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This article is about the contest. For the toon, see Strongest Man in the World.
The Strongest Man in the World Contest

The Strongest Man in the World Contest is, as the name implies, a contest to determine the strongest man in the world. The winner is the man who can hold the most grapes. The Grape Fairie gives each contestant 20 grapes each. A grape is added occasionally. The winner wins a "Golbol" trophy.

It is a reference to the World's Strongest Man Competition.


[edit] Known Contestants

[edit] Results

"Dang, Pom Pom, did you see that Golbol? That's a nice Golbol!"

[edit] 1995

Contestant Place Grapes Time
The Robot WINNER N/A N/A

[edit] 1996

Contestant Place Grapes Assumed Time
Pom Pom WINNER 22 N/A
Strong Bad RUNNER-UP 22 1:21
Homestar Runner 3rd 22 1:10
The Robot 4th 21 0:30
Señor 5th 21 0:14
Mr. Bland 6th 20 0:04
Pom Pom won the contest. Mr. Bland was the first to drop his grapes. Then Señor dropped his grapes. The Robot dropped his grapes because The Cheat had unplugged him. The Cheat then proceeded to help Strong Bad hold his grapes. Homestar sacrificed his chance of winning by eliminating The Cheat, thus making Strong Bad drop his grapes. Pom Pom was the last one standing, and won the Golbol. In the Original Book, Pom Pom shared it with Homestar; however, in Strongest Man in the World, he refused to do so, and later threw the Golbol at Homestar in Jibblies 2, when Homestar dressed up as "Artie, The Strongest Man in the World".

[edit] Appearances

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