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"Yes. The world will never know for sure!"
This article is about the running gag. For the toon, see DNA Evidence.

In six consecutive Strong Bad Emails, characters referred to DNA evidence without any context given for why they would be discussing it.

The appearances remained unexplained until they were tied together in the toon DNA Evidence, in which it was revealed that Strong Bad had broken into Marzipan's house and dropped a vial of green DNA evidence in her couch. Marzipan found it and brought it to be analyzed by Bubs, but she only got back another vial marked "tampered with". Bubs had sold the actual DNA evidence to Strong Bad in a snow cone, in lieu of green apple flavoring, and had most likely then refilled the vial with "purple" flavored snow cone syrup and given it back to Marzipan. Strong Bad had deliberately deprived Bubs of green apple flavoring in order to get the DNA evidence, which he hoped to use for genetic experiments involving The Cheat. Homestar Runner drank the melted-snow-cone DNA evidence, thinking it was Mountain Dew, and he promptly spat it out on The Cheat, who then dried himself off with a towel. The towel was used by Coach Z to do his janitorial work at the office, when it inexplicably disappeared. It was revealed at the end that the evidence was Strong Sad's DNA, and Strong Bad had intended to use it to find out if Strong Sad was "part elephant or part hippo or something". Strong Sad was extremely pleased that no one found out, and he recovered the DNA by stealing the towel from Coach Z's cart. He hid the DNA evidence in the box with the rest of his secrets. While Homsar witnessed this revelation, it seems unlikely he will be able to communicate it to anyone.

According to The Brothers Chaps in the DVD commentary for DNA Evidence, it started as a one-off joke in strong badathlon. They decided to call back to the joke when they found an opportunity to use it in the next email, unnatural. By that point, they had started putting references in each following email until they had released a full-length cartoon based around these "weird little snippets". The Brothers Chaps had apparently started talking about a cartoon after the third appearance in the movies.

DNA is often used in forensic science deduction to connect bodily fluids or tissue found at a crime scene to a particular individual. It may also be used to identify a corpse.

[edit] Sequence of Events

  • Debut: Email strong badathlon — Marzipan believes the DNA evidence has been tampered with.
  • Email unnatural — Strong Bad reveals to The Cheat that he was the one who tampered with the DNA evidence.
  • Email the movies — A character in the movie says that when he returned, the DNA evidence was gone.
  • Email your funeral — Homestar Runner comes home and Marzipan asks if he found the DNA evidence, to which Homestar replies he's getting close.
  • Email from work — Homestar Runner tells Pom Pom that he'll have the DNA evidence on his desk by 5:00.
  • Email rough copy (Easter egg) — Homestar Runner sits on the couch, and after a long pause and an exasperated sigh, flatly says "DNA evidence".
  • DNA Evidence — Strong Sad investigates the story behind the gag, and all questions are answered... sort of.

[edit] Other References

  • @StrongBadActual Tweet (2 Oct 2014) — Strong Bad posts an image of the DNA evidence, saying he finally filled it up, and asking who he's supposed to mail it to so he can get verified.
  • @StrongBadActual Tweet (22 Dec 2021) — Strong Bad posts a 3D GIF of the DNA evidence, claiming that Dangeresque only takes his DNA evidence "hand swirled, not centrifuged".

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