaaaaaaad!

MARZIPAN: What on earth are you talking about? That's not the Reddest Radish! This is!

{Marzipan pulls out a gargantuan red radish. Homestar falls off the stage, and Pom Pom falls to land sideways. Laughter. Cut to Marzipan standing on the stage with her radish and a first prize trophy}

MARZIPAN: I'm the winner!

{Canned laughter; the red curtain closes as a caption falls in from above}

CAPTION: the end.

[edit] Footnote

  1. ^  This line could be "Now let's cheat it".

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Trivia

  • This is the first time Strong Bad says, "Holy Crap!", as this toon predates A Jumping Jack Contest.
  • When Homestar Runner, Pom Pom, Strong Mad, and Strong Bad are in a fight for the radish, their colors change as follows: Strong Bad turns red, Pom Pom turns yellow, Strong Mad turns gray, Homestar Runner turns red, and The Cheat turns to a darker yellow.
  • In the preview for The Reddist Radish on the TV Time Toons Menu, Strong Bad jumps and spins around. He does not do this in the actual toon.

[edit] Remarks

  • Strong Mad's boots are colored black, instead of their usual red color.
  • The usual "back" and "again" links at the end do not appear in this cartoon.
  • Marzipan knocks on the door with her head, either because of her paper cutout form or her lack of visible arms.

[edit] Inside References

[edit] Real-World References

[edit] Fast Forward

  • Strong Bad says "With Marzipan's radish, we're gonna win the competition" again in the Strong Bad Email virus.
  • The paper cut-out version of The Cheat is also used again in virus.
  • Marzipan suggests a possible sequel to this toon in Later That Night...

[edit] DVD Version

  • The title and the paragraph after slowly zoom toward the screen.
  • Pressing the Angle button on the DVD remote changes the characters' appearances. There are three angles:
    • Ghosts
    • Road signs (The Cheat resembles the The Cheat crossing sign seen in virus, but without the word "x-ing")
    • Children's drawings (again, The Cheat's drawing is the same one as in virus)
  • Whereas the fight cloud has the characters' various body parts sticking out on the website, on the DVD it's just a simple cloud.

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