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(Continuity Questions)
(1. nothing to do with continuity. B. that's tantamount to asking "aside from this REALLY REALLY good reason for doing something, why did you do this thing?" and Z. Once the break ends no one will care)
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*Will [[TROGDOR!]] and [[Duck Guardian One]] ever return to [[Viidelectrix]]?
*Will [[TROGDOR!]] and [[Duck Guardian One]] ever return to [[Viidelectrix]]?
*Why was [[Podstar Runner]] discontinued for nine months (from March 2007 to Janurary 2008)?
*Why was [[Podstar Runner]] discontinued for nine months (from March 2007 to Janurary 2008)?
*Apart from a baby break, why have there been no new toons since November 2009?
==Miscellaneous Questions==
==Miscellaneous Questions==

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Questions for the man

Often The Brothers Chaps will leave some curious questions unanswered in their toons. This page was created as a database for these circulating questions, as well as a place to gather questions to ask The Brothers Chaps, if you were to ever get the chance. They're also here in the hopes that a fellow user will have some inside info or firsthand knowledge, and can answer a few of them for us. To a lesser extent, there is also the hope that The Brothers Chaps might one day (or already have) stumbled upon this list, and perhaps feel inclined to answer them either in their toons or elsewhere. Feel free to add any questions that might be bugging you in the correct section. If you find a question has already been answered, mention it on the bottom of this page, along with a reason and reference why/where it was answered.


Personal Questions

  • What were the circumstances of your finding the wiki? Specifically, when, where, why, and how. How much of it did you browse at the time, and what was your reaction then?
  • Do you ever edit the wiki?
  • Do you ever include elements into the toons based on confusion or misunderstanding at the wiki?
  • Do you ever use the wiki Fun Facts to debug new programs or features on the site?
  • Have you ever purposefully used the Quote of the Week or Sketchbook to solve transcription questions for us?
  • Is Missy's full name now Melissa Palmer-Chapman?
  • When are Craig's and Missy's birthdays?
  • Are either of you left handed?

Thought-process Questions

Transcription Questions

Identity Questions

Continuity Questions

Miscellaneous Questions

Answered Questions

Somewhat Answered Questions

  • What do you think of the Homestar Runner Wiki? (Answered several times)
  • Has the wiki helped you in any way? (Ditto, see The Brothers Chaps' Fansite Acknowledgments)
  • What is the history of If I Ran the Camera? (Somewhat answered with the addition of the Flash File, it appears to just be a short animation made for family centered around Astrid Renee, who's likely Little Girl)
  • Where does the name Dan come from? (Dan is a cousin of The Brothers Chaps)
  • Who is the Very, Very Little Girl? (See the talk page.)
  • Do Homestar and Marzipan live together now, as implied in your funeral and Date Nite? (In the DVD commentary for Date Nite, Matt and Mike agree that Homestar and Marzipan still live in different houses, yet Homestar comes to Marzipan's house often.)
  • Was Quality Time intended to include references to the baby break? (The DVD commentary begins with Mike announcing that "Matt had a baby", which makes it very likely the references were intentional)
  • Why Sanka for the substance to "caffeinate" Strong Sad when it's decaf? (According to the DVD commentary, Matt and Mike did not know when they wrote the Email that Sanka was decaf coffee)
  • Will the Kick the Cheats ever be brought back? (From 2006 to 2007, Kick the Cheat toys were brought back by popular demand and were all sold to "warm, loving homes". They are now no longer available to purchase from the Store, which has referred to them first as "an endangered species", and now as "extinct". This implies that no more Kick the Cheat toys will ever be made.)

More Or Less Completely Answered Questions

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